Compact archive December 18, 2007

Cedok was bought by an American company

cedok logo The biggest Czech travel agency was sold by its owners to the investment group Odien. They want to invest hundreds of millions to the Czech Republic.

After 12 years Cedok changes its owner. The Unimex company sold 98 percent of Cedok to the American investment company Odien. The price is kept secret.

Because Cedok has moiety of exotic travel agency Eso Travel, the Americans have a half of this company now, too. The American holding Odien wants to invest into more travel agencies in the CR, as they expect the tourist trade to grow in Middle Europe.

Cedok is a company with long history and well-known name. It started in 1920 as a Czechoslovak tour and travel company, which mostly took customers to Adriatic sea. Its name was made famous during communism, as it had no competition as a state company.

Pozor na Kapsare / Beware of Pickpockets in Prague Tramways

Christmas time comes, and no one feels the spirit of Christmas like pickpockets do. So many people carrying heavy bags, wallets filled with money, busy and lost in thought in Christmas shopping concentration… oh, pickpockets love Christmas.

Prague Public Transport company or the MHD learned a new strategy, probably during the executive board trip by the London public transport, how to make pickpockets’ living a bit harder during Christmas – there is a message coming out of speakers in Prague tramways, that warns us of pickpockets. But don’t worry! It’s in Czech only, so don’t get too disturbed or excited. Christmas is the time of sharing.


Introducting Team of Svejnar

jan svejnar Czech-American presidency candidate Jan Svjenar has a team of close cooperatives, who should help him to beat Vaclav Klaus and get Svejnar to Prague Castle.

Let us introduce you his five-member team now.

Klara Pospisil is a Media advisor, who used to be the speaker of the former prime minister Vaclav Klaus, today president. She explains the obvious dispute : “I knew Vaclav Klaus in his best political times. There is a difference between Klaus in 1992 and 2007.” Her role in the team is of a media advisor, who should take care of Svejnar’s media promotion. It is not an easy task, as half of the population do not know, who is Svejnar at all.

Svejnar has also chosen Lukas Macek, politics specialist who helped to get Josef Zilinec into the European Parliament. His role in getting support can be the key one. Not long ago, he implied, it is worth to fight for the votes of the ODS (Vaclav Klaus is often labelled the ‘Founding Father’ of the Civic Democratic Party) “To deny to give votes to the founding father may be a painful decision, but Kluas repeatedly demonstrated he plays, above all, his own game.

Michael Kraus is a political advisor of Svejnar. In 1969 emigrated from the communist Czechoslovakia to the United States as Svejnar did: Michael Kraus as a politics professor, now at Middlebury College. He is a member of the board of American Friends of the Vaclav Havel Library.

Karel Matousek is Jan Svejnar’s business manager. He takes care of the organizational matters. Works as a business manager for Middle, East and South Europe of the Humanscale Inc. company.

Elen Navratilova works as a Svejnar’s personal assistent. At this position she has been working from 1993 in Svejnar’s Prague economical institute CERGE. Now she helps Svejnar in his campaign.

The expenses of the team for office rents, telephones or transport pays Svejnar himself. He doesn’t pay the team though – they all say they help him for free.

Russia Warn: Answer for Base will be Rocket

Jurij Balujevskij ‘The way the Russian Generals spoke is unacceptable’, for Prague commented the speaker of Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Warsaw labeled the message as ‘the memory of the worst times’

The Russian generals sent other sharp warning against the construction of the Radar base close to Prague and a missile silo in Poland to the West. General-in-chief Jurij Balujevskij (photo) stated this Saturday that a possible start of a defensive missile from the base in Poland can Russian systems read as a launch of a ballistic missile. That would ‘provoke a launch of a Russian missile in return’.

What is even more appealing, he was the second one to threaten Czechs with a missile attack, the first one was the other Russian general Nikolai Solovtsov.

The Russians are against the Radar, according to Moscow, it is a danger for the strategic balance in Europe, and the threads because of which the Americans want to place the radar, doesn’t exist. Both, CR and Poland have rejected the threads as unacceptable.


U.K. SUBS + THE VIBRATORS in Prague – Legends of Punk Rock

UK_Subs-PromoPhoto The U.K. Subs were part of the original punk rock movement in England that formed in 1976. The band’s founder, Charlie Harper selected guitarist Nicky Garratt, bassist Paul Slack, and various drummers (eventually Pete Davis became fairly stable) under the initial name “U.K. Subversives”.

Their style combined the energy of punk and the rock and roll edge of the then thriving pub rock scene. The band had some hit singles such as “Stranglehold”, “Warhead”, “Teenage”, and “Tomorrow’s Girls”, with several of their songs managing to enter the United Kingdom’s Top Forty.

With the arrival of new bassist Alvin Gibbs and drummer Steve Roberts in the early 1980s, the songs took on a more heavy metal-influenced edge. In 1991, the U.K. Subs also had Lars Frederiksen (now of Rancid) on guitar for a 30 date UK tour. Decades after the disbanding of other late-1970s punk groups such as the Sex Pistols and The Clash, the U.K. Subs continue to perform.

The Vibrators was founded by Ian ‘Knox’ Carnochan, bassist Pat Collier, guitarist John Ellis, and drummer John ‘Eddie’ Edwards. They first came to public notice at the 100 Club when they backed Chris Spedding in 1976. On Spedding’s recommendation, Mickie Most signed them to his record label RAK. Most produced their first single, “We Vibrate”. The band also backed Spedding on his single, “Pogo Dancing”.

The Vibrators recorded sessions at for John Peel at BBC Radio 1 in October 1976. They were one of the pioneering punk bands that played live in the first few months of London’s Roxy Club. They headlined in January 1977, supported by The Drones, and in February they played twice at the venue. In March 1977 the band supported Iggy Pop on his British tour.

22th January 2008. Starts: 20.30. Pre-sale Ticketpro 320,- at the spot 370,- Rock Cafe, Narodni 20, Prague 1