Compact archive December 19, 2007

Letters for Baby Jesus in Czech Republic

As each year, the Post office at Bozi Dar (Gift of God) CR, gets letters in total weight about 500 kg. The letters are sent to Baby Jesus, an has wishes inside – toys for kids, or even wishes like ‘dad should stop smoking’ or ‘mam should be less worried’.

If you want to send your wishes to Baby Jesus, the address is Jeziskova Posta, 362 62, Bozi Dar, Czech Republic. Don’t forget, Baby Jesus does the same job as Santa Claus in the United States, but with one difference – Baby Jesus loves all, so he doesn’t make a list with good/bad deeds. Also, he doesn’t use chimneys.

As Baby Jesus is supernatural, he doesn’t have to open the letters to know what is inside. But the letters have to be stamped, for which the post in Bozi Dar have to work very hard until 22th of December.


New Prague Tourist Advertisement

Petra Nemcova Petra Nemcova, the Czech Top-model, and world-wide known hottie, becomes the face of Prague City Hall advertisement for tourists of foreign countries, councilmen decided yesterday.

Prague is a favorite tourist destination, which attract tourists from all around the world, but this spot planned for Fashion TV is prepared for young individuals from higher income groups. Fashion TV broadcasts non-stop in 202 countries.

The Ad spots, usually in the Alfons-Mucha style, will be broadcasted during the first year more than 500 times. The councilmen expects the costs to be 8,5 mil. CZK. The main face Petra Nemcova carries not only famous Czech beauty, but also intelligence, which got her to the top.

Petr Cech the Best Player?

Czech representative goalkeeper and Chelsea saver Petr Cech is better than the winner of the Golden Ball, and the one voted world’s best player, Brazilian Kaka. This is an opinion of the representative coach of the Welsh team John Toshack, who in the Fifa inquiry put Cech at the first place.

In total, Cech was, as the only player from the Czech Republic, awarded 18 points and so is at the 17th place from 29 players, who were in the vote by Coaches and Captains of National teams.

Wales boss John Toshack ofen speaks good of Czech footbalists, like when he said he believes the Czech Republic “are making hard work” of qualifying for the European Championship finals.

Once on DVD

once Every time, an independent movie becomes famous, the critics talk about a miracle. Is it so in the case of Once? Let’s have a look into. Once is a 2006 Irish musical film written and directed by John Carney. Set in Dublin, it stars musicians Glen Hansard (of popular Irish rock band The Frames) and Markéta Irglová, a fictional Czech emigrant, as struggling musicians.

Irglova’s Czech character stays at the “wild east” definition, I mean the way western film makers see us, and probably always will. One example for all – she is dressed like a Bulgarian beggar from 19th century. But her screen performance is just sweet. The same way we can talk about Hansard – every time he looks, sings, talks, he is just sweet. But the film doesn’t stand on acting – it stands and falls with music, which is just great.

I would recommend the film for all those who are tired by movies, which will put you into a never ending spiral, or that which will make you feel guilty, or simply those genre simplifications – Once is a clean, sweet and poetic movie, that doesn’t pretend anything. I shouldn’t say it here, but it is also nice to see a Czech actress in other than an ‘adult’ movie.

The Tree of Life in Prague Gallery

strom zivota or the tree of life The unique example of baroque wood-carving, Strom Zivota, or The Tree of Life, is exhibited in the National Gallery.

Strom Zivota comes from an abolitioned Czech church close to Nova Bystrice. The unique piece of carving stands two metres high, and decorated by a number of miniature statues. The date of origin is back in the 17th century. Originally, it was thought to be a piece of art made as expiation of a Czech monk. As a matter of fact, it is a masterpiece of a master carver from South Germany.

The Tree of Life, The National Gallery in Stenbersky palace, Hradcanske square 15, Prague 1