Compact archive December 21, 2007

Happy Holidays!

Baby Jesus or Santa Claus?  BABY SANTA !!! We from ABC PRAGUE would like to wish you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We hope you liked the articles we tried to provide for you at our best. We look forward to many great years to come, in Prague, the city with an attitude.

What are the Czech Christmas traditions?

Slitting an apple – you cut and apple, and find out, whether the following year will be successful or not; If there is a star, it’s positive. If a cross, it’s negative.

You can also heat lead or tin, and pour it into cold water – the shape, which it takes, tells you about your future.

Of course we decorate trees, hand gifts and sing Christmas noels. Jingle bells of course exist in Czech language, so if you hum the tune, you should be OK. And if you are in Prague during Christmas, many go to church at midnight time, to ‘pulnocni’.

So again, Merry Xmas to you all!

Last Minute Music Party Tips for the New Year's Eve in Prague

New Year's Eve in Prague Silvestr ve Vezi/The new years’ eve in the Zizkov tower; TV broadcaster, Prague 3 – Special menu, music programme ‘Elvis Presley Memory’ unique view of Prague. Entry 2500 CZK (90€).

Imperialistic Night – for all the alternative people, imperialistic silvestr night, DJ Philip TBC, Baba LN, Stanzim and other, enty: 100 CZK. Cross Club, Plynarni 23, Prague 7

Mecca – The night with Minstry of Sound, Main DJ: DJ Lisa Loud (MTV), start 21:00, Entry: 990-250 CZK Club Mecca, U Pruhonu street 3, Prague 7

Futurum Music Bar – Silvestr for People, DJ Jirka Brezina and his guests. Stsrt: 21:00 Entry: 90 CZK (3€). Futurum Music Bar, Zborovska 7, Prague 5.

Silvestr na Lodi/ The new years’ eve on the Boat – houseboat U Bukanyra, L. Svobody street, music by Pat Heart, start: 20:00, Entry: 200 CZK.

Radost FX – 2 Levels of Entertainment, the main guest DJ Pierre Ravan, start 20:00, Entry: 1500-2000CZK, Radost FX, Prague 2, I.P. Pavlova.

Club Roxy – Golden Eyes 2007, three stages, presents DJ Loutka, Chris Sadler, IM Cyber, Pedro Rodriguez and others. Entry: 600 CZK. Club Roxy Dlouha 33, Prague 1.

Czech Hearse driver caught with 3,58% of Alcohol

According to court doctors, his alcohol load was at the edge of alcohol poisoning. The 46-year old drunken driver was transporting a dead body to post mortem examination in Hospital in Usti nad Orlici, when he got Drunkard caught by the police from the city.

Czech law does not allow drivers to drink at all, so his licence was taken away and he faces court proceedings.

The record holder of drunk driving in the Czech Republic is Milan Curda, who, driving a gulley sucker, had an accident, afer which he was secured with almost 8% of alcohol in blood. He ended in prison, as he didn’t finished the alcohol treatment the court ordered him to.


Svejnar: CR can adopt Euro in 5 years

The Presidency candidate Jan Svejnar is sure, the Czechia should adopt Euro as soon as possible. The year 2012, which is seen by the Czech prime minister Mirek Topolanek as unreal, is o.k. for Svejnar.

euro-notes The Czech economics is, according to Svejnar, ready for Euro adoption. A good experience is, according to him, Slovenia, which entered the Eurozone in January. Slovenian economy is similar to the Czech one. He shares his opinion with the Czech minister of finance.

Svejnar expects the next year to be in token of slowing GDP growth, the country he says, will battle growing inflation. The Czech National Bank can take care of monetary politics, by which it stops the Czech currency from from inflating, but it slows the economy growth. “There is something more; whether the country is willing to except lower inflation and lower growth, or higher inflation and higher growth.” He explained.

Border Checks of Czech Republic are History

Starting today, the Czech Republic and eight other states of the EU entered the Schengen space. 2000 km of Czech border zone are, from today, without custom officers. The main celebrations are planned for today, at the Czech-Poland-German border.

The idea of Schengen space is based on countries entering a union, where it is not necessary to go through border checks; free movement of goods, persons, services and capital. As the Czech Rep. is surrounded only by states in the zone, the borders are (at least for the next few years) going to lie out.

The physical borders are going through changes; the crossing barriers are going to disappear, the police is going to almost leave the place, and the ‘line’ will became cross-able almost anywhere. If you are interested in more information, you can continue here.