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The greatest, biggest annual fireworks in Prague

The traditional, most massive fireworks take place in Prague not in the night 2007/2008, but in the evening of the first day of the new year.

Thousands of rockets are going fly from Letna on 1st of January 2008, 6pm. It usually takes about 15 minutes to 1000 seconds to be precise. The authors always promise new effects. The traditional spectacle, that costs about 54 thousands €, can be best seen from Cechuv Most (Cech’s bridge), and close riverside.

The show can be as great for kids, as it is scary for dogs. Anyway It is watched by tens of thousands of locals and foreigners alike every year, and it belongs to great attractions Prague offers.

Kylie Minogue concert Prague

Kylie-Minogue Kylie Minogue (b. 1968) is an Australian, Grammy award-winning pop singer. Minogue rose to prominence in the late 1980s through her role in the Australian television soap opera Neighbours, before she commenced her career as a pop artist in the late ’80s.

Even when she had to overcame large difficulties; in Australia, she was dismissed early in her career by some critics. She, however, came out of her problems as a pop-star and a new sex-symbol.

According to Warner Music Australia, Minogue has sold over 40 million records worldwide.

12th May 2008, Sazka ARENA, Ocelarska 2, Prague 9. Starts 21:00. We highly reccomend to book the tickets in advance.


Snow for Prague Castle - preparations for Tour de Ski

Like the last year, there are going to be ski competitions in Prague. The square closest to Prague Castle, Hradcanske namesti, will be hidden under snow cover. Today the organizers started to transport the most necessary thing for it – 2 000 cubic meters of snow, as there is no snow in Prague, as usual.

The race takes place on 30th December. The snow was brought from four am from Sumava to Prague. The unusual transportation can be seen from now to 30th Dec, when the competition starts.


The War on Smoking: Second Act

Who is going to win in the Czech Republic, the well-known liberal country? There are new proposals of the law that should bring some fresh air to non-smokers in restaurants.

1st variation – total ban on smoking in restaurants
2nd variation – smoking only in a smoking room, build specially in enterprises
3rd variation – so called Spanish model – under 100m2 the owner decides, whether the hospitality enterprise is going to be smoking or not, over 100m2 he/she must build a wall between both sides
4th variation – The owner chooses, regardless of acreage.

smoking no-smoking The first wave of war on smoking brought the law, that can be interpreted like this: Smoking in the Czech Republic is prohibited in these places : theatres, cinemas, sport halls, railway stations, waiting rooms and bus or tram stops, in offices of state administration, in schools, hospitals and other medical institutions. People can smoke in restaurants provided the restaurant does not have any extra places for smokers.

The law has been valid for a year now. It is not only ambiguous, but it is also not extorted enough by the police. Policemen usually inflict only a symbolic fine. Another problem is, that owners of the restaurants usually understand the law in different ways.

Which of the new proposals is going to win? We will inform you in January.


  • The War on Smoking: Second Act [December 28 2007, 12:03 PM]

New Year's Eve in Prague, outdoor, fireworks

fireworks in prague If you plan to spend the New Year’s Eve in Prague, and you plan to spend it outdoors, there are going to be many fireworks. I’ll skip the part where we warn you how dangerous it is bla bla and give you the numbers of injured, bla bla, and get to the part where I tell you – the place where you will definitely see many people shooting fireworks, that often fall back to the crowd to explode, is Old Town Square.

Wenceslas Square will be full of people, as there will be the free show broadcasted live on Czech TV station Nova. A big stage will be built near the statue of St. Wenceslas. The place will be full of fireworks, too.

If you want to enjoy a view of fireworks, take some drink with you and find some perch. I remember Vysehrad worked quite well for us. Of course, not all of us want to be outdoors; for you we have some New Year’s Eve tips. And PS: Karlovy Lazne is the place where it may be the best to spend the night, if you like disco music. Happy new year!