Compact archive January 2, 2008

Joe Satriani - genius of electric guitar - concert in Prague

Joe_satriani_concert_prague Joe Satriani (b. 1956) is an American guitarist and former guitar instructor. His concert in Prague takes place on the same day as the concert of Metallica, but if you are hesitative and don’t know which one to choose, we just remind you Joe Satriani taught the guitar playing Kirk Hammett years ago.

Joe Satriani is a virtuous artist, who worked himself up into a position of a star. His self-released debut album, Not of This Earth in 1986, opened the way to a world of instrumental rock music in what was then a pop-dominated world.

Influenced heavily by Jimi Hendrix, Satriani often incorporates a warm sound of guitar with a dominant blues and rock tone. Since 1990, he has used his own signature guitar, the Ibanez JS Series, which is widely sold in stores.

Joe Satriani’s unique sound can be herd in Prague, in Sparta Stadium, on 3rd June 2008, the tickets are to buy in Ticketstream and Ticketpro.

Famous Exhibitions in Prague

“The year 2007 was a record-breaking one. Nobody have seen such success. The exhibition ‘Lovci mamutu’ (mammoth hunters), showing originals of the Bohemia’s oldest settlement of men, was visited by more than 600 thousands visitors.” said the National Museum Director.

The exhibition that is the most visited at the moment, is called ‘Albrecht Valdstein’ and there are queues every day at the Valdstejnska Jizdarna, where it takes place. It is not only the most visited exhibition, but also the biggest one.

People in Prague showed enormous interest in the Devil’s bible. To see it in the super-modern safe-deposit in Prague Klementinum came 35 thousands already, the exhibition was even prolonged, what’s more, the speaker of the national library announced that they are negotiating further prolongation.

The last record for a place which offers everyday exhibition of animals live: Prague Zoo. It is incredible how much it blossomed under the lead of Petr Fejk ; the year 2007 brought 1,25 million people there.

Based on: MF Dnes

How much do you pay to a doctor in the Czech Republic?

Concerning the health reform in the Czech Republic, from January 2008 there is a new system of charges at hospitals, emergency stations and general practitioners.

The particular payments, although same in range, are carried out differently. For example in most of Prague hospitals it is done by a kind of ticket vendor machine. In other Czech cities, like in Nachod and Jicin, they developed a voucher system, with vouchers sold in the hospital, with the possibility of buying in advance.

At the general practitioners, patients pay directly to doctors, who need a special money-box for it and it can be useful to bring the exact amount with you. And the exact payments?

30 CZK – visit at the general practitioner
30 CZK – one unit at a receipt
60 CZK – one day at a hospital
90 CZK – visit at the emergency

Czechs Won a Prize for a Very Curious Death.

charles darwin One of the so called Darwin Award of 2007 goes to the Czech Republic. Darwin awards deal with the premise that some people will live long and prosperous lives, while the weaker will weed themselves out by committing unbelievably stupid acts such as smashing into a high-rise window to prove it’s shatterproof, or using dynamite as a means to make a small hole for ice fishing.

(28 July 2007, Czech Republic) A pack of thieves attempted to steal scrap metal from an abandoned factory in Kladno. Unfortunately for them, they selected the steel girders that supported the factory roof. When the roof supports were dismantled, the roof fell, fatally crushing two thieves and injuring three others. (2007 Darwin Award Nominee, Confirmed True by Darwin)

Now that’s an interesting international prize to win!


Metallica Heading to Prague Concert 2008

Kirkhemmettwien Metallica live American rock band Metallica confirmed their Czech concert in 2008.

This is the second time they came to the Czech Republic. They are going to go on tour in Europe, presenting their new, yet not released, album. According to the copy-rights enthusiast and drummer of the band, Lars Ulrich, the new album is supposed to be harder and more melodical at the same time, more similar to their sound form the 80’s; longer and epic.

Metallica rose to fame with its 1991 self-titled album Metallica, and critics say the 1986 release Master of Puppets is one of the most influential and “heaviest” albums. The band has released eight studio albums, two live albums, two EPs, nine videos, and is working on a ninth studio album. Metallica is credited as one of the “big four” thrash metal bands, along with Slayer, Anthrax, and Megadeth.

3rd June 2008, Prague football Stadium SK Slavia Praha.