Compact archive January 7, 2008

Fate of Prague Olympics Will be Decided

prague candidated maybe too eagerly The final word, whether the Czech Government agrees with Czech Candidacy for Olympic Games in 2016 in Prague, will be heard 10th January 2008. The Czech public was given many negative comments of the government so far; the Prime minister Mirek Topolanek (ODS) said during the question time in the House of parliament the government is not guarantying anything to the city in the matter of the Olympic Games.

To gain political support is one of the pivots for Olympic Games organizing. The government however hesitated, and so the Czech Olympic committee candidated without bless of the Czech Government. So far to the bad beginning.

Negative position was also adopted by mayors of smaller cities, who demanded Prague should pay the games itself. According to MAFRA public opinion research, the public demands referendum. The President Vaclav Klaus said it is clear the Olympics are going to be a loss-making business.

Many voices certainly speak against the games. The government decision comes on 10th January.


Nathan Fake, electronic laptop prodigy in Prague

Nathanfake Nathan Fake is an electronic music artist from Norfolk, UK who has released numerous singles as well as a full-length album on labels such as Border Community and Traum Schallplatten. He is credited with startling the techno dance community with his first release Outhouse.

Laptop musician Nathan Fake introduces his vision of electronic music, somewhere between dance and headphones hedonism, to Prague club Palac Akropolis. His electronic compositions are inspired by music of Boards Of Canada or Mogwai and are full of emotions and moods. His album Drowning in a Sea of Love gained second place in the questionnaire of Mixmag in 2006.

During the evening EuroConnections on the stage shows also a Moravian laptop miracle Sonority.

30th January 2008, Palac Akropolis, Kubelikova 27, Prague 3

How to Find out Price of Taxi in Prague

Of course we mean the fair price! In Prague, as in all the metropolises in Europe, the taxi drivers try to make some extra money by overcharging. However, there were some positive changes. It seems, that the taxis are getting slightly better, as Prague City Hall informed. According to their information, in 2007, from 831 check rides, only 88 were overcharged. Which means, only every ten taxi ride is a rip-off.

taxi-line-in-prague Verified solution is of course trying some verified taxi companies, that guarantee fair price. This includes also not catching a cab, as many of customers are used to, but calling the cab by a phone.

Finally, if you want to find how much the price should be, try here . They have some nice program to count it.


Year 2007 was extremely hot in the Czech Repubic

hot weather in Prague 2007 According to meteorologists, the year 2007 was extremely hot. The winter was not only the warmest one in the history of machine temp. measuring in the Czech Republic, but also warmest in the history of the Middle Europe.

The deputy of the Czech Hydro-meteorological Institute Radim Tolasz wrote for the CTK: “The average temperatures are 9,1 Celsius, which is 1,6 Celsius above the long-term average.”

More than five times more of hot tropical days prepared the year 2007 for Czech folk. Also, there were two times more days with storms. Long-term average of rainfall of 674 l/m2 was grossed up of 77 l/m2

The first tropical day with temperatures higher than 30 Celsius was in 14th May already. During the whole year, 32 days with storms were in the Czech Republic, normal year has 17 storm days here.


Czech Lukas Bauer won the Tour de Ski

lukas bauer The ski-runner Lukas Bauer won the serial of eight races in ten days, way ahead of the other contestants. “I knew I would have won, even if I have felt two times” said Bauer. Thanks to his triumph, Lukas Bauer won 100 000 € and also got 586 points to the World Cup, which he leads with a jump of 301 points.

At the top of the running track he got 167 seconds earlier then his competitors. “I missed sweets and rounds at the track” He joked. “I didn’t have the expected crisis, but the last hill was crazy. The Tour de Ski ends with one big craze. I don’t know if I’m more glad I won, or that it’s over now.”

“To catch up with Lukas? Man, have you seen the movie Mission Impossible?” Said before the last phase Norwegian Gjerdalen, who ended fourth. Italian Di Centa was third, second German René Sommerfeld.

The competition takes place annually also in Prague.