Compact archive January 8, 2008

Prague Zoo in search for the New Logo

zoo praha old logo The competition for the new logo of Prague Zoo ended in a draw. There is no new logo yet, as from 149 delivered designs none has met all the requirements.

The jury, made of experts for marketing and communication, artists, deputies of Prague City Hall and Prague Zoo, evaluated especially originality, the complete artistic level of solution, simplicity, understandability, datelessness, and marketing potential. Again – none of designs met the requirements.

Critics say it is hard to compete with the past logo, made by Michal Cihlar, whose lino-cut was unique. However Cihlar ended the cooperation with the zoo, as he demanded salary increase, and after retroactively demanded money for the already created logos. Now, he is suing the zoo for unauthorized use.

Petr Fejk announced there will be definitely a new logo competition. We believe there are many artists in the lines of our readers and we are going to inform you about the details, so you can join. Who knows, what is the logo-style the Prague Zoo is looking for…


Czech Republic EU Chairmanship in 2009

Czech Republic will become the chairman of the European Council in the first half of 2009. The Congress Centre in Prague is going to be the huge building which hosts the delegates. Prague so become the half-year capital of the EU. The total estimations speak of about thirty thousands clerks, politicians, and people from press.

During those twenty seven years the building of the Congress Centre (Or Palace of Culture, as it was called) stands, there was never held such a huge action before. In 2000 it hosted the NATO, and after there were only short-term actions. Now it will be a long term rent, a very prestigious and a very expensive one.

For us who live in Prague, the positive thing is we can look forward to number of social and cultural events, which are going to be held in Prague. Every month in the incoming half-year is going to be devoted to one of our characters, who becomes a theme of exhibitions, conferences or concerts.

Charles Bridge and Astronomical Clock are salt-free

Charles Bridge in winter The only bridge, where it is banned to use salt in the Czech Republic, is the Charles Bridge in Prague. The National Heritage institute has to solve the every-year problem of historic sights being damaged by salt. That the situation is not made out was proved by the case of Old Town Square Astronomical Clock we informed you last year. Salt fixes wetness, wetness harms the Astronomical Clock.

Prague City Hall now uses sand instead of salt for Old Town Square. Similarly the Charles Bridge, which is undergoing repairs at the moment, and so is more vulnerable to changes in weather, has special treatment – the snow from it is scraped together, thrown from the bridge to Vltava river, and than sand is spread there.

Famous STOMP come back to Prague

stomp-come-to-prague The international music-dance group STOMP comes back to Prague again. The original show has filled Prague Congress Centre with eager audience three times already.

The unique music formation of performers was founded in Brighton in 1991. At that time, the first STOMP performance took place. Quite soon, it was followed by the world’s tour. But the starter to the world success was a season of performances in London theatre Sadler’s Wells in 1994.

STOMP is a unique show of expressive dancers, drummers, equilibrists, steppers and performers. It is characterized by movement, accompanied by unusual rhythmic sounds. Everything is happening without words or dialogues. The artists use objects of everyday use – from trashcans to bottles with water – the audience shouldn’t be only amazed by rhythms, unique effects and dancing abilities, but also entertained.

STOMP have four performances, dating 11 – 13 April 2008, stracting 20:00, on 12th there is also one show on the afternoon. Prague Congress Centre, Metro C Vysehrad. Tickers starting at 1000 CZK (36 €) sold at


Reggae evening in Prague

Reggae is a music genre first developed in Jamaica in the late 1960s. Music of Reggae is often associated with the Rastafarian movement, an influence on many prominent reggae musicians.

In middle Europe, where Prague is located, it is not easy to find a club, which would focus primarily on such a genre. Sometimes, it is easier to hear some Raggamuffin music or dancehall, but the traditional, non-electronic, non-cut Reggae is hard to find.

At least, for those of you who are in Prague, and want to listen to the music (and can’t refuse it), there is the Club Naftar, U Vinohradské nemocnice 2, Prague 3. At least it provides some concerts sometimes. Like now, 26th January 2008, when there is RIDDIM DRIVEN NIGHT FROM KINGSTON TO PRAGGA, the “SWAMP SAFARI SOUND SYSTEM”, presenting Vincent from Jamaica.