Compact archive January 14, 2008

Right-wing radicals 'Skinheads' to Czech streets again on 19th

a german neo-nazi Their march was banned. Than the ban was lifted. Than it was banned again. When they tried to break through police cordons in Prague, they got beaten by the special police. The speaker of the group with a small pack got into Prague centre and got beaten up by the anarchists. We are talking about Czech neo-nazis, who, despite the general public standing against them, still don’t give up.

The march in Prague took place on 10th November, and there is a new demonstration planned in Pilsen, Czech Republic, the date is 19th January 2008. Again, there is an international support probably coming, anyone can publicly read on a German right-wing radical forum, where they invite all the ‘free, social and national’ friends.

As with the case of march in Prague, the Jewish community plans to gather at Grand Synagogue. Police prepared an emergency scenario for the occasion.

Permanent exhibition of arts of 19th 20th and 21th in National Gallery Prague

gauguin-fr The permanent exposition of arts in the National Gallery shows, on three levels of the Trade Fair Palace, the development of arts from the CR and abroad of the past two centuries. Large area of the palace allows to exhibit over 2000 pieces.

The exhibition focuses on key works of Czech arts in monographic profiles or in selections of pivotal pieces, along with the work of foreign artists. The image of the period is complemented with examples of architecture, furniture, the applied arts, fashion, design and stage design. You will also find photographs, drawings and prints concentrated in graphic cabinets.

Alongside celebrated characters, artists who have been neglected in the past or are yet to be discovered, are included. Czech art is shown through qualities which distinguish it from its international counterparts and which make it unique. The objectives of this new conception are emphasised by the inventive architectural design of the individual halls.


Public Sex in Czech Rep. , sentence: 400 hours of community service

Village discotheque at the Czech Republic countryside got distraction one night, when a Czech man, aged 30, had made sex with his ex-girl-friend, aged 40, both being really drunk.

The case got publicity, when the woman first testified she couldn’t defend herself, as she was ‘totally drunk’. The case could develop as a case of rape, however, the court decided that their action was only breach of the peace, as they used to be a couple, and also because when the police came, she ‘ did not behave as any victim of a crime and laughed.’

The witnesses reported the visitors at the disco encouraged them, and some filmed the action by their mobile phones. When the man saw he is being filmed, he took belt from his pants and lashed some of them.


Prague Full of Scares kids competition

water-man is a typical supernatural person in czech mythology A few hundreds kids went on the scare hunt to the streets of the old Town in Prague, where the scares wandered around on Saturday, scaring the tourists.

Adventurers searched for werewolf, fisheater, snowitch, Licentious Lucrecia, the butcher with a flaming axe, or the man-eating bear. It was a 25th year of the orientation game, which prepares Prague Scout organization Arcus.

The quest was to decode cyphers first, and so, find where some of the 15 scares dwell. The start and finish was at Tyrsuv dum, Ujezd, where the evening continued by fencing performances and fireshows. At the end the nicest scare was voted.


Charles Bridge statues Cleanup

Statues from Charles bridge are going to go under repairs and cleaning this year. The repair of Prague essential Charles Bridge wait until it gets less cold. The restorers are going to clean some of the statues, especially those at the Lesser Quarter. Statues of Charles Bridge are managed by Petra Hoftichova from City Gallery Prague.

Reconstruction is prepared for other well-known Czech sights too. The Prague City Hall plans to spend more than 80 million CZK for sights repairs in 2008.