Compact archive January 17, 2008

The Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague permanent exhibitions

The Museum of Decorative Arts is located in the Jewish Quarters of Prague. The setting cannot be more perfect – the most beautiful buildings of Prague are in the Old town. The building itself was finished in 19th Century in neo-renaissance style, which by its rich design fulfills representative demands. Its decorated ceilings and historic furniture makes impression the place matters.

The second floor features permanent exhibitions. Rich and wide selection of exhibits from the late antiquity till the present day. There are: The Story of Fibre – The Textiles and Fashion Gallery; Print & Image – The Applied Graphic Arts and Photography Gallery; Born in Fire – The Glass and Ceramics Gallery; Treasury – The Metals and Miscellaneous Materials Gallery; Time Machines – The Clocks and Watches Gallery and also a newly exhibited tapestry called “A Side View”, created by the Moravian Tapestry Workshop.

Complete information on Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague / Uměleckoprůmyslové museum v Praze in English here


German Police: we won't let German neo-nazis to Czech Republic

The ‘Protest march for freedom of speech’ as the right-wing radicals call their demonstration, is planned on this Saturday 19th January, takes place in Pilsen, Czech Republic.

illustration photo 19th January is the 65th anniversary of the first transport of Jews from Pilsen to concentration camps. Nearly 3000 Pilsen Jews perished in Nazi camps during the World War II.

The German police announced they are going to all the steps necessary to keep the German neo-nazis from travelling to the Saturday march. As the Czech Republic have entered the Schengen space, 700 former Bavarian border police comes back to operate in the border region.

This comes as a consequence Czech radicals put an invitation on an Internet forum, inviting ‘all the German friends’ to the Czech Republic demonstration.

Will T-Mobile intorduce iPhone to Czech Republic?

iphone The Czech branch of T-Mobile wants to start selling iPhones from Apple this summer. The hot new gadget that slowly makes its way to Europe is already possible to unblock by the pirate way in the Czech Republic, however the three mobile phone companies (Vodafone, T-Mobile and Telefonica O2) that carry mobile business are making endavours for the possibility of official selling.

T-Mobile representatives have expressed earlier they want to sell iPhone in February of this year, but discussionss with Apple inc. took more time than expected.

At the time all the mobile phones have more or less two shapes that basically differs only in colors, Apple iPhone differs by its innovations, design and functionality.

DJ Konrad in Prague live set

SoundCream in Prague Mecca will be a storming party where you can expect the unexpected. Once again the latest house music sounds will be thrown at you from all quarters and coupled with excellent drinks, amazing dancers and combined with the freshest music to throw clubbers into euphoric highs and positive dimensions.

DJ Konrad is an invariably happy Briton that has been dj-ing for over 15 years with a wide spectrum of sounds and audiences. Having started off with Acid Jazz and Funk, he swiftly gained acclaim for his interpretation and demonstration of the typical London Underground sounds of the 90’s where the soul of the sound was the bass line and rhythmic beats.

Clubbers in London, Paris, Frankfurt, Balearic Islands and even Australia have been treated to his vinyl bag of delights. His close friendship with all at SwagRecords ensure a constant stream of fresh sounds that are an absolute first to be heard on the dance floor – some tracks arriving at the club only hours after being lifted off the vinyl press.

Tickets: 190,- CZK, start : 22.00. SOUNDCREAM, Club Mecca, U Pruhonu street 3, Prague 7, Sat 02th February 2008


Authentic Copy to National Library Team

An authentic copy, sent to the prime minister, Prague Mayor Pavel Bem and the minsters of education and scholarship by Prague accademics, says among others:

“Building of the National library is not building of a gymnasium, it is a majestic project, which influences other fate of Clementinum.” academics let the National Library team know.

This time, when we talk about National Lbrary, it is not the case of Blob, or Octopus, but the Original NL building; Clementinum. The academics are afraid Prague centre ‘disneyfies’ and it is becoming an outdoor museum.

One of the typical places, that has always belonged to students, is the space of Palachovo square, where Rudlolphinum, the Modern art Gallery and Clementinum are. The idea is when the Blob, or other library will be opened, the old library should, acording to the politicians, open to tourists. This would, however, destroy the unique atmosphere, which the space posses.