Compact archive January 22, 2008

Case of Police Attack on Katerina Jacques in Prague continues

katerina jacques The ex-policeman Tomas Cermak, who, according to the chargers, attacked and brutally beaten on 1st May 2006 Katerina Jacqes, a parliament member of the Green Party on an anti-nazi demonstration, gets back to court on 5th February.

Even when neither the state’s attorney nor the judge wanted prosecution, the Prague city state representation insist on the process. The reason is, the references on Cermak on which bases he was exempted, are considered bribed.



Allister is one of the four biggest DJ’s in the UK House scene along with Danny Rampling, Graeme Park and CJ Mackintosh. He can be seen at the UK’s most respected clubs currently playing House music, such as Cream or Ministry of Sound.

He is one of the few DJ’s to fill these clubs on his own. Last year he completed a mad year playing in up to 4 countries a week, which he is set to repeat this year and is currently travelling further a field then ever before. Having achieved commercial success in his production and remixing career, working with people like Martha Walsh, NATALIE IMBRUGLIA and ROBBIE WILLIAMS, he has recently set up his own record label ‘Sporting’.

The first release will be ‘Let the Music (Use You)’, with Errol Green on vocals. Errol had a number 1 record in the 90’s as part of China Black called ‘Searching’ and as well as Allister he’s been working alongside the Rhythm Masters. The next track will be ‘Take Some Time Out’, with a fantastic Swedish vocalist called Charlie King. After these 2 he’s made a track with Beverly Skeet who we all remember for the seminal club tracks ‘Isn’t it Time’ by Kuva and of course the cover version of ‘Passion’ by ‘Gat Decor’, ‘Do You Want it Right Now’. The fourth track is currently in production and as with the rest of them utilises the skill of Michele – a keyboardist whom Allister describes as the best he’s ever worked with.

Fri 29th February 2008, Pre-Party in Mecca with all drinks 50 CZK (10-11 PM) Entry 290 CZK, VIP 490, start 10 pm, spre-sale Club Mecca, U Pruhonu street 3, Prague 7

Zizkov Carnival – Zizkovsky Masopust

At the beginning of February, Carnival parade, dancing in masks, and Czech traditional pork meat fest are being prepared at Prague 3 Zizkov.

The Year 2008 is devoted to Fantisek Sauer and writer Jaroslav Hasek (He wrote the Good Solider Svejk story)

2nd February 2008, Saturday, is the starting day. During the day, there is programme for kids in Zizkov Palace Akropolis, masquerade is planned for evening, with music of Czech group Buty. Sunday continues with fest and entertainment in Zizkov notorious pub U Vystrelenyho Oka, or for kids Kino Aero cinema offers ‘kids afternoon’

Tuesday the 5th Feb. is the main day, the parade starts from Namesti Jiriho z Podebrad square and continues to the Zizkov City Hall. The parade ends there, but programme continues with concerts and performances until the morning.


Second Big Reconstruction of Prague Congress Centre at hand

The Building is probably going to undergo another reconstruction again. Even when there were large innovations eight years ago, ‘Palace of Culture’ or Prague Congress Centre should be improved again.

The major event on the spot was the IMF and the World Bank Summit in 2002. Back there the modifications took place at the side close to Vysehrad, with new buildings containing places for multiple use, including cultural gatherings and administrative premises.

Now the managers speculate they would need more space for accompanying exhibitions. It would mean ‘moving’ of one of its sides forward. The new design wants to look like nothing has changed. And why do they need a space for exhibitions? They want to attract really big congresses to Prague. Reason?

Tomio Okamura, the speaker of the Association of travel bureaus and agencies affirms a common tourist spends 2800 CZK ( 100 €)a day (for everything) in Prague, but a congress tourist about two times more.


Czech Mayors demand Olympics referendum at Constitutional yard

A fraction of the mayors against the Olympic Games have filed a complaint to the constitutional yard. They challenge Prague City Hall for not discussing their petition in the legitimate time.

They want to ‘stop Prague council from doing nothing’ The signers state to care foremostly for keeping the constitutional law. : “…respect for petition law is a sign of respect to democracy. It is possible Prague mayors oversee the petition because it doesn’t fit into their megalomaniac plans, however it is necessary to respect and discuss it according to the law”.

The speaker of Prague City Hall announced on 19th October, they are going to debate about the petition within 60 days. Now is 22th January and the ‘Mayors against the Olympics’ feel discriminated.

The Prague City hall have admitted earlier, they err. Some of Czech smaller cities demand referendum, because they are afraid the Olympics would drain away their budgets.