Compact archive January 24, 2008

Prague Club Roxy presents DJ Joop

dj joop DJ Joop fell in love with DJing at the tender age of 13, three years before he landed his first residency at a local club in his home town of Leeuwarden.

In 2007, Dutch DJ/producer JOOP’s track ‘The Future’ was chosen as the anthem of one of his country’s biggest dance music events – Trance Energy 2007, that saw him performing live on the main stage as the centrepiece of the night.

He already holds a strong reputation as a producer with a tough progressive tech-trance style, his strong rhythms. His main DJing skills are creating of powerful, energetic progressive/tech-trance with a generous dose of melody.

The backing of one of the Netherland’s biggest and most respected dance record labels, High Contrast, has helped push him to the forefront of the trance scene and led to him being recognised as one of its brightest talents.

Dj JOOP, 2th February 2008, Pre-sale 150czk, at the spot 200czk. Start 22:00, Club Roxy, Dlouha 33, 110 00 Prague 1


Sky Europe + Czech Railways = New Travel Possibilities

SkyEurope CD (Czech Railways) have finished cooperation with Czech Airways last year. Now, in 2008, they have made a contract with the low-budget airways Sky Europe.

One example of a trip; from Prague to Bratislava and back should cost about 1000 CZK (37 €). It is possible to choose either to go to Prague by a plane and back to Bratislava by Pendolino train or vice versa.

But there are other destinations – Milan, Brussels, Copenhagen or Venice for a very nice price 1290 CZK (48 €)

The main advantage is, according to Ales Ondruj, that the air tickets are possible to buy at a cash desk at a railway station. So one doesn’t need a credit card or the Internet access.

Czech University Students Prostitution

A 20 years old university student offers... France was recently shocked by the book ‘Mes cheres etudes’ written by a French student, who started to prostitute because of her bad social situation. There is no similar book in the Czech Republic, there are no certain numbers, how many students do prostitution, but… we all know how the social situation in the countries of the former USSR looks like.

In the case you wouldn’t know, it’s not very good. An average students’ part-time jobs are labeled Z (Woman) or M (Man). Those labeled Z consist mostly of cleaning and working at cashier desk, usually paid 35-50 CZK (1,25 – 1,8 € per hour). Those labelled M are hard manual jobs, like truck unloading or supermarket stocking. Usually 40-60 CZK (1,4 – 2,1 € per hour). Do you think no one can survive with that money? You are right…

But that is in Prague. In other regions, some students don’t get any job at all. It is hard to study a university if one lives in a basement, eats spaghetti every day and travels to school by a bicycle, even in winter. Contrasted with more lucky classmates driving cars, wearing fancy clothes, having a life.

Yes, Czech University students prostitute. Especially those from subjects where there is no money – like teaching. Students of Pedagogical faculties prostituting. Get used to it.

Regarding this situation, the very idea of introducing school-fees at Czech Universities seems quite cruel… or is it? What is better; to have better quality education, in highly dignified institutions for upper classes and those willing to work all the time, even prostituting, or have average quality education in average surroundings for all?


Devil's bible in Prague was seen by 50 000 already

do you see the devil? Codex Gigas attract attention of unexpected greatness. The biggest book in the world, that can be seen in Prague Klementinum, found it’s 50 000 Czech admirer yesterday.

If you are interested in seeing it, you still have to book tickets online, but you still have time until 9th March, which is the second extension of the time magnificent Devil’s Bible can spend on the Czech ground where it does come from.

Codex Gigas came back after 400 years, it had beed taken away by the Sweedish armada. It is possible to see in Klementinum, everyday except Monday, since 10 am until 7 pm. Ticket reservation is possible on the webpage


The first Buddhist temple opened in the Czech Republic

Buddha Statue Czech Republic City of Varnsdorf has, as the first city, a Buddhist temple. It was opened by the local Vietnamese community last week. The temple has even gold-plated statues transported form Taiwan.

“This is a great accomplishment for us, Buddhism is not only our religion, but also a part of our culture” the Vietnamese organizer said Pravo “The locals don’t give us any negative reactions.”

The mayor of Varnsdorf, Josef Polacek seems pleased: “I think a Buddhist temple in our town is a really interesting thing. Even the locals can come, it is opened for everybody.”

The opening ceremony took place with participation of the Vietnamese ambassador to the Czech Republic and local government representatives.

Varnsdorf alone hosts 400 citizens of Vietnamese origin. According to Radio Praha, in the Czech Republic officially lives about 22 000 Vietnamese. Their community is most significant as tradesmen.