Compact archive January 28, 2008

Constitutional yard denied Prague Olympics referendum

Prague Constitutional yard denied the petition for whole-state Olympics referendum. Prague so didn’t used it’s own priviledge to propose to the parliament, all the people should speak about the very expensive games.

Prague representatives don’t want the citizens to speak, but they ask for our law and finantial guaratees. Even when the Prague Mayor in 2006 sated that there should be not only Prage, but whole-country referndum.


Svejnar: I'm willing to give up U.S. citizenship

The title is true – the economist and presidential candidate Jan Svejnar decided to give up his U.S. citizenship if he would became the Czech President. He revealed this truth this weekend to MF Dnes.

Decision, which was according to Svejnar hard, is quite surprising, as when he was confronted with this idea before by the KSCM, he said: “It is like to give up your forester-mother, when your own has forced you out.”

He said many people all over the country, with whom he debated, made him to change his mind.


Bohemian Carnevale in Prague

Bohemian Carnevale in Prague Under the auspices of the Mayor of the City of Prague Pavel Bém and the Mayor of Prague 1 Petr Hejma the second year of culture is organized.

Why a carnival? Celebrating the joy of life, fantasy, talent, craft, and creativity. Director of the festival Zlatuse J. Müller informs :

“Festivals of this type belong to the all-European culture heritage. They were usual in the Czech lands, as in other parts of Europe, for more than seven centuries and they have its historic tradition, that we would like to bring to life again at the Bohemian Carnevale festival.”

To held marches of masks clearly has long tradition in the Bohemian lands, even when until recently it was for some reason kept outside of big cities. Metropolises like Prague has to find the way to its roots, and Bohemian Carnevale is one of these moments Prague wakes up and brightens with joy, food, and masks.

The organizers have divided the event into four parts, having exotically sounding names; Divertimento Furioso, Cuisine d’Alchimiste, Praga Mysteriosa, Bohemia Divina. Those are quite describing – Divertimento Furioso means ‘Furious Fun’ – that is the part when the masks march the city in joy.

The main theme of this, the second Bohemian Carnevale, is Metamorphosis.

The event in Prague, January 31 – February 5 2008, at Clam-Gallas Palace, Husova 20, Prague 1, and in the centre of Prague. Tickets to Clam-Gallas Pallace at, or since the day before start at the desk.

Detailed information on Bohemian Carnevale in Prague here


NHL in Prague

Autumn 2008 means a new season of NHL, but this 91. st season is special – it begins in Prague, Czech Republic.

jagr rangers The most famous ice-hockey contest opens with a match of New York Rangers–Tampa Bay Lightning in Prague Sazka Arena (followed by Pittsburgh Penguins–Ottawa Senators in Globen Hall in Stockholm. Finally, Jaromir Jagr will be seen in Prague.

The organizers want to base the price on the World Championship in Prague 2004, so the tickets should start at 600 CZK, the most expensive ones 6000 CZK. Sazka Arena capacity should be 15 – 16 000 spectators.

Eurosong 2008: Tereza Kerndlova represents Czech Republic

kerndlova This weekend finals in Prague revealed Tereza Kerndlova (21) as the Czech representative of Eurosong 2008. After last year embarrassing debacle with Czech drunk-rock hairy group Kabat, who demonstrated what damage can alcohol do to one’s brain cells, we have launched the exact opposite – Tereza Kerndlova is of the ‘shake your boody’ kind.

Tereza Kerndlova’s last album is a very modern, fresh, and directly pop album, in r’n‘b rhythm. Tereza’s visage is adult and sexy, very much like Jennifer Lopez or especially Beoncé. Looks sells, and Tereza definitely can act like a bombshell to boost her CD sales. But if you youtube her live show from this weekend finals, you may agree with the losing contestants, that her singing wasn’t ‘completely clear’; there might be a little problem without playback, but we will see.

Czech weapons for Eurosong 2008: love, good-looks, soul, desire, and pronouns me and you from all angles.