Compact archive February 1, 2008

The Biggest Czech Solar Power Plant Working

biggest czech solar power plant This project was co-financed by the European fund for the regional development MPO CR. It is placed in Busanovice, Southern Czech Republic.

The production of electricity of this powerplant is 628 000 kWp per year, which makes it the biggest solar power plant not only in the Czech Republic, but also in the Eastern Europe. This enterprise can supply more than thousands of households.

Grands for this powerplant from the OPPP fund were 29,2 mil. CZK (1,1 mil. €), the total costs were 85 mil. (CZK 3,3 mil €)


Ska Party in Prague

theslackers The Slackers are one of the more well-known bands emerging from the New York City ska scene, having been formed in Brooklyn in 1991.

The band’s sound is a mix of ska, rocksteady, reggae, dub, soul, swing, garage rock, and jazz. The Slackers’ notability is credited to their prolific career, tours of North America, Europe, and elsewhere, and signing to notable punk label Hellcat Records.

Greensmatrol is a recognizable Czech SKA Group, with an English front man, playing good Ska-jazz at various clubs and festivals. They remain active in Prague, where they are well-know not just on the SKA scene.

28th February 2008, THE SLACKERS (ska/rocksteady, USA), GREEN SMATROLL (Rude Jazz Prague, CZ) 20.30 + DJ, Tickets 280,-, Rock Café, Narodni 20, Prague 1


Prague Prostitutes to get a Licence?

The City Council brought a new law, according to which prostitutes working in Prague should have a licence, given by the specific city part.

If the law is passed, the prostitutes must show their health certificate, medical checkup and criminal record extract, to get a ‘prostitution licence’. “The law is the only possibility, how to solve the situation.” states the deputy of Mayor Rudolf Blazek. “We have no chance to control the situation at the present moment”

Some non-profit-making organizations, dealing with prostitution problematics however oppose that forcing prostitutes to have a licence only makes the problem worse – “I am afraid, that if such a law is passed, prostitutes only move to privates, or use the Internet to get the clients.” Hana Malinova. “We will only have more troubles getting to them.”

According to her estimations there are 3000 prostitutes, male and female, in the metropolis.

SMS Tickets Working Fine

mobile The new way of Prague Public Transport payments via mobile phone, the SMS Tickets, are getting popular – 15 thousands people buy it every day.

Prague Public Transport company (MHD) introduced it, because they hoped for reduction of people, who involuntarily battle the rattler, because they can’t buy a regular ticket anywhere. And, according to recent study, it works.

Westminster company asked 500 respondents, and from them 15-21 % sometimes do not pay for their ride in the public transport, but 9 from 10 of them think SMS tickets changed the situation, as they started using it. The MHD sees the success of SMS tickets in their good information campaign, and easy use.


Gavials arrived to Prague ZOO

Gavialis gangeticus Prague Zoo got very special new inhabitants – seven young crocodiles Gavialis gangeticus, in English called Fish-eating Crocodile, Gharial, Long-nosed Crocodile or Gavial. Seven of them have permanently moved to Prague Zoo.

Population of Gavial in the nature is declining, the population is counted in hundreds already. Prague is the first European city, which joined endeavours for saving the species.

The crocodiles were transported from India, after several years of efforts. “ Zoo Prague got the endangered animals as an appreciation of our active role in efforts for saving of the species. “ Said the speaker Vit Kahle.

Gavilas are another cherry on the cake, Zoo Prague gained under the lead of Petr Fejk, as well as another very special world animal.

The group is formed by three males and four females. To see those Gavials is possible from 5th April.