Compact archive February 4, 2008

Metropolis centre had the looks of a bright carnival parade.

carnival The main part of Bohemian Carnivale took place this weekend. Among few hundreds of participants stood out original masks from Sardinia, but the actors on stilts stood out even higher.

What else was possible to see? Masks, clowns, jugglers, allegorical baby-carriages, drummers and motorbikes. Hundreds of people walked with the parade, or stopped at the Old Town Square and watched the fun.

The theme of this second year of Bohemian Carnivale is metamorphosis and everything connected to it. People change, or morph, into something they want.


Czech Policeman - American Solider Murder Case Petition

illustration photo Last week, an American Solider was stabbed to death by a Czech off-duty policeman. On Friday, he was released to be investigated at liberty. Friends of the murdered stand against the court decision and have written a petition. They don’t like the situation in which the ex-policema would be able to manipulate the witnesses or escape.

According to Murray’s friend the law has failed and a petition is the only possibility how to change it. They also revealed the murder situation; Mike Murray knew Prague, he went there almost every weekend. He also liked to play paintball, and that night he wanted to park his car close to the paintball station, where was no place, so he parked the car close to Sazka Arena. He prepared to sleep in the car, because he had bad experience with thieves and he protected his car that way.

The drunk policeman who passed by, didn’t like the way Mike parked, but as he was off-service, there was not much he could do. But he managed to anger Mike to such extent, he went out of the car and beaten him. The ex-policeman strikes back in a moment – with a massive pocket knife.


Fenin started by Hattrick

Czech Martin Fenin entered the game in Frankfurt dress, and charmed Germany – he shoot three goals in his very first game. The commentator replied – “If you didn’t believe in fairy-tales, you do now.” Fenin crushed Hertha Berlin on their own ground. Hertha – Frankfurt (39. Fenin, 59. Fenin, 90. Fenin).

There has never been a more significant entry to an abroad team by a Czech, than this time. Fenin’s premiere was better than the one of Nedved, Cech, Rosicky or Baros. The crowds went wild.

Czech Miss Given Sash by Allain Delon

eliska buckova A-18-year-old high school student Eliska Buckova from the most Eastern part of the Czech Republic likes to drink Slivovice (traditional plump spirit) and wear the folk costume. The young beauty got her sash at the Prague Airport from Allain Delon.

The show was probably somehow different from the past years – First, to get a sash at the airport, second – instead of free disciplines there were promenades with animals, and Eliska balloted a falcon she was scared of, third – Straznice, the city she comes from, is the same city which miss candidate won also last year.

Czech Republic Presidential Elections in four days

Elections MF Dnes brought us results of a questionnaire, in which they asked 281 congressmen and senators. Who would they vote for? Klaus would get 126 votes, Svejnar 102. There are 23 representatives who would vote for none, 30 of them didn’t tell.

That means, there is still enough of those, who wouldn’t tell, aren’t decided, or vote ‘against their club’. The first round of presidential elections in the Czech Republic is on Friday.

Svejnar bets he will also get some votes of the ODS; “I expect it could happen” he said for MF Dnes, where he also stated he hasn’t got a flight ticket to the USA booked: “ …because I’ll win

Klaus prospers from People’s Party and Communists don’t support Svejnar as expected: “I am a candidate, because I believe I’ll win.”

To be elected, the candidate needs 141 votes of congressmen and senators.