Compact archive February 7, 2008

1st Round of Czech Presidential elections tomorrow

We give you selected quotations of both candidates, Vaclav Klaus and Jan Svejnar.

I know Svejnar very little, but I am scared of his economical opinions. He really got me down by his articles during CSFR separation.

I think there will be the radar at the Czech ground. It won’t be soon, there is a lot of things that need to be solved before.

Euro adoption will lower salaries.

Climate changes happens all the time and it always did. Now somebody wants to control it and to accept drastic disposals with immense impact on our freedom and economical and social conditions.

Let’s be proud of who we are. One man told me once: “I am proud of you being proud of the Czech Nation”

You can choose somebody for the past, or you can choose somebody for the future.

I agree with the Radar from the beginning. What is important are the conditions.

Euro adoption will lower prices.

There is global warming and the world starts to consider, how it is connected to the activity of man. It is showed by not only long-therm researches, but also by the fact it speeds up in the past ten or twenty years.

I found out, the presidential institution is a very deep symbol and people expect the loyalty will be sealed by the head of the state by having exclusively Czech citizenship.


New Czech Discovery makes cloning easier

Czech scientists discovered, why it is not often possible to clone animals or human embryos. The Josef Fulka team from Research Institute of Animal Production in Prague published their findings in American magazine Science.

They found out and proved, the key factor during fertilized egg or early embryo development is the nucleolus from a mother’s egg. They were able to discover, how does the nucleus work, and how to remove or insert it safely.


New Kofola Light

kofola - If/When you love it/her nothing else matters Kofola is a carbonated soft drink produced in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. It is the principal rival of Coca-Cola and Pepsi on the two markets.

The soft drink named Kofola was introduced in 1962, and it survived until now, being still popular. In 2002 they launched a a successful media campaign aimed at a young and hip audience based on the slogan “Když ji miluješ, není co řešit. / Keď ju miluješ, nie je čo riešiť.” (“If/When you love it/her nothing else matters.”) and since then, their sales steadily increase. The public image of Kofola is associated with being sexy by untypical way (picture).

Now, Kofola comes with a light version, called “Kofola Bez” (Kofola Without). The name is ambiguous, as the most popular Kofola campagin theme was nude beach.

Price and packages will be the same, the question is if it will be sold in those 50-litre kegs, from which they traditionally tap you one in a pub across the country.

Czech Police Cars to probably have a make-over

skoda fabia in the police uniform MF Dnes informed about the possibility of Czech police Skoda cars giving up their white with green stripes. In the autumn 2008, there should appear new ones in silver metallic and blue lines.

“It is almost clear it will be that way.” The Police president commented for MF Dnes. “There should be some modernization of the image, that would demonstrate we are changing.”

octavia metallic Police management claims, that change is profitable from other reasons too. On the streets, Silver cars can be seen better than the white ones. And metallic cars can be sold better than plain white ones, when police decides to get rid of them.

This year, 700 new, mostly Skoda cars are planned to be bought, in the next three years another 2300 vehicles. The estimated costs are 1,4 billions CZK.

Wadaiko Yamato Stunning Drummers show in Prague

yamato The renown Japanese drummers group Yamato returns to Prague. Last two times, they completely sold out their performances and captured the hearts of those in the big hall in the Congress Centre, who thanked them by standing ovations.

Wadaiko Yamato is a Japanese musical group of taiko drummers founded in 1993. In Japanese, the word “wadaiko” means “Japanese drum” and “Yamato” was the former name of the city of Nara, where the group comes from.

Since its creation, the group has made over one thousand live performances to over one million people in more than 20 countries in Asia, Europe, and the Americas.

Yamato’s international debut occurred in 1998 at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, where the group was awarded the “Sprit of the Fringe” award. The following year, the group embarked on three international tours, covering South America, six countries in Europe, and Israel.

12-13. March 2008, Congress Centre Prague Vysehrad, tickets 800-1600 CZK (30-62 €)