Compact archive February 8, 2008

Who will win the Elections?

The Czech Republic doesn’t, contrary to the USA, elect the president directly. The 281 decisive votes comes from congressmen and senators. Last days brought disputes, how the president should be elected.

Should the election be secret, or public? The lawmakers couldn’t decide on the eve of elections to Prague Castle. Both the candidates, Vaclav Klaus and Jan Svejnar, indirectly expressed they agree with the present state of things; secret election.

The CSSD Social Democrats and the KSCM communist party back public voting, the ODS Civic democrats are strongly opposing. There has been debates in the parliament until the night. Right now, when the elections are on their way, all the 281 executives still debate, whether secret or public.

Spring Weather got Charles Bridge reconstruction back on track

Old Town Bridge Tower Sun rays and pleasant temperatures around 5 Celsius, continuing in present days, made it possible for the archaeologists to get back to Charles Bridge.

They just moved from the Lesser Town Bridge Tower, were they found small pieces of pottery, the oldest probably dating back to the 8th century, to the other tower-gate of the Charles Bridge, Old Town Bridge Tower.

The archaeologists speculate, there could be one more arch hidden on the side of Old Town Bridge Tower. But they also state they are at the beginning. Spring Weather got Charles Bridge reconstruction back on track. The archeologists weren’t the only ones who came back; temperatures abled the workes to come back too, and continue the reconstruction.


Mladek with Jozin z Bazin head to Poland

Ivan Mladek, the Czech comedian and musician has just finished a new album – Jozin z bazin v Polsce. After the stunning success of the Józek z bagien (Joseph from swamps) song got in Poland, Mladek recorded an album with 17 songs, a part of them in Polish. Now he and his band prepare for their tour in Poland.

There are many youtube remixes, I would say the various versions together were viewed by more than 10 million viewers. “Because of the madness Józek z bagien brought after it’s 30 years of existence to Poland, we have made a new album, a mix of Czech and Polish versions of my songs.” Said Ivan Mladek.

Why is Józek z bagien still funny? because of the lyrics, our cultural similarity, and simply; because it is fun.

Baby Cloud Rat born in Prague Zoo

ma cloud rat in prague zoo The cloud rats are a group of nocturnal rodents native to the forests of the Philippines.

Wikipedia states: “The Filipino Ecosystems Research and Development Bureau has begun breeding Northern Luzon slender-tailed cloud rats in captivity. London Zoo and the Bronx Zoo are the only locations outside of the Philippines where cloud rats are bred in captivity.”

cloud rat - Phloeomys pallidus If we want to be precise, we should edit the Wiki article, in order to add a new city into the list; Prague Zoo had a baby cloud rat born last month.

Maybe it is a sign of the coming year of the rat, but there were also traditionally uberstandard care of the Fejk’s Team. Zoo Prague gained two couples of these rodents last year. After the necessary quarantine they were placed into a carefully developed environment, the Zoo modelled after their Brazilian forest nature environment.

The baby Cloud Rat was born on 11th January 08, the young was born with hair, having about 120g.


Michael Rittstein expressionist exhibition in Prague

 Rittstein Michael - Rock-n-roll Michael Rittstein belong to the group of artists, who got to their specific way of expression, which they are probably not going to leave. His gestic paintings, brushed in impasto style are typical by its baroquelly surrealistic illusionism, amplified by poisonous colorfulness and dynamic mummery of characters and objects.

Michael Rittstein’s pictures are displayed as a part of the cycle „Projects, Probes, Experiments“, introducing large format works of art of the artist in dialogue with the unique architectural space of Small Hall of Trade Fair Palace in Prague.

MICHAEL RITTSTEIN´S LARGE FORMATS: THERE, Veletrzni Palac – Trade Fair Palace, Dukelskych hrdinu 47, until: 27th April 2008