Compact archive February 11, 2008

Prototype Skoda Fabia S2000

prototype skoda fabia S2000 Skoda Auto has started testing the first prototype of the Skoda Fabia Super 2000 today. Designed to be used in the Super 2000 category, the vehicle is based on the second-generation Fabia and, in compliance with the FIA regulations, is equipped with a two-litre atmospheric four-cylinder petrol engine, a six-speed sequential transmission and a four-wheel drive system with three mechanical differentials.

Commenting on the occasion, Dr. Eckhard Scholz, Skoda Auto BOD Member responsible for technological development, said: “We are glad to have started testing the Fabia Super 2000. This year we are planning to optimise and certify the vehicle so that we can use it on both national and international levels. When exactly will the vehicle be released for competition use will depend on the achieved progress, relevant test results and the final certification. Then we are also planning to offer the vehicle to private teams. Based on a customer service arrangement, further development work on the vehicle will be done in close cooperation with our importers worldwide“.

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Czech Music Awards 2007

aneta lang. ‘Deska Roku’ – ‘Album of the Year’ 2007 prizes were given away.

The winner in the ‘Album of the Year’ women category, and also the absolute winner became Aneta Langerova, the 2004 Czech Pop Idol, with her new album Dotyk.

Daniel Landa scored three times in men category – the most sold records, the most radio played and the most tracks sold via the Internet. Daniel Landa is favored by some for his genially simple songs and success in sports, hated by others for his skinhead past.

The best music group award went to Cechomor, the well known group playing popularized traditional music.

The most sold international singer in CR was Madonna.

The results however confirmed decline in sales of CDs – in 2006 the most sold album of pub-rock group Kabat called ‘Corrida’ won with 56 900 sold pieces, Aneta Langerova managed to sell only 31 957 CDs to became the most bought songstress.


The sun brought Prague citizens outdoors

If you plan to go to Prague those days, you should prepare for a very mild winter – present temperatures in Prague are not probable to drop below zero during the day, much probably are to move around ten Celsius, the mood is spring-like, people go to parks and gardens to hear birds singing.

Zoo Prague reported to have 12,5 thousands visitors over the Saturday and Sunday only. Warm weather makes it hard for winter sports organizers, all the ski slopes had to be cover with artificial snow.


Irglova didn't get Grammy, Winehouse did

irglova and hansard - maybe next time... British soul star Amy Winehouse has overmastered the Grammies by gaining five “little gramophones”, but she didn’t fetch them, as she wasn’t given American visa until it was too late. Czech nominee, Marketa Irglova with Glen Hansard, with their song Falling Slowly, which vibrated romantic hearts of not only those who have seen the film ONCE, have lost.

Amy Winehouse won not only the best film song category, her other awards were for best new artist, song of the year, pop vocal album and female pop vocal performance.
The vibrant Amy Winehouse dominated the Grammys on Sunday night, winning five awards and delivering her ‘Rehab’ song performance via satellite from London.

Herbie Hancock took album of the year for River: The Joni Letters; “You know it’s been 43 years since the first and only time that a jazz artist got the album of the year award,” Hancock said, then proceeded to honor “the giants upon whose shoulders I stand, some of whom like Miles Davis, John Coltrane … unquestionably deserved the award in the past. But this is a new day, that proves that the impossible can be made possible.”

1st Round of CR Presidential Elections: Klaus was close

Friday and Saturday elections brought no winner. The number of votes necessary was 140, from the total 278 (three voters were absent). Klaus was however extremely close when he gained 140 votes, while Svejnar only 113. If Klaus got one more vote, he would have won.

The voting itself was full or arguing and tactics. When the lawmakers were supposed to vote on Friday, they have got themselves into a debate, whether the voting should be secret or open, which only led to accusations and rising pressure, finally ending in two voters collapse.

The second round of elections is on Friday again. The communist party plans to came up with their own candidate. They were present, but they did not take part in electing.

After the last voting being open, the method for next Friday stays unclear. Civic Democrats insist on secret vote. The candidates might be nominated tomorrow.