Compact archive February 12, 2008

Trial With Kozeny Started

The trial with escaped Viktor Kozeny, who reputedly defalcated 16 billions CZK (600 mil. €) was initiated. According to the judge it will take more than a year to be finished.

The ex-president of ‘Harvard Funds’ (which has nothing to do with Harvard) Viktor Kozeny and his colleague Boris Vostry are charged with fraud and violation of duty while administrating external financial sources. The trial could give them up to 12 years in state prison. Both of them are prosecuted as fugitives.

The complaint was filed by Zdenek Castoral, who as the company liquidator found heavy deficiencies, pointing to tunneling. The partners were probably deliberately transferring funds with losses, so they could export the company holding away.

If you are interested in interesting and complex information about Viktor Kozeny and Czech Tunneling of the 90’s, click here.

Presidential Elections and Role of Communists

The communist party boycotted the presidential elections on Saturday. As they expected, the price of their votes is raising, now when the second round comes. They are willing to vote for Jan Svejnar, but only under certain conditions.

“Jan Svejnar can get all our votes, if the Social Democrats and the Green Party promises, they won’t support the contract of building the American Radar base in the Czech Republic.” the chairman of Czech communists said to MF Dnes.

The Communists put their price quite high, they enjoy being the index hand. And for the case Svejnar refuses? They have their own own candidate, our Euro representative Jana Bobosikova. It is clear that if they will vote for her, the president will be Vaclav Klaus. But Klaus probably doesn’t need it – if the situation repeats, he needs only one vote more to be elected the president again.


A new arrival at CSA

 Romantic Airbus A310 The first new arrival to the CSA fleet, Airbus A319, is almost finished. In the Hamburg Airbus fabric it got itself already painted in red-white CSA colors and within a few days, the flying machine is ready to take off for its first test flight. Czech Airlines should receive the functional piece in the half of February.

The whole process of building a plane at Hamburg factory is more about assembling, than anything else. The plane is ready in 30 days. The first part ready is the fuselage, parts of which are made in France and Germany. Next part are the wings, build in Britain, and a the tail, build in Spain.

The final touch is made when the plane is painted in a company colors, before the inside is equipped. CSA Airbuses will fly in two classes – economy and business.

Easter and Easter Markets coming to Prague

On Saturday 8th March, the traditional Eastern Markets start in Prague. The stalls with Easter symbols and souvenirs will be placed on Old Town Square as usual, this years’ season partially moves from Wenceslas Square to Na Prikope street.

Old Town Square hosts a stage as usual, offering cultural programme. The Organizers promise also display of Czech and European Easter traditions and habits. The markets last 23 days, until Sunday 30th March

The markets will be devoted to the Czech Easter traditions and habits. People can taste traditional Czech food, such as a cake called Easter Beranek or Easter stuffing. The birch tree, which is connected with Easter, will be put in the middle of Old Town Square.

We’ll certainly inform you about other events during the Easter in Prague.


Valentine's Day celebration in house rhythm

loveflower Valentine´s day – the magic day of love. What about celebrating holiday of the strongest emotion? In the lovable place – Mecca club. Who else could go along with this evening than the most competent – DJ Kuba Soulcheck (Meccamix) and DJ Macio(Soundcream), who will play sets devoted to love and happiness.

How does Mecca invite? “Their sets loaded with the best house music will touch you just in the middle of your heart. At the Valentine´s Mecca party, we´ll dish you the best of the house music on a golden tray along with our hearts.” That sounds sweet. Did we mention there is free entry?

Dance Valentine Party in Prague Mecca Thursday 14th February 2008, U Pruhonu street 3, Prague 7