Compact archive February 15, 2008

2nd Round of Elections; Who will be the next Czech President?

If Vaclav Klaus watches the courses at betting agencies, he could have started celebrating; The agencies has lowered the courses for Klaus’ win, now they are on their lowest level in history – 1,1:1. In the betting language it means Klaus is right before being elected.

Jan Svejnar was an outsider of the elections from the very beginning, but still he has done everything to interest the public and to get into sub-consciousness of people. He can pay interest on this capital; he would be perfect in Czech Senate, there will also be many positions needed to take up in approaching Czech EU Chairmanship in 2009. There will be many possibilities opening, we can only guess, which he will finally take, it probably won’t be the one to come back to the US.

Thinking about Jana Bobosikova? There is not a chance she would be elected, but the communist party needs her for their strategy; they even straightforwardly say they just use her to have the other parties negotiating with them. Bobsikova doesn’t mind though; she has her own EU ministry’s post defending ahead, for which it is necessary to be seen.

Postscript : Vaclav Klaus was elected the president today.


Music Infinity: Blue States concert in Prague

states Trip-hop magician Andy Dragazis aka Blue States introduces his monumental electronic composition.

With the help of a couple of friends, Andy Dragazis’ Blue States became active in 1997. After playing out for a short amount of time, Andy was courted by Memphis Industries, a label that began issuing his singles. Between 1998 and 1999, five of his singles were released.

Nothing Changes Under the Sun was a very well-sold album, probably also because of the quite melancholic sound of the record and Andy’s music talent. He plays six instruments himself and most of his parts are recorded without anyone’s help.

After he opened a recording studio in 2005 London, there was a pause in his own composing, to which he came back by publishing his new album First steps into… and coming back to concerts again. You have a chance to hear him this Friday in Palac Akropolis.

15th February 2008, 19:30, Palac Akropolis, Kubelikova 27, Prague 3


Putin: We will target missiles on you if necessary

putin According to the Russian President, most of Czech citizens are not in favor of building the anti-missile shield. He stated that at his last press conference as the president.

Russia is going to aim a part of its missiles to the objects of the American anti-rocket shield in Poland and the Czech Republic, if necessary.

“Who has ever asked Poles and Czechs, whether they want to have these systems there, or not? Who ever asked? The absolute majority are not really keen to support these plans.” Putin said in front of 1300 journalists.

The Russian President repeated again, that his general staff and military experts claim, the American system threatens Russian interests. That’s why Russia has to take actions in the case of a base on the Polish territory “There is not a real thread; Iranian rockets do not exist and everybody knows that.”

“We are not really keen to do that, but it won’t be a problem in other areas. We try to negotiate, but nobody listens.”