Compact archive February 18, 2008

Vaclav Klaus re-elected president of the Czech Republic

Vaclav Klaus president again Vaclav Klaus received support of 141 deputies and senators. He needed 140 votes to be re-elected. He was elected in the second vote, on 15th February 2008, for another five years. Being a founder, he had support of the leading ODS Civic Democratic party.

His opponent, Czech-American economist, Jan Svejnar gained 111 votes. He was nominated by the SZ Green Party, and got votes from them and the CSSD Social Democrats. A third candidate, Jana Bobosikova, nominated by the communist party, lacking support, dropped the race before the voting begun.


New York Honours Forman

Milos Forman The Museum of Modern Art in NY presents a complete retrospective of the films of Milos Forman, one of contemporary cinema’s most acclaimed directors.

17-film exhibition spanning the director’s career from 1963 to the present, is presented and includes major critical and commercial successes such as Amadeus (1984) and One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (1975), as well as early film and TV work made in his native Czechoslovakia.

Milos Forman is one of Famous Czechs, who emigrated from Czechoslovakia, to escape from the communist regime, and became permanent jewels of other countries.

Irglova Will Sing at the Oscars

The Czech songster Marketa Irglova with the Irish musician Glen Hansard will perform at the Oscar Ceremony on 24 February 2008. They will sing their hit Falling Slowly, nominated in the ‘Best Film Music’ Category.

Everyone who is their fan, keep yours fingers crossed. They lost the Emmy to Amy Winehouse recently, but it’s not the end of the world. The ceremony will host also Jessica Alba, Cate Blanchett, George Clooney, Pénelope Cruz, Cameron Diaz and others. Also other songs competing for the Oscar will sound in the evening. Like Happy Working Song from the Magical Romance movie, sing by Amy Adams.

The moderator of the gala evening will be a comedian Jon Stewart. As the with a group of scenarist, who will write jokes and sketches to his role. The Hollywood scriptwriter strike is over.


African Tribal Marriage is Valid in the Czech Republic

tribal girls may posses special beauty The new precedent was established last week. The initiator was a man, who married an African woman from a tribe living in Nigeria. The marriage was contracted in African way, on a gathering in the woman’s village, where was this Czech citizen presented, and where was also settled the matter of marriage portion.

Now, living in the Czech Republic, he found out he doesn’t want to be married anymore and he entered a lawsuit the marriage is nonexistent. He claims, marriages according to African tribal law are not valid in Europe. However The Supreme Court has denied his appeal and supported previous court decisions.



Musicians Support Jan Kaplicky

blob On the concert named ‘Chci to na Letny’ (I want it on Letna) featuring dozens of well-known Czech music groups and singers, all sounded like one voice: The Blob library should be build. Their support of Jan Kaplicky and his Octopus could have been seen in Prague Lucerna Music Bar.

The construction is a subject of endless disputes and debates, but it is still not sure whether the City Hall will make it possible to build.

The Sunday concert was organized by the initiators of the petition for Blob support, which was signed by more than 11 thousands experts. It was already handed the deputies of the City Hall.