Compact archive February 20, 2008

A Snake Took A Shelter in A Czech Police Car for A Month

The unusual mascot who accompanied a police unit in Brno, lived in a police car and probably liked it enough to not let himself caught for a month, was finally found. The story starts, when the red grass-snake escaped his breeder to his neighbour, where he hid for a week. pantherophis guttatus - red grass-snake When he was found, the person called police and handled the snake in a box. The snake sensed adventure and so broke from it in the police car, and hid close to engine, where it was warm enough (the story took place during Czech winter).

The police mechanics worked on dismantling the car for a week, then they just gave up. Where exactly the red, nonpoisonous snake hid, is not clear. They labeled the snake as missing and life went on. But one day, the policeman sitting on the front passenger seat recognized the red and hissing, and probably also hungry animal getting to him. He was surprised, but not panicked and caught him. The sanke and his breeder were than reunited again.


Svejnar is not the President, what are his Plans?

Svejnar_Jan Two days after the presidential vote, Jan Svejnar had a press conference in the Congress Centre, which he managed in a relaxed and professional way. “Do you want to know how I am? I’m fine. I had a long, good sleep.” He joked. The question, what is he going to do in the Czech Republic now, remains unanswered.

In cooperation with Svejnar, who gained in a very short period of time a part of the public on his side, are interested CSSD and SZ, but if he wants to run for the president in five years again, he shouldn’t get too involved with any political party. The only thing he revealed from his future is he is not going to enter any political party.

What is seen as the most possible course of action is Svejnar will enter the Senate. “I don’t exclude my Senate candidacy. I could do other things in the position, too.” What did he think by it? Possibly his science career in the Michigan uni, as to fly to Senate meetings wouldn’t be too difficult. He flies to Prague anyway, as he has other responsibilities here – he is the leader of CERGE institute and also is a member of the supervisory board of CSOB.

Permanent Cubism exposition in Prague opened again

hofman_vase The permanent cubist exhibition at the ‘U Cerne Matky Bozi’ house opened after three months to the public again. It was closed in November last year for the reason of new air-conditioning device installation.

The lovers of cubism can, again, come and wonder the pieces of significant Czech Artists; Bohumil Kubista, Vincent Benes, Josef Capek, Antonin Prochazka or Vaclav Spala. The exposition was prepared with by the National Gallery in Prague in cooperation with the Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague and the National Museum in Prague.

According to the information given by the National Gallery the reason for closing were rising summer temperatures that forced the space to be closed.

Opening Hours: 10-18, no Mondays. The house of the Black Madonna (Dům u Černé matky boží) Celetna 34, Prague 1


From Prague to Paris by Bike Information

International_Paneuropean_Union_flag The Paneuropean bikeline, runs through Norimberg and a number of other touristically attractive areas in Germany, France and the Czech Republic. There are hundreds of interesting spots in its on the 1537 km long track. The new bikeline will be inaugurated 12th April 2008 on the Pan-European festival in Nuremberg.

The European highway E 50, named Via Carolina, connects the CR with France. But the famous predecessor was the Middle-age ‘Golden Route’ on which basis the Paneuropean bikeline is founded.

Paneuropean bikeline runs on existing routes or bikelines. Somewhere it was needed to added pieces, for which purpose were used mostly closed railway sections. Paneuropean bikeline covers under one logo three European countries and two world metropolises, demonstrating connection between the East and the West and contributing to the idea of international understatement.

If you need any more information, visit the Paneuropean bikeline web :


Dancer of the Year 2007 – myCITY, mySTAGE in Prague

The dance event is coming! Prague Roxy becomes the dancing stage. Prepare for Czech and Slovak National finals of the Dancer of the Year 2007 – myCITY, mySTAGE. Watch the finals of the dancing competition of the best streetdance and breakdance dancers.

On Thursday, starting 19:00, finalists will battle in contemporary forms of modern dance as Hip-hop, Lockin, Funk, Break dance, Krump and others.

The star of this year’s final is the American choreographer and dancer Jonté, who recently shone as a choreographer of Beoncé world tour and her videos. The young Afro-American will come to Prague for the first time.

The evening will be featuring other characters like Vincent Vianen (Amsterdam), Nobru (Rio de Janeiro), Yemi AD… And of course the best Czech and Slovak talents.

Pre-sale: 249czk, at the spot 299czk, Start 19:00, 6th March 2008, Prague Roxy, Dlouha 33, Prague 1