Compact archive February 28, 2008

Five-year old boy crashed his car

illustration photo During the night from Tuesday, the young, 5-year old boy set off from a Czech town Mimon, from his parent’s garage, in their car. He rode for 500 metres, during of which he damaged two parked cars and ended his ride by crashing into a house. He didn’t get hurt, but the damages got to 100 thousand czk, about 3,7 thousands €.

According to the police report the boy wasn’t harmed thanks to low speed he was moving, his crashes didn’t even blast airbag.

The boy was driving in his pyjamas with bunnies. When he crashed into the house, he ran out of the car and hid in a park. The police found him there, after they got a call from a woman who had seen him behind the steering wheel. They turned to social workers, to investigate, how it was possible the parents didn’t know the boy has left in the night, and how it is possible he was able to drive in five years.


Vortex VII in Roxy Hosts Andromeda

andromeda The last episode of Vortex introduced Swedish Progressive project Human Blue. And because the reactions were quite positive, the club dramaturgy invited other psytrance stars, this time from Spanish islands.

Anders Nilsson (30) & Linus Eriksson (25) are Sound Designers based on the Balear Islands – Spain. Both have been producing trance professionally since 2001. First release was out on legendary Spiral Trax & further on English Transient Records. After having released 7 albums and 100+ features on compilations with sales over hundreds of thousands of copies. They constantly touring the most important festivals such as Boom, Trancedence, Ozora, Full Moon, Rainbow Serpent and travelling to all 5 continents frequently to deliver their wellknown Scandinavian Soundscapes.

Andromeda – Anders Nilsson & Linus Eriksson + videotrip by Mimo-TV, start 22:00, Tickets: 220czk, Experimental space Roxy / NoD, Dlouha 33, Prague 1 8th March 2008


Forbes Magazine: Prague Zoo the 7th Best in the World

What did Forbes Magazine stated about Prague Zoo?
“Despite its modest area of 111 acres, Prague Zoo has 4600 animals of 630 kinds. Just last year, a few young of Comodo varan, Rothschild giraffe or Panther turtle were born there.”

Petr Fejk, the manager of Prague Zoo was surprised: “I still don’t get it, this is a really prestigious company we were put in. Of course we are very flattered.”

What was the thing that made Troja stand up the most? “Probably because the zoo is active and friendly. The animals and visitors feel the same here – they both feel nice.” Petr Fejk

The Best Zoos of the world
By Forbes magazine

1. Animal Kingdom (Orlando, USA)
2. Basel Zoo (Basilej, Switzerland)
3. Beauval Zoo (France)
4. Berlin Zoo Garden (Germany)
5. Bronx Zoo (New York, USA)
6. Chester Zoo (Great Britain)
7. Zoo Praha
8. National Zoo of S. Africa (JAR)
9. San Diego Zoo (USA)
10. Schönbrunner (Austria)


Klaus didn't congratulate Irglova on her Oscar success. Why?

glen and marketa. anything but arrogant It is a common presidential duty, not to miss the opportunity to show up in the company of renowned artists and sportsmen. Meanwhile Irish President McAleese congratulated Glen on his success the very evening, Klaus keeps silent towards Marketa. The last Czech person to get an Oscar was Jan Sverak for his Movie Kolja in 1996. Oscar is an equivalent for a World Championship trophy in sports. If Klaus passes this fact, the reason is clear – his ego, as always.

Marketa Igrlova said last year for an interview in Pravo: “I am really ashamed of our president, who always speaks so arrogantly about ecologic problems. I can’t understand, how a president of a country can doubt something that is scientifically proved and everybody knows about … it is a great shame to have him the president.”

Here we go. We would ask Vaclav Klaus too much to swallow this and admit somebody who criticises him is actually quite successful. And I personally think Martina Irglova doesn’t long for getting congratulations from Klaus.


Kaplicky: If there won't be a decision about Blob, I quit

Blob News: after a year of debates which didn’t bring any satisfactory outcomes, after being said there is a new report, fourth in a row, necessary, Kaplicky stated to resign on the project, if there won’t be a decision in a month.

It has been precisely a year, since Kaplicky’s Blob won the international contest of the best library. Since than, Kaplicky went through many debates (by his own words, those debates made him a politician from an architect against his will) which were not able to set, what the course of action will be. It has been a long year for Kaplicky, and tiredom finally shows up – he stated yesterday, that if the National Library commission won’t decide in a month, he is off.

His decision seems logical when we look at the whole picture – President Klaus would rather chain himself to the ground than allow Blob to Prague, and Prague Mayor Pavel Bem and many other important persons from the ODS back Klaus. For Kaplicky, who is a renowned architect that doesn’t need to be gibbeted just for the sake, will be much better to build his internationally famous National Library in Brno, or Edinburgh, where they will treat him with respect.