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Interesting Prague Fact: Do you want to buy really cheap car?

ford-sierra I am simply going to assume you do. The obvious choice would be to go to a car pool, but in Prague, you can go also to a municipal hall. But first, you have to write them a letter, you are interested in buying a car, which was left on a street and nobody had claimed it.

For example a Alfa Romeo 1,8l was bought for 7 000 czk, or Ford Sierra for 2560 czk. Sounds really cheap, doesn’t it? The car sale works in a way the winner of the car is the one who offers the most. Probably can be lengthy, however if the prices are so low, I would suggest just bidding 7000 czk and wait, what happens… Not an easy way, but the cheapest one for sure.

Last year there was 300 cars for sale. Odbor dopravy magistrátu hlm. Prahy contacts are here


Prague is 12th Most Popular Tourist City

st vitus cathedral Prague was visited by more than four million foreign tourists in 07, which puts it into ‘TOP 5’ of Europe. The travellers’ web made a research, which outcome revealed New York, Paris and London with more than 200 000 votes proved they really form the world’s most tourist – famous places.

Prague got more votes than Florence, Madrid, Vienna, Budapest or Krakow. Tourists positively evaluated Prague cultural and nature sights, quality of accommodation and other services, prices or native citizen behaviour.

What the tourists have evaluated negatively? Especially rip-offs at money exchanges (calculate, how much you should get, before you hand the money over! If you see you pay way too much, chancel the trade and find another place!) and other rip-offs at taxis ( how to avoid?) or souvenir sellers (do you really need that many souvenirs anyway?)

Prague with its 4 millions tourists/year got in the first five of Europe. The most visited is London with its 14 millions, Paris with 10 millions and Roma with 6 millions.

Skoda Cars cheaper outside the Czech Republic

Skoda Cars are dominating the Czech Market, they don’t need to reduce their prices, there are buyers anyway. This is the reason why it is possible to save up to 100t Czech coronas (3,7t €) when buying a Czech car anywhere but in the Czech Republic.

skoda octavia Skoda Octavia Classic with 1,6 MPI Classic sells in the Czech Republic for 459 900 czk. In Germany in is 50 thousands cheaper, similar prices are in Poland or Slovakia.

If you go for your Octavia to Russia or Latvia, it can get even more cheaper. In Russia, Octavia in basic equip costs 386t czk, in Litvia even 350t czk.

Lesser differences are with Fabias or other models. There is also a little catch- the version ‘Classic’ means something different, as you get more equipment in the version sold in the CR. Anyway for Czechs it is a good reason for going shopping to the east.


Paris' Hilton visit in Prague became a news-reporter hunt of her person.

paris Paris Hilton came to Prague on Sunday, she was accompanying the guitarist Benji Madden of the group Good Charlotte. As there were news-hunters running after her since the moment she got out of the group’s bus, she tripped over and hurt her chin, in one moment when she run from the pack chasing her.

It happened close to the Old Town Square. When the couple saw Astronomical Clock, they went for a meal. During the time they were in the restaurant, reporters formed a massive group in front of the building. When the couple tried to escape, Paris tripped.

The famous blonde, who didn’t quite charmed critiques by her acting and singing, accompanies her boyfriend the whole march on his tour. When they were in Germany, German tabloid Bild wrote they are planning a baby during the tour. The child should get its name according to the place of its conception. So maybe it’s name could be Prague.


Alleged accomplice of Prochazka arrested

Solution of the famous case of the biggest one-time theft in the Czech Republic may move closer. The police have arrested 51 yo Milan Cermak, who reportedly help Fratisek Prochazka in his banknote hunt.

The quiet house, reconstructed in the inside but left modest on the outside, could have provided them with enough quiet for their plans. The criminal police found unexpected things that may work as proofs in future case, including many hundreds of thousands czk or blood trace.

The police talks about Milan Cermak as a possible accomplice, but according to his defense lawyer he disposed the millions czk even before the theft.

Kylie Minoque Prepares Big Surprise for her Prague Concert

kylie The first newspaper to inform about this was MF Dnes. According to their post, their trustworthy source informed she could get engaged during her Prague concert. Does it seem unreal? What about possibility of marriage in Prague, the ‘mother of all cities’? We can’t tell for sure, but definitely her concert on 12th May in O2 Arena will be special.

“Kylie always dreamed of being married on stage” said her sister some time ago. Kylie’s chosen one is a French actor Olivier Martinez, with whom she has been for five years. He took care about the Australian singer, when she was recovering from cancer, there were speculations of their marriage from 2006. Last year the couple separated for some time, because of Oliver’s cheating. But they got together again.

Kylie Minogue arrives to Prague on the night from 10 to 11 May, and will stay in Prague until 14th. The length of singer’s planned stay is quite lengthy, and also, the concert starts at 21:00, but her concerts in other European cities start at eight.


Very Important Painter Exhibition at Prague Castle

Mikolas Ales is one of the most important and well-known Czech artists. Now you have a change to see his works at the big retrospective exhibition called Mikolas Ales 1852 – 2007, which is being held in the Prague Castle Riding School until 20th of April 2008.

In the exhibition you can see representative overview of Ales´ work, mostly he was inspired by the Czech history and traditions. There are drawings and paintings on the theme of the life of Old Slavonic people, who lived in Bohemia in ancient times, scenes of important moments of the Czech history, pictures depicting the idyllic life of Czech lands inhabitants or illustrating national stories, proverbs and legends.

The complete information is here. You know you want to know more!


Pete Doyle in Prague

doyle Another star from London; This edition of Prague´s legendary Meccamix party will introduce a real dance music icon from Defected – DJ Pete Doyle. His genuine love for dance music took him to more than 30 different countries during an extremely eventful roller coaster career.

Pete is playing frequently alongside the DJ’s he rates highly like Erick Morillo, Sasha, Armand van Helden, Roger Sanchez, Dimitri From Paris a amongst so many others … basically has played with everyone from Sasha, Tong, Roger Sanchez, Sandi Rivera and Defected’s own Simon Dunmore.

Beefeater, the proud partner of Meccamix, brings you a special prices of the drinks starting on 69 CZK. Meccamix Warm Up Party always starts at 8PM just infront of Mecca in the new bar-restaurant MOLO 22. The resident DJs of Meccamix a the main internetional guest play here till midnight, entry is free, so do not forget!

Entry: 290 czk, vip: 990 czk. Warm-up start at 20:00, Club Mecca, U Pruhonu street 3, Prague 7


Prague centre to start collecting toll again

According to the Prague Mayor Pavel Bem, entering the Prague historic center by car should be paid in 2011-2012. How much? It should be 2-3 euros. Toll won’t be paid at night, during weekends and locals should get discount.

Prague is packed with cars, and this proposal could literally bring some fresh air to the centre areas. The narrow streets of the historic city, proclaimed a world relic by UNESCO, are not build for automobile expansion.


Czech Anti-communists Made Zizka wear Logo T-shirt

Another Totality? Not in my name! This may be the translation of ‘Nechni mit na triku dalsi totalitu’ which was the slogan on the 2 metre t-shirt, into which was dressed famous Czech army-leader’s statue at Zizkov.

“We hoped the the banner will last long enough, so the people have an opportunity to realize, that it is necessary to stand up against communism and do anything for the totality ideology won’t become reality again.” Said a member of the anti – communist movement.

“We have chosen Jan Zizka, because he is the greatest – the biggest equestrian statue in the world.” The ititiative web is, where is also an artist competition of the best anti-communist t-shirt logo going on right now.

Prague Airport Prepares a Map of Its Expensive Restaurants

If you ever landed on the Letiste Ruzyne airport in Prague, it may have happened to you too – you ordered a coffee or a meal and you paid a price that is normal…maybe in hotel Hilton. Of course the restaurants placed there do not intend to reduce their prices; only the Airport wants to print a brochure with a map, differencing restaurants placed in the hall according to prices.

The reason, why the prices of meals and drinks at Prague Airport are so high, is half of them are owned by the same company. Lots of people complain on the net about the fact that London or Frankfurt airports are cheaper then the one in Prague, which should correspond to the rest of prices at Czech market, which are just much lower.


Klaus' reason for not going to Olympics

The re-elected president of Czech Republic, Vaclav Klaus have previously announced that he is not going to the Olympic games in China. But it is not a boycott against China atrocities, like in the case of other Czech politicians, like Ondrej Liska; MF Dnes informed he is going to a hip operation at the time of Olympics.

The other thing is, such long-term planned orthopedic operations can be postponed. What was the real reason? “I don’t intend to go Olympic Games in China” he wrote at his web. “As a sportsmen I am against politicization of sports and against competing in who is going to make the Olympics more monumental.”

Czech thief of the century might get killed

The man who stole a half of billion czk could be, according to TV Prima, already dead. The television has broadcast information, that the police found Procházka’s blood in the flat of his accomplice yesterday.

There was also treportedly 8000czk found at the same place. The TV station refers to unnamed detective, who works on the case. However a police deputy have resolutely negated the news yesterday. But it is quite possible they did it only from safety reasons.

Catching of ‘Accomplice’ is the first provable step in the police investigation, which has been going on since 1st February 08, when Prochazka disappeared with 500 millions czk from Prague security agency G4S.

Serbian Government appealing: Do not Recognise Kosovo

“The Czech Republic is our friend. So we hope, it will not recognise Kosovo.” Bozidar Djelic told Czech vice-prime minister Alexandr Vondra, who came to Serbia on official visit. His Serbian counterpart also said: “I talked with Alexandr Vondra about the negative influence which would Kosovo recognition have.”

Serbia media have transmitted information of what are plans of Belegrad regarding its former province. The plan suggest splitting Kosovo according to ethnic borders among majority Albanians and minority Serbians. This way, Serbians could overtake political and administrative controlů over the Northern territory of Kosovo. Bozidar Djelic however disapproves this: “Serbia doesn’t want to split Kosovo. But we want to split Serbia neither.”

Source: LN


Paris Hilton heading to Prague

paris-hilton One of the World’s most watched celebrities, a heir of the hotel empire Paris Hilton is heading to Prague, where she should arrive on Saturday, according to international celebrities webpages information.

Hilton comes to the concert of the American post-punk group Good Charlotte, which guitarist and vocalist is dating Paris right now. Her presence is expected on the Good Charlotte concert in Prague Congress centre, here further plans in Prague are not known. She should fly to Budapest on Monday.

Information of the party-queen got to the public through a photography, on which she is going through her documents with her plans.

G.I. Joe: To Be Shot at Prague's Barrandov Studio

Prague´s Barrandov Studio announced the $170 million film based on the action commando toy and comic-book hero G.I. Joe will be filmed there in May. Production of the large, elaborate sets has already started.

G.I. Joe, directed by Stephen Sommers (The Mummy Returns, Van Helsing) will be one of the most expensive productions ever made at Barrandov, Chreneková said. Paramount Pictures, Di Bonaventura Pictures and American toy company Hasbro, Inc., which created the popular character, are co-producing the movie.

The cast includes Sienna Miller, Channing Tatum, Rachel Nichols and Dennis Quaid. The film concerns an elite military unit, comprising special operatives known as G.I. Joe, operating out of The Pit, which takes on an evil organization led by a notorious arms dealer.

Previous films filmed at Barrandov included:
Babylon A.D. (Van Diesel movie)
both Chronicles of Narnia movies
Casino Royal (the 007 agent James Bond movie)
Harts War (Bruce Willis movie)
Tristan and Isolde
The Bourne Identity
Bad company

Inspiration for this article provide by

By Wheelchir in Prague

If you are interested in Prague, you want to go here, but you are dependent on wheelchair accessibility, there are places you can go, don’t worry. Czech Republic used to be a part of the USSR, but the times are over, and there were many improvements in the quality of services provided for the disabled.

For example public transport has special link buses for disabled, but you don’t have to rely on that; there are many regular new tramways and buses, which wheelchair users can use.

Regarding sightseeing, some buildings were build as un-accessible, however the most important sights, like the Prague Castle or the National Museum are fine. Check the list.

World Music in Prague

The music group, originating similarly as Gogol Bordello or Balkan Beat Box from the New York music melting pot, joints together eastern Roma music, klezmer, Russian folklore or Bollywood with Wait’s chanson, cabaret songs and wild rock.

They are known for their excellent concerts full of emotions and energy. They will introduce their new album The Golden Hour, which was mostly inspired by the front-man’s, Tod A (ex Cop Shoot Cop) travels in India, Pakistan, Turkey and Indonesia.

14th March 2008, FIREWATER (USA), support: SELFBRUSH start 19.00 tickets: 350,- Rock Café, Narodni 20, Prague 1


Kosovo recognision on hold

kosovo position in europe The KDU-CSL (Christian democratic union) came with the proposal: the Czech Republic should wait with Kosovo recognition. They doubt its legal status.

Czech Foreign Minister Karel Schwarzenberg proposed the government recognised independent Kosovo next week, however The Prime minister Topolanek surprisingly announced his cabinet is going to further discuss the matter.

Pavel Severa, the head of the KDU-CSL have stated: “We are afraid of another unstable place on the map, because the independence proclamation in Kosovo wasn’t completely according to international law.

KDU-CSL taken Topolanek by surprise, however he agreed on further debates. Social Democrats (CSSD) are completely against the recognition, the Communist party (KSCM) as well. The other opposer is also Vaclav Klaus. Meanwhile 30 world countries have recognised Kosovo already, the Czech Republic still haven’t, as well as Russia and Slovakia.


Ztohoven are free

According to the yesterday court decision, members of the Ztohoven group did not break any law, when they broadcasted a fictive atomic bomb explosion. All the seven young artists got off the ‘false alarm‘ charges.

“The pictures of explosion weren’t able to make the population anxious. Most of people were entertained and surprised, how easy was to get to a tv broadcasting.” the judge explained.

Charges were lifted also because they weren’t able to find one person, who would be scared by the broadcast. So the impact on psyche wasn’t proved. At the end, the only one who disagrees with the decision is the Czech Television, which still feels violated. But the truth is the verdict seems very rightful.

Leonard Cohen to play at Prague Castle

Leonard_Cohen_years_ago The fresh member of rock’n‘roll hall of fame, Canadian singer, poet and composer Leonard Cohen, goes on tour after fifteen years. He should also visit Prague, according to unofficial news. One of the most renowned authors of popular music should introduce to Czech audience 10th August at Prague Castle.

The concert wasn’t acknowledged by any organizing agency, however server is already offering tickets to his concert in Prague. The Prague term is not even at the artist’s web-page. The 74yo musician placed only officially confirmed stops of his tour on his web, which begins on 6th June in Toronto and ends on 29th July in Athens.

Source: MF Dnes


Ztohoven Art Group Trial Started

They had their ‘art crime’ well prepared – Czech television transmits a kind of weather show every morning, during which you can watch Czech countryside live and see whether its raining etc. it is called Panorama. Art group Ztohoven got an idea – to break in one camera tower, and to plug in a laptop with adjusted film from the very same camera- the countryside was the same, but… there was a new mushroom, an atomic bomb explosion mushroom to be precise.

Members of Ztohoven are now at the court, defending their point of view: “Medial reality is made up by substitute signs, and those substitutes doesn’t have to correspond with reality” They also won the 333 prize of the Czech National Gallery. According to them is was a warning ‘the only reality is the reality you live’

They are pressed charges against because of their unauthorized access to the transmitting tower and also because of spreading false alarm information.


Ragga de luxe show in Prague

Prague Club Roxy will became a place where you can hear true Jamaican Regge. Czech audience can hear Darry Rings, one of the most talented Jamaican artists of te present, who is world-succesfun with his last record The Most High. Together with him will be performing House of Riddim from Austria and home-formation Afrodisiak.

Daddy Rings is one of the most talented Jamaican Reggae artists. Born and raised in Jamaica he developed his Sing-Jay Style while working on his Uncle´s Sound-System. In 1991 he started to carry his talent out to the world. Since then his unique style of performing and his brilliant lyrics are leaving a deep impression on those who hear him. His music is touching the hearts and souls of Reggae- and Music-Fans all over the world.

Pre-sale: 270 czk in Ticketpro, at the door 350 czk. Show starts at 19:00, Roxy, Dlouha 33, Prague 1


Havel: Yes to Radar.

We owe the US. That is the ex-president Vaclav Havel opinion in the matter of the US radar base in the Czech Republic. Havel have stated it is a chance to assist our ally. According to his words in a TV debate, without the assistance of the USA, independent Czechoslovakia would never arise and the Iron Curtain would still be here in the first place. “This is the first time Americans want something from us. We have always wanted something from them. They want a detail. And we start to be reluctant.”

Havel’s positive words have collided at the ex-Soviet president Michail Gorbachev. He said in the Czech Television the whole anti-radar system is aimed against Russia and China. This is a wide-spread opinion of Russian politics, even when Czech negotiators do a lot of gestures to demonstrate it is not.


CR to finally recognise Kosovo...?

kosovo 17 February 2008 Kosovo Declaration of Independence was immediately recognised by the US, Czech Republic was to ‘wait, until the right time comes’ as Karel Schwarzenberg stated. It seems the time is now.

Karel Schwarzenberg, the Czech Foreign Minister proposed the government recognised independent Kosovo on April 2, which is during the NATO summit in Bucharest.

Vaclav Klaus have already expressed his disagreement with the Declaration and warns against the international independence. The Czech President would put the CR on the side of Kosovo’s independence opposers like Russia and Slovakia.

Czech Presidents don’t have much executive power, so Czech Republic is to probably join those 30 countries, that have already recognised Kosovo, on April 2th.


Russia likes offer of US to control Czech Radar

illustration photo According to the treaty, the Russians could pay a visit to the base, whenever they ask for it. “The American side is prepared to to present a whole set of acquisitions regarding reinforcement of trust, so we could make sure the system is not directed at us.” The Russian Foreign Minister Sergej Lavrov stated. The head of Russian diplomacy considers the offer to be a fundamental shift in negotiations.

The Russians have been pressuring the Czech Republic regarding the Radar matter . E.g. like the one of General-in-chief Jurij Balujevskij. The gesture seemed to calm some of them: “The Americans at the end had to admit, our concerns for the matter are not baseless.” said Lavrov. He didn’t mention the request of Czechs and Poles; they asked a chance to control Russian facilities in return.


Contemporary Czech Cubism in Prague

If you are interested in contemporary Art and you would like to see what is on the Czech scene, you can visit the exhibition called Contemporary Czech Cubism, which is in the second floor of the Prague Old Town Hall on Old Town Square and is opened until 13th of April.

The exhibition is not much extensive, but it presents works by famous names of contemporary Czech Art scene. Of those, whose works are continuing in a tradition set up by one of avant-garde movements – by cubism, which has a strong tradition in the Czech Republic, because here the cubism appeared even in architecture and decorative Arts, which is unique.

Read the rest here


The biggest car accidet in Czech History

It happened yesterday, during heavy snowfall at the D1 motorway. According to information provided by municipal hall in Jihlava, at ten o’clock in the morning 116 vehicles crushed into one another. It created just total collapse of all the traffic in both directions, but also the crushes have produced numerous injuries.

There were thirty injured in total, from that six heavily. Luckily, no one died, which can be labeled as a miracle. But even when some didn’t get hurt, they had to wait for long hours, in cold, often hungry or thirsty. In the afternoon, even the interior minister Ivan Langer flew to the place of accident. ¨He than stated he thanks police and rescuers for their excellent work.

Easter markets started at Andel, Prague

Easter markets started officially yesterday, at the precinct by Andel metro station. A number of concerts is going to take place on the stage there. The speaked of Prague 5 informed the programme will be mostly in country style.

Regular concerts start on Monday 24th March and go from 15:30 to 18:30 hours. Besides shops with eastern goods there are also two stances, dedicated to charity.

The stands display some typical Czech souvenirs, such as fine hand crafted goods. You can find there wooden toys, crystal glasses, candles or puppets, all manner of food and drink, but also show off some of the nice old customs that make up a traditional Czech Easter!


Prague population highest ever

new baby born every day Prague population ever grows higher in numbers, now the number is 1 212 097. Not only that last year was record-setting in immigration of 54 811 people, the number of Prague citizens have stepped over the 1,2 million for the first time in history.

According to the data given by the Statistical Office yesterday, there was the most kids born in 2007 from the Velvet-revolutionary year 1989. Sociologist Karel Cada stated that “the addition created by migration will increase in following years … given by situation in other regions.” Also, there were 13 195 baby Prague citizens born, which is 987 more than the loss number.

Prague Mayor: I am not going to the Olympics

The Prague Mayor and the vice-leader of the ODS Pavel Bem stated, he doesn’t intend to go to the Olympic Games in Peking. He said it in a discussion tv show, where he criticized China for its long-term human rights violations. Pavel Bem is known for his efforts for organizing of the Olympic Games in Prague.

“I am definitely not going to the Olympics in China, and I see the whole official China politics regarding the relation to Tibet as genocide” Stated Bem, who has climbed Mt. Everest from the Tibetan side.

According to Bem it is not possible to tell the sportsmen not to go to the Olympics. He said it is necessary to separate Olympics and what is going on in Lhasa. Other politicians like Vaclav Klaus and Pavel Liska think the same.

correction: Vaclav Klaus doesn’t go because he is getting operated at the time, not because he would speak against China regime.

Court Disbanded Czech Communist Youth League

Komunisticky Svaz Mladeze (Communist Youth League, KSM)
Was disbanded at the municipal court in Prague yesterday. Two years ago, the Ministry of Internal Affairs chanceled their ‘team’, but the young communists tried to appeal at a court.

Ministry have pointed out the irregularity of the KSM union to the police. The constitution of the KSM contained phrases like: “we struggle for revolutionary overcoming of capitalism” and “abolition of private ownership of manufactures” That is, however, antagony to the Declaration of Basic Rights and Freedoms.

Communist Youth League tried to advocate by “we would expropriation only in return of money and in public interest” the court didn’t accept their argumentation.


New Law Protoposal: Czech Protstitutes to pay Taxes

Liberalization of the Czech Republic continues. This proposal should make prostitution legal under certain conditions, like: prostitutes must be older than 18, are obliged to carry some kind of prostitute ID card, with a monthly stamp from a doctor, and, most importantly, to pay taxes.

Prostitutes would became private entrepreneurs who would do accounting, pay taxes and insurance. And they could run their business only in joy-houses, which would need permission for the business, too.

The fact is, even Good Solider Svejk written almost hundred years ago, describes Prague as the city that offers “hussies and other good society” but Czech laws about prostitution come from 1951 and are not reflecting true nature of nowadays liberal Czech Republic, which is going the same direction as Holland, for better or worse. This new law can be controversial, but if passed, it will be a step forward, not aside.

For more information about the law continue here


Rhianna's show comes to Prague by five trucks

rhianna she could have been a model 19 yo Rhianna should arrive to Prague today at 11, which means one of the most popular singers of contemporary pop-music will finally make her appearance in the Czech Republic. The show of the star from Barbados comes to us to introduce her new album Good Girl Gone Bad, from which the hit Umbrella owned most hit parades of Britain.

The show starts at seven, tonight. There are still free seats, tickets are at the spot for 990czk (40€). What can you look forward to? The HC Sparta arena hosts her stage, which means five trucks and four buses. Her team is made by 45 people.


Dance Music + Live instruments in Mecca

Babylonia is a new resident night made by Starmix production (production that made Bora Bora a Circus Circus party). Come to enjoy Angel Charlie’s a David Monoszon’s “live remix” art, where cutting edge technologies are interconnected with live vocals and instruments.

Starmix Project is not anymore just a DJ duet. Starmix is a multiinstrument band consisting of David Riva, energetic guitarist with strong sense for show. Eden, the drummer with unusual feel for rhythm and special guest MC Mark, who does not only speak on microphone as a hype man but also sings his own improvisation of remixed songs. Good atmosphere in the RnB style will be maintained on the second stage by DJ KAZ D, internationally recognized RnB DJ. Tickets: presale 190,- CZK / at the door 250,- / VIP 490,- / girls free until 23:00

Sat 26th March 2008, BABYLONIA „Where Music is the Connecting Language“ Club Mecca U Pruhonu street 3


Watcha Clan Nomadic DnB Jungle in Prague

Watcha Clan The Party is instantly recognizable thanks to its singer, Sista K. Her family history is intimately entwined with her music. She’s Ashkenazi through her mother and Sephardic and Berber through her father, an Algerian independence fighter who was French before he was born. She could have been born in the land of Israel, where her parents met, but saw the light of day in the shadow of Marseille’s Bonne Mère.

Jewish, Muslim, Catholic or atheist? It doesn’t matter, she seems to be saying, as long as you have faith. Faith in man and woman, for no other reason than brotherhood, Sista! This expansion of the heart denies the very idea of borders. As Théodore Monod, the wise man’s wise man whom they sample generously, once said: “For the State, a free man is unacceptable…”

Altruistic dealers in cultures and humanities, they juggle rhythms and languages (French, Arabic, Hebrew, English) to the beat of the memories they have, the people they meet and the places they see.

I you like Manu Chao, you like Watcha Clan. If you have ever been to the Rainbow Gathering, but still feel you belong to a city, this is music for you. Nomadic nature, fused with modern jungle and DnB rhythms.

Watcha Clan Thursday 20th March 2008, 19:30, Palac Acropolis Kubelikova 27, Prague 3


Czech Green Party popularity increase

Karl_von_Schwarzenberg The most favorite politician is, according to the STEM research the Prague Mayor, Pavel Bem (ODS). He gains trust of 54% of Czech citizens. He won just narrowly, followed by Karel Schwarzenberg, the Foreign Secretary (53%). The third is the vice-head of Social Democrats, Bohuslav Sobotka (52%).

Compared to the January STEM research, representatives of Strana Zelenych (Green Party) notably rise in popularity. The most prominent is Schwarzenberg, who got to the second place from the fourth one, gained more than 10%. Schwarzenberg comes from the House of Schwarzenberg, he is the eldest son of Prince Karl VI of Schwarzenberg and Princess Antonie von Fürstenberg.

Snow came back to Prague

We are standing at the beginning of spring, yet the reality is different; we had spring two weeks ago blooming snowdrops, mating rabbits; birds coming back, now it snows.

It is undoubtedly a reason to rejoice, if you are a skier, because you may have the first chance to ski on natural snow in mountains, but quite a reason to be wary, if you are a driver. There were many traffic accidents.

So, if you are going to the Czech Republic, be careful during driving, there will be snow and frosts on the roads.


Drug Abuse at Czech Dance Parties Report

The new study of the Czech Office for Drug Research, Prevention and Treatment, called Dance and Drugs revealed new data about situation in the Czech Republic. The changes are in age and monetary situation – visitors of dance parties (not just in Prague) are getting older and richer. This is featured as the reason of leaning from cheaper marijuana and extasy to more expensive cocaine.

From over 2500 respondents, only 7,5% stated they have never tried an illegal drug. On the contrary, 3/4 have had a drug in a month time before the research took place. In 2003, 20,1% dancers admitted their experience with cocaine, now in 2008 the percentage increased to 30,9%.

Pakistani Exhibition in Prague

pakistani-art What is the everyday casual wear of Pakistani people, and what do they see when they look from a window, that is now possible to find at the exhibition in Vysocanska Radnice.

Until 27th March the Gallery 9 exhibits Pakistani art. Traditional clothes, cushions or furniture.

A part of the exhibition are photographs from the oriental country and special evening programmes connected to tasting of Pakistani food. The gallery is opened Monday to Thursday.


This Wednesday in Prague, at 18:00, Come to Support Tibet

Concerning Czech Political representation, the demonstration on support of the biggest Tibetan revolt against China oppression of the past 20 years, the only who found their time and came were Martin Bursik, the leader of Green Party, and Katerina Jacques, cloaked in Tibetan Flag. At the end, even Vaclav Havel appeared, not to stay silent.

To stay in warmth of their offices and demonstrate from there decided Mirek Topolanek, who anyway spoke for the whole government and expressed “great alarm” they feel about events in China provinces.

Only a fraction of us can imagine, how bad the situation in Tibet really is, the more is necessary to show some support. The situation is desperate, and there is no hope for success – isn’t it a good reason to raise and come? Come. Come in front of the China Embassy, Pelleova 18, Praha 6, this Wednesday, 19th March 2008.


Cafes of Prague

We already informed you about The Exhibition in Prague City Museum, called Prague Cafés and their World, where you can go to have a stylish cup of coffee, First-Republic style.

But if you want to simply go for a good coffee, you can go to Prague Starbucks, or you may choose the most famous typical café called Slavia, which marble tables has been a meeting point of artists since 1881.

For the list of the Best Prague Cafes with information, continue here

Dinosaur Exhibition in Prague

Dinosaurs small as ducks but also big as trucks, that’s the range of the exhibition which is to see in Czech National Museum right now.

Today, the Dinosauri z Argentiny (Dinosaurs from Argentina) exhibition started, to continue until 1st June. The exposition of casts form bones of twelve dinosaurs is an outcome of cooperation of Paleontological museum Egidia Feruglia from Argentinian Trelewu. It introduces dinosaurs from various Argentinian excavation sites, which belongs to the geologically oldest in the world.

The meaning of the exhibition is according to paleontologist Jiri Kvacek to introduce, by an entertaining form, especially the school children to the history of the planet. This is the reason, why they can, in chosen terms, try the work of paleontologists – to uncover a part of dinosaur bones and also try casting of teeth of the Mesozoic era lizards.

The exhibition is in the National Museum in Prague now until 1st July, than it moves to Slovakia and Poland.


Problems of Prague Centre Citizens?

Prague 1 means the very centre. Prague 1 is the place of the highest rents and incredibly expensive flats. It is the place where move those, who are rich and/or famous. Actors, businessmen, artists, politicians. It is an area of unique atmosphere, that attract tourists form all around the world. Can the citizens have any problems at all there?

According to the recent study of Prague City Hall, they complain about messy streets and problems with parking. The first is a long-lasting problem of I would say the whole Czech Republic (is it laziness?) the second sprung because of the new parking law, which appears to be infelicitous. Also, some complained about disappearing of small shops, that are a kind of trademark of Prague 1.

Czech Ministry disapprove violence in Tibet

topolanek Czech Government criticized violence committed on demonstrators, who demand catharsis of conditions in Tibet. The prime minister Mirek Topolanek stated, the government watches with “great alarm” events in China provinces. Those have taken toll of death and wounded. Topolanek asks for immediate stop of repressions and release of preventively restrained.

“China government should enable access to objective information by leaving independent press into the area of encounter.” The prime minister doesn’t intend to not to go to the Olympic Games in China yet; “If the situation worsens, I wont go there, but there is still time for that decision”

Bauer finally got his Globe

Lukas Bauer got the prize for the best sri runner – World Cup. Until now no Czech cross-country skier had ever clinched the World Cup title, not even the great Katerina Neumannova who won gold in the Turin Olympics.

He ended his best season by gaining 1462 points, he has in front of the second Rene Sommerfeldt from Germany by 633 points. By this, he beaten the record of German Tobias Angerer, who win the world serie with the highest headstart of 551 points.

Bauers’s dream season
First place: Five times. According to the official records Tour de Ski wins counts as one, so the other three wins doesn’t count.
Second place: fourth times
Third place: 0
World Cup: incredible 1462 points
Finantial prizes of the World cup: approx. 212 000 €


Opponents of Radar brought Water Pistols to Ambassador

Prague had a few demonstrations on Saturday going on, on the day of Nazi occupation 1939 anniversary. The biggest gathering was organized by the opponents of the American Radar in Brdy, close to Prague. The demonstrates were equipped with paper-maché impressions of US politicians.

A few hundred people came to the Hradcanske namesti, close to Prague Castle. Allegorical pageant than continued to the American embassy. The demonstrates than tried to hand over a box with “Iranian weapons of mass destruction” which contained plastic models of guns. Deputies of the embassy refused to accept the ‘present’.

This demo won’t change anything on the fact the radar will be, with highest probability, build. Two thirds of the Czech nation disagree.


Prague Zoo Cherish Saved Leopard

illustration photo Prague Zoo rejoice after two weeks of tight waiting. The keepers have checked the feline pavilion, which was closed for three weeks because of valued baby Clouded Leopard (Neofelis nebulosa) birth.

When it was born, its mother Buri missed her lover Lozun to such extent she left her baby. The Zoo keepers were doubting, whether she will be back. That would mean to feed the kid artificially, like the Berlin zoo did it with Knut.

The keepers made a trick, which worked: they carried all the boots, where she could sleep, from the pavilion, so she at the end returned to the maternal one. And started to take care of her only baby again. They checked it last week, and saw it was happy and well fed.

This probably be another case of endangered specie baby of Prague Zoo. It shows it is really one of the world’s elite.


Bakers run from controllors

This post definitely belongs to the ‘funny stories’ column, the only thing that can be asked is whether it was funny for officers of Czech Food Inspection Authority as well. They came for inspection to a bakery in Dolni Chabry, the Czech Republic, after one customer complained.

During the first visit they paid there, they found the light on, machines running, but the bakers run away by back doors and they weren’t find. But the inspectors didn’t give up, and the evening of the same day they came again, this time with police support.

cat and bread When thee first two employees saw them, they started to run again, but this time police was waiting. With these two, they continued into the object. After a moment they found a ‘sophistically’ closed doors, behind which, after a moment, they found the baking team, playing hide and seek and waiting, how the situation will develop.

What did they find there? Mold in materials fridge, moldy plates for keeping of buns and rolls, parts of ceiling falling down, directly in the manufacture the ‘bakers’ had a little place, where they smoked and drink liqueurs, (which, as the police found out, were smuggled bottles). Also, there lived a cat in there, who also came to check, how the police is working. The whole place was closed down immediately.


Charles Bridge damaged more than expected

Charles Bridge of Prague is in much worse shape, than the experts expected. The reconstruction moves up in price.

Some parts of Charles Bridge were invariably damaged by salting and mistakes of the last reconstruction in 1975. It was proved by the current reconstruction of the bridge.

The biggest surprise is the extent of damages. The railing, where most tourists lean against to have a nice picture of them taken with Prague background, is damaged quite a lot – two thirds will have to go.

The Prague town council even wants to open their own stone quarry. Until now, damaged sandstone from the bridge was replaced with sandstone from a historic quarry, but it may run out of stone during the reconstruction, which is now clear to go on all the 2008. The bridge is accessible, though.


British writer Joanne Rowling again intervene in the CR

rowling The first time, four years ago, she fought for ban of cage beds in asylums in person. This time, she sent a deputy of her organization Children’s High Level Group, a Czech psychiatrist Jan Pfeiffer, to help with reform of compensatory child welfare.

His task was to establish cooperation with government officials, reduce numbers of institutions and replace them with other kinds of care of kids in need and their families. The number of kids placed in such institutions is very high in the CR (about 20t kids) and instead of falling, the number is rising every year.

But no meeting with a minister has taken place so far. Pfeiffer have stated: “Discussions take place on low level. I have been trying to make a meeting with the minister of social matters Petr Necas for a month now.”

Rowlings first intervention came through quite successfully – cage beds were forbidden in 2007. However a team of BBC reporters have found 5 from 8 institutions still use them, regardless. Pfeiffer doesn’t give up yet; “It is all about finding a good strategy.”


Tony Haze from Space I in Prague Mecca

tony haze This edition of Prague´s legendary Meccamix party will introduce a resident DJ of Space Club Ibiza – DJ TONY HAZE ( We Love Sundays at Space, UK ). Tony is one of the most talented British DJs, who regullary plays alongside the biggest DJs in the best club in the world ( Space Ibiza – Miami Music Conffernce winner of Best Global Club 2005 / 2006 ).

Tony regulary DJs also in the finest clubs in London like Pacha or Ministry of Sound. You will also get a taste of some of the finest local Czech talents – DJ KUBA SOULCHECK, DJ MARTY CROW a DJ MACIO. The SELECTRO crew hosts the second stage with DJ SCAR COKE and his guests.

For your visual pleasure look out for the irresistible IBIZA DIVA performers, Meccamix decorations, video projections a special light show. Beefeater, the proud partner of Meccamix, brings you a special prices of the drinks starting on 69 CZK. Meccamix Warm Up Party always starts at 8PM just in front of Mecca in the new bar-restaurant MOLO 22.

ENTRY: 290 CZK a VIP : 990 CZK / START 10PM / PRE-SALE 250 CZK, Friday 28th March 2008, Club Mecca, Prague


Czech Republic facing legal proceedings because of scooters

waterscooter The state discriminates us! Complain Czech water scooters operators.

Czech Sport Association of Water Scooters has filed a charge at the European law court, they are suing the Czech Republic. The reason is, according to the association, no interest in managing of water areas intended for public, plus creating barriers for scooter business.

According to the charges, the Czech Republic discriminates keepers and sellers of water scooters and limits free market with these machines, even when they satisfy EU standards. The association also requested the European community for precaution, which would lead to clarifying of money matters; where go the money for development of water ways. The association claims they have to finance everything connected to the sport by themselves.


Czech constitutional court declined to close the institute for totality

Studying of communist and Nazi totality continues on without restrictions. The constitutional court have denied the complaint of 57 representatives of CSSD (Czech Social Democratic Party) who were demanding banning of the Ustav pro studium totalitnich rezimu (The Institute for Study of Totalitarian Regimes)

CSSD claims, the institute can politically affect history interpretation and the problem is also the word ‘totality’ for them. According to the representatives the regime wasn’t always totalitarian and had some positive moments. All the complaints were denied by the court.

Kaizer Orchestra going to Prague Acropolis

Kaizer Orchestra Kaizers Orchestra is a Norwegian alternative rock band formed in the year 2000. The two leading members, vocalist Janove Ottesen and guitarist Geir Zahl, had known each other for years, and first played together in a band called Blod, Snått & Juling in 1989.

Kaizers Orchestra are notable for being among the first Norwegian bands or artists singing in their native language to become popular in non-Scandinavian Europe. To other Norwegians, the band is instantly recognizable both because of their unique, unpredictable style, and because of vocalist Ottesen’s marked Bryne dialect, shared by four of the other band members.

They play ‘Waitsov’ rock, influenced by Eastern-European and Roma music. Every performance includes gas masks, drumming by helves to oil barrels, iron plates, disks form cars and other unusualities. Tikets at ticketpro, The place is Palac Akropolis, Kubelikova 27, 12th April 2008


Czech Green Party Supports Tibet

bursik and dalajlama In the nowadays atmosphere, in which are Czech sportsmen instructed not to try to speak outwardly at the Olympics in China about China overlord-ish politics or human rights, otherwise they will be expelled and their medals returned, the Green party feels and stands different.

On the day of 49th anniversary of the Tibetan uprising against Chinese oppression, the SZ (GP) put the Tibetan flag in the window of their room of the parliamentary building. They gained criticism of less democratic colleagues for that, but the message was clear.

They have always been the party that is closest to the way of thinking of Vaclav Havel, who was many times awarded prizes for his support of human rights and freedoms. It is not an accident, that the leader of SZ Martin Bursik invited Dalailama over, when he was visiting the Czech Republic…

Skoda Auto Gained record-breaking profits in 2007

The car factory have raised its net profits of 44,5% to 16 billions czk. During last year, Skoda Auto sold 630 032 cars worldwide. Compared to 2006, it is 14,5% increase in sales, which is the best sale outcome in the company history.

winged arrow - company logo The car company Skoda Auto wants to double production in India, also it has recently introduced itself on a motor-show in Australia.

The model series with most sales is Octavia with 240 thousand (which is about 20% more than the year before last), by which it outrun another favorite model series – Fabia. There was 230 thousand Fabia cars sold in 2007.


Violin Star heading to Prague

The Austria violininst Benjamin Schmid (b. 1968) will unexpectedly perform on a concert Symphonic orchestra of schmid Cesky Rozhlas (Czech Broadcasting Company) which takes place on Monday 17th March in Dvorak’s Hall of Rudolfinum.

The young artist is going to play instead of Roman Valek, who is ill, and his concert will be Violin concert by Erich Wolfgang Korngold. This piece was delivered by Schmid in 2004 on the Salzburk festival with Vienna Philharmonic, live record was released on CD.

He owns many prestigious awards, like Mozart’s and Beethoven’s prize or the Salzburg town Prize


Czech Republic and Marijuana interview

matej homola on stage Newspaper MfDnes has brought a study, concerning with planned changes in Czech drug politics. Voices for decriminalization are heard much louder now, but what made me interested was the interview with a singer of a Czech rock group and a smoker, Matej Homola. We give you some interesting insights, that should clear up, what is and what isn’t tolerated for marijuana smokers in the Czech Republic.

Did you ever had problems because of marijuana smoking?
No, but my friend, who had a few flowers at home, had to go to give an explanation to the police. Than, it wore away after some time..

How is the Czech Police tolerant to ganja smokers?
It’s quite good here. You sit with a friend in a park, have a joint, and when a police officer passes by, he tells you to butt out, or take it home, that’s all. No aggression like in the US.

What is the limit, of how much you can own?
If you don’t have ten kilos at home, you should be fine. I think about three flowers should be completely o.k.


Titanic: Artifacts, Exhibition in Brno

For the same exhibition in Prague, click here

The story of the most famous ship catastrophe waits for he visitors of the unusual exhibition Titanic: Artefakty (Artifacts), which started in Czech City Brno, in a hall in Hespicka ulice. On the area of two and a half cubic metres the visitors can, thanks to authentic objects, see the sceneries of the tragedy which took lives of more than 1500 people one April night of 1912.

The organizer Ales Hrubek has underlined especially the attractivity of true copies of cabins of first and third class. Greatest emotions can be aroused by personal belongings of passengers, such as a suit-case, evening dress, top hat, music instruments or talismans. There are also luxurious porcelain, silver dipper or glasses.

The project sprung up with help of RMS Titanic, the American company having exclusive licence for rescuing objects from the shipwreck. If you have a way to Brno, make a stop at this exhibition. It last until 12th May 2008


Mecca presents Felix da Housecat

As the main guest of March in Mecca comes a Chicago based two-time Grammy Award nominated DJ, Producer a Remixer – Felix da Housecat. Felix is an innovator of the current electro sound, he produced multiple worldwide club hits including ‘Silver Screen (Shower Scene)’ (also a top 40 hit on the UK pop charts), ‘Madame Hollywood’, ‘Watching Cars Go By’, ‘Jack U’, ‘My Life Muzik’, ‘Tweak’, ‘The Harlot’, ‘What Does It Feel Like’, ‘In Thee Dark We Live’, ‘Cry Baby’, and ‘Phantasy Girl’ and full length artist albums ‘Kittenz a Thee Glitz’, ‘Devin Dazzle a The Neon Fever’ or ‘I Know Electrikboy’.

Felix remixed platinum artists including Madonna, Marilyn Manson, Nina Simone, Garbage, and Kylie Minogue and released ground breaking albums under the monikers Thee Maddkatt Courtship and Aphrohead. He collaborated with P. Diddy, James Murphy (LCD Soundsystem), Miss Kittin and has headlined clubs, festivals, and special events around the world as a DJ. His new album ‘Virgo Blaktro and the Movie Disco’ out 2007 on [PIAS] Wall of Sound is availiable right now!

No more need to be said.. Felix´s unique performance will be supported by the resident DJs of the Mecca club – DJ Tripmain a DJ Tommy Rogers, the resident of the Duplex Club Prague. Saturday 22th March 2008, entry on door: 490 czk/vip: 1290 czk/ pre-sale 390 czk Start: 22:00 Club Mecca, U Pruhonu street 3, Prague


Chinaski play great Czech pop-rock

‘Zebrik’ – the annual Czech music award given for the best music group every year, went to Chinaski this year. On Saturday in the house of culture in Pilsen, Inwest, the ‘Zebrik, 2007 Loap Awards’ were overrun by Cinaski, who won five of eleven categories. That means, Chinaski is something like the best pop-rock music group of Czech origin, singing in Czech.

In the reader’s prize of Report magazine they took away the traditional statues of the artist Vaclav Cesak called Dancing R for the best music video of the song Zadarmo (For Free); the same song got the most votes in the category ‘The song of the Year’ and their album 07 won the best record prize. Their singer also won the singers category.

Anyway, if you want to hear good Czech pop rock this is probably a good choice. You can watch the award winning video below.


Taste the First-Republic Café in Prague

Into a real first-republic café have changed one of the halls in the Prague City Museum.

Petite tables, chairs and a piano, rightly dressed personnel, good coffee and a glass of water on a silver tray. Everything, as it should be in a good café. “We wanted to attract all the visitors not only to the exhibition, but also to come to sit and feel the atmosphere of the golden age of Prague Cafés.” the author, Dominik Hrodek. So they invited renowned personnel of Café Louvre, to make the café alive.

Historic Café is one of two parts of Prague Cafés and their World (Pražské Kavárny a jejich Svět). In the part close to the entrance the visitors will find mementos to famous Prague enterprises. Daguerreotype pictures, information, and recorded information which you can listen to from an old telephone.

The Exhibition is opened until 31st August 2008 in Prague City Museum, Na Porici 52. If you want to go to have a stylish cup of coffee, its just by the Metro station Florenc.


Devil's Bible left Prague

The one book, closed in a big and special hermetic box, left its homeland for at least another 100 years.

Very strict security regime was established during the transport. The Police had to ensure safety, so one of the most unique books in the world, Codex Gigas, would leave the Czech Republic in good order.

It was dispatched from Klementinum, Prague back to Swedish Royal Library in Stockholm. The transport was described by the speaker of the National Library Katerina Novakova: “Codex Gigas was moved to the airport and an army special has transported it back.”

From September 20th 2007 to 9th March 2008, Devil’s Bible in Prague was seen by 61 768 visitors, four publications were introduced, two documentary movies made and a feature film is being prepared.

Tennis-player Navratilova is a Czech Citizen after more than 30 years

We could call her the most famous female tennis player of all times, and now she gained citizenship of the country, she was born in.

She got it in silence, the same way communist functionalists took it away from her years ago. When she, in 1975, didn’t come back from US Open, and asked for a political asylum there, the communists labeled her as a ‘traitor of the country’.

Now, the legendary tennis player will have both Czech and American citizenship. The owner of 59 Grand Slam tittles, who didn’t end her career until last year, is going to live on in the USA, but she comes back to the CR often. Last year, she introduced her idea to start a tennis academy in the CR.

Czech exporters heading to Arabian market

monorail Czech embassies could offer paid services of CzechTrade company almost in all countries. CzechTrade is the National Trade Promotion Agency of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic.

CzechTrade´s main objective is to promote international trade and cooperation between Czech and foreign companies. CzechTrade´s professional information, assistance and consulting services accompany Czech exporters to foreign markets, and the agency is a contact partner for firms entering the Czech market, seeking interesting and reliable business partners and suppliers.

Examples of successes of Czech Companies with aid of Czech Trade:

Ferrit company have successfully entered Chinese market. Town of Luan inc Shanxi has received first two monorail locomotives this February.

Glasshouse Květná have participated on the Macef trade fair in Italian Milano or Blickfang exhibition in Switzerland Zurych.

Gregory Crewdson photo exhibition

Gregory Crewdson - amstaged The exhibition presents a comprehensive overview of the amazingly beautiful but also disquieting oeuvre of the American photographer Gregory Crewdson (born 1962 in New York). Crewdson has dealt with the neuroses, fears, and secret desires of a society looking into the abyss of its own psyche since the mid-1980s.

His images are set in suburban America and refer directly to the myths of Hollywood movies. The intricate and perfectly beautiful staged photographs were shot with the help of a large crew
after weeks of extensive preparations on film-like studio sets or on location. The exhibition is organised in cooperation with Kunstverein Hannover and realized with PPF.

Gallery Rudolphinum, Alsovo nabrezi 12 , Prauge 19/3 – 25/5 2008


Czechs supporting Tibet

On March 10, over a hundred people came in front of the Chinese embassy in Prague with banners and Tibetan flags, to peacefully demonstrate their disagreement with Chinese occupation of Tibet. It was the 49th anniversary of the Tibetan uprising against Chinese oppression.

A separate demonstration took part in the lower house of parliament, where the Green Party put the Tibetan flag in the window of their room. This was reflected negatively by members of other parties, however Katerina Jacques of GP spoken it was in their window with the logo of the Greens, so it was clear it is a stance of the political party, not the whole parliament.

A number of demonstrators signed an open letter to the Chinese ambassador in Prague, concerning with violation of human rights and freedoms of people in China, especially in Tibet. According to the Lungta association, a total of 348 town halls across the Czech Republic hoisted Tibetan flags Monday.

The first Michelin star in the Czech Republic

accordi Michelin star, the most prestigious internationally valued prize for cooks, was given to a Czech restaurant first time in history. No other country behind the former Iron Curtain have yet gained such evaluation. The 31 yo Italian Andrea Accordi, the chef at Prague Restaurant Allegro, the expert of “haute cuisine” is the one who gains one star for the Czech Republic and the hotel Four Seasons.

The fact Allegro will gain a Michelin star was expected. The Italian Andrea Accordi was, until now, the only chef in the Czech Republic with a Michelin Star. He got it in the hotel restaurant in Florence. When he got in, last year in September, he said his biggest wish is to get his second star for this Prague restaurant.


Bobby McFerrin Concert in Prague

McFerrin is among the few essential musicians, who yet not visited Prague, but are celebrated world-wide. His music intentions have not changed, as well as the energy, with which he jumps into new projects; from directing grand symphonic orchestras, through music composing, to Hollywood spectacles and world-wide famous solo concerts.

An owner of a four-octave voice, ten Grammies, twenty millions sold albums and an author of Don’t worry, Be happy song finally comes to Prague.

The prepared concert is the first stone of the new season of performances music stars Strings of O2. It unites organizers of festival Strings of autumn and O2 CR.

Bobby McFerrin performs 15th June in Prague Congress centre. Visitors of his Prague concert can download three mp3 songs from which is a special web page, created to occasion of the Prague event. Tickets are available there as well.


Marketa Irglova celebrates her birthday at home

The fresh owner of Oscar, Marketa Irglova, flew home first time from the festive ceremony in Los Angeles. She is going to spend about a week in Valasske Mezirici, her home-town in Moravia. Her partner, Glen Hansard, with whom she sings the Falling Slowly anthem, stays in New York.

Marketa, who just turned 20, goes on tour of 25 concerts at American cities. The Oscar success lifted sales of Once soundtrack even higher, and we are talking about a record, which became golden (half a million sold copies) before getting the Oscar.

HIM goes to Prague

Finnish rock group H.I.M comes back to the CR to introduce their new album called Venus Doom. They will perform in Prague Lucena, forerunned by British Paradise Lost.

Venus Doom is the sixth album of HIM, released last year. The fans can expect harder sound, influenced by Black Sabbath or Soundgarden. The group recorded their album with the producer and crony Tim Palmer (U2, Hot Hot Heat) who participated on the last album Dark Light from 2005.

Visually and musically distinct frontman HIM Ville Vallo founded the group HIM in 1996. At the time, it was called “His Infernal Majesty” which was abbreviated later.

12th March, Prague Lucerna, Vodičkova 36, Praha 1


Codex Gigas leaves the Czech Republic

Devil’s Bible, the famous unique piece from 13th century, made at Czech ground, is leaving again to Sweden, not to come back in this century. The last day of the exhibition was, as most of the previous days, sold out.. “During the half a year, the famous book was seen by 61 thousands people.” the speaker of the National Library Katerina Novakova said.

The almost 800 years old document because of its susceptibility to and for temperature and wetness changes allowed only 60 people by hour, so maximally 420 visitors a day. The book consists from the largest part of knowledge of western society of medieval ages.


Martina Sablikova won the world Championship

Czech speed skater won at the championship in Japan Nagano the five-kilometre track. Sablikova defended title again, after the loss at 3 kilometre track on Friday she proved, there is no match for her at the longest track.

Sablikova was gaining speed during the race, and at the end as the only one got under seven minutes, by which she surpassed the record of the Nagano track. “this way it is even more groovy” she commented. As she is known by her ascetic ways, she had just a few sandwiches and a glass of wine and went to pack that evening, meanwhile her trainer traditionally celebrated.