Compact archive March 13, 2008

Czech Green Party Supports Tibet

bursik and dalajlama In the nowadays atmosphere, in which are Czech sportsmen instructed not to try to speak outwardly at the Olympics in China about China overlord-ish politics or human rights, otherwise they will be expelled and their medals returned, the Green party feels and stands different.

On the day of 49th anniversary of the Tibetan uprising against Chinese oppression, the SZ (GP) put the Tibetan flag in the window of their room of the parliamentary building. They gained criticism of less democratic colleagues for that, but the message was clear.

They have always been the party that is closest to the way of thinking of Vaclav Havel, who was many times awarded prizes for his support of human rights and freedoms. It is not an accident, that the leader of SZ Martin Bursik invited Dalailama over, when he was visiting the Czech Republic…

Skoda Auto Gained record-breaking profits in 2007

The car factory have raised its net profits of 44,5% to 16 billions czk. During last year, Skoda Auto sold 630 032 cars worldwide. Compared to 2006, it is 14,5% increase in sales, which is the best sale outcome in the company history.

winged arrow - company logo The car company Skoda Auto wants to double production in India, also it has recently introduced itself on a motor-show in Australia.

The model series with most sales is Octavia with 240 thousand (which is about 20% more than the year before last), by which it outrun another favorite model series – Fabia. There was 230 thousand Fabia cars sold in 2007.


Violin Star heading to Prague

The Austria violininst Benjamin Schmid (b. 1968) will unexpectedly perform on a concert Symphonic orchestra of schmid Cesky Rozhlas (Czech Broadcasting Company) which takes place on Monday 17th March in Dvorak’s Hall of Rudolfinum.

The young artist is going to play instead of Roman Valek, who is ill, and his concert will be Violin concert by Erich Wolfgang Korngold. This piece was delivered by Schmid in 2004 on the Salzburk festival with Vienna Philharmonic, live record was released on CD.

He owns many prestigious awards, like Mozart’s and Beethoven’s prize or the Salzburg town Prize


Czech Republic and Marijuana interview

matej homola on stage Newspaper MfDnes has brought a study, concerning with planned changes in Czech drug politics. Voices for decriminalization are heard much louder now, but what made me interested was the interview with a singer of a Czech rock group and a smoker, Matej Homola. We give you some interesting insights, that should clear up, what is and what isn’t tolerated for marijuana smokers in the Czech Republic.

Did you ever had problems because of marijuana smoking?
No, but my friend, who had a few flowers at home, had to go to give an explanation to the police. Than, it wore away after some time..

How is the Czech Police tolerant to ganja smokers?
It’s quite good here. You sit with a friend in a park, have a joint, and when a police officer passes by, he tells you to butt out, or take it home, that’s all. No aggression like in the US.

What is the limit, of how much you can own?
If you don’t have ten kilos at home, you should be fine. I think about three flowers should be completely o.k.


Titanic: Artifacts, Exhibition in Brno

For the same exhibition in Prague, click here

The story of the most famous ship catastrophe waits for he visitors of the unusual exhibition Titanic: Artefakty (Artifacts), which started in Czech City Brno, in a hall in Hespicka ulice. On the area of two and a half cubic metres the visitors can, thanks to authentic objects, see the sceneries of the tragedy which took lives of more than 1500 people one April night of 1912.

The organizer Ales Hrubek has underlined especially the attractivity of true copies of cabins of first and third class. Greatest emotions can be aroused by personal belongings of passengers, such as a suit-case, evening dress, top hat, music instruments or talismans. There are also luxurious porcelain, silver dipper or glasses.

The project sprung up with help of RMS Titanic, the American company having exclusive licence for rescuing objects from the shipwreck. If you have a way to Brno, make a stop at this exhibition. It last until 12th May 2008