Compact archive March 18, 2008

This Wednesday in Prague, at 18:00, Come to Support Tibet

Concerning Czech Political representation, the demonstration on support of the biggest Tibetan revolt against China oppression of the past 20 years, the only who found their time and came were Martin Bursik, the leader of Green Party, and Katerina Jacques, cloaked in Tibetan Flag. At the end, even Vaclav Havel appeared, not to stay silent.

To stay in warmth of their offices and demonstrate from there decided Mirek Topolanek, who anyway spoke for the whole government and expressed “great alarm” they feel about events in China provinces.

Only a fraction of us can imagine, how bad the situation in Tibet really is, the more is necessary to show some support. The situation is desperate, and there is no hope for success – isn’t it a good reason to raise and come? Come. Come in front of the China Embassy, Pelleova 18, Praha 6, this Wednesday, 19th March 2008.


Cafes of Prague

We already informed you about The Exhibition in Prague City Museum, called Prague Cafés and their World, where you can go to have a stylish cup of coffee, First-Republic style.

But if you want to simply go for a good coffee, you can go to Prague Starbucks, or you may choose the most famous typical café called Slavia, which marble tables has been a meeting point of artists since 1881.

For the list of the Best Prague Cafes with information, continue here

Dinosaur Exhibition in Prague

Dinosaurs small as ducks but also big as trucks, that’s the range of the exhibition which is to see in Czech National Museum right now.

Today, the Dinosauri z Argentiny (Dinosaurs from Argentina) exhibition started, to continue until 1st June. The exposition of casts form bones of twelve dinosaurs is an outcome of cooperation of Paleontological museum Egidia Feruglia from Argentinian Trelewu. It introduces dinosaurs from various Argentinian excavation sites, which belongs to the geologically oldest in the world.

The meaning of the exhibition is according to paleontologist Jiri Kvacek to introduce, by an entertaining form, especially the school children to the history of the planet. This is the reason, why they can, in chosen terms, try the work of paleontologists – to uncover a part of dinosaur bones and also try casting of teeth of the Mesozoic era lizards.

The exhibition is in the National Museum in Prague now until 1st July, than it moves to Slovakia and Poland.


Problems of Prague Centre Citizens?

Prague 1 means the very centre. Prague 1 is the place of the highest rents and incredibly expensive flats. It is the place where move those, who are rich and/or famous. Actors, businessmen, artists, politicians. It is an area of unique atmosphere, that attract tourists form all around the world. Can the citizens have any problems at all there?

According to the recent study of Prague City Hall, they complain about messy streets and problems with parking. The first is a long-lasting problem of I would say the whole Czech Republic (is it laziness?) the second sprung because of the new parking law, which appears to be infelicitous. Also, some complained about disappearing of small shops, that are a kind of trademark of Prague 1.

Czech Ministry disapprove violence in Tibet

topolanek Czech Government criticized violence committed on demonstrators, who demand catharsis of conditions in Tibet. The prime minister Mirek Topolanek stated, the government watches with “great alarm” events in China provinces. Those have taken toll of death and wounded. Topolanek asks for immediate stop of repressions and release of preventively restrained.

“China government should enable access to objective information by leaving independent press into the area of encounter.” The prime minister doesn’t intend to not to go to the Olympic Games in China yet; “If the situation worsens, I wont go there, but there is still time for that decision”