Compact archive March 19, 2008

Watcha Clan Nomadic DnB Jungle in Prague

Watcha Clan The Party is instantly recognizable thanks to its singer, Sista K. Her family history is intimately entwined with her music. She’s Ashkenazi through her mother and Sephardic and Berber through her father, an Algerian independence fighter who was French before he was born. She could have been born in the land of Israel, where her parents met, but saw the light of day in the shadow of Marseille’s Bonne Mère.

Jewish, Muslim, Catholic or atheist? It doesn’t matter, she seems to be saying, as long as you have faith. Faith in man and woman, for no other reason than brotherhood, Sista! This expansion of the heart denies the very idea of borders. As Théodore Monod, the wise man’s wise man whom they sample generously, once said: “For the State, a free man is unacceptable…”

Altruistic dealers in cultures and humanities, they juggle rhythms and languages (French, Arabic, Hebrew, English) to the beat of the memories they have, the people they meet and the places they see.

I you like Manu Chao, you like Watcha Clan. If you have ever been to the Rainbow Gathering, but still feel you belong to a city, this is music for you. Nomadic nature, fused with modern jungle and DnB rhythms.

Watcha Clan Thursday 20th March 2008, 19:30, Palac Acropolis Kubelikova 27, Prague 3


Czech Green Party popularity increase

Karl_von_Schwarzenberg The most favorite politician is, according to the STEM research the Prague Mayor, Pavel Bem (ODS). He gains trust of 54% of Czech citizens. He won just narrowly, followed by Karel Schwarzenberg, the Foreign Secretary (53%). The third is the vice-head of Social Democrats, Bohuslav Sobotka (52%).

Compared to the January STEM research, representatives of Strana Zelenych (Green Party) notably rise in popularity. The most prominent is Schwarzenberg, who got to the second place from the fourth one, gained more than 10%. Schwarzenberg comes from the House of Schwarzenberg, he is the eldest son of Prince Karl VI of Schwarzenberg and Princess Antonie von Fürstenberg.

Snow came back to Prague

We are standing at the beginning of spring, yet the reality is different; we had spring two weeks ago blooming snowdrops, mating rabbits; birds coming back, now it snows.

It is undoubtedly a reason to rejoice, if you are a skier, because you may have the first chance to ski on natural snow in mountains, but quite a reason to be wary, if you are a driver. There were many traffic accidents.

So, if you are going to the Czech Republic, be careful during driving, there will be snow and frosts on the roads.


Drug Abuse at Czech Dance Parties Report

The new study of the Czech Office for Drug Research, Prevention and Treatment, called Dance and Drugs revealed new data about situation in the Czech Republic. The changes are in age and monetary situation – visitors of dance parties (not just in Prague) are getting older and richer. This is featured as the reason of leaning from cheaper marijuana and extasy to more expensive cocaine.

From over 2500 respondents, only 7,5% stated they have never tried an illegal drug. On the contrary, 3/4 have had a drug in a month time before the research took place. In 2003, 20,1% dancers admitted their experience with cocaine, now in 2008 the percentage increased to 30,9%.

Pakistani Exhibition in Prague

pakistani-art What is the everyday casual wear of Pakistani people, and what do they see when they look from a window, that is now possible to find at the exhibition in Vysocanska Radnice.

Until 27th March the Gallery 9 exhibits Pakistani art. Traditional clothes, cushions or furniture.

A part of the exhibition are photographs from the oriental country and special evening programmes connected to tasting of Pakistani food. The gallery is opened Monday to Thursday.