Compact archive March 20, 2008

Prague Mayor: I am not going to the Olympics

The Prague Mayor and the vice-leader of the ODS Pavel Bem stated, he doesn’t intend to go to the Olympic Games in Peking. He said it in a discussion tv show, where he criticized China for its long-term human rights violations. Pavel Bem is known for his efforts for organizing of the Olympic Games in Prague.

“I am definitely not going to the Olympics in China, and I see the whole official China politics regarding the relation to Tibet as genocide” Stated Bem, who has climbed Mt. Everest from the Tibetan side.

According to Bem it is not possible to tell the sportsmen not to go to the Olympics. He said it is necessary to separate Olympics and what is going on in Lhasa. Other politicians like Vaclav Klaus and Pavel Liska think the same.

correction: Vaclav Klaus doesn’t go because he is getting operated at the time, not because he would speak against China regime.

Court Disbanded Czech Communist Youth League

Komunisticky Svaz Mladeze (Communist Youth League, KSM)
Was disbanded at the municipal court in Prague yesterday. Two years ago, the Ministry of Internal Affairs chanceled their ‘team’, but the young communists tried to appeal at a court.

Ministry have pointed out the irregularity of the KSM union to the police. The constitution of the KSM contained phrases like: “we struggle for revolutionary overcoming of capitalism” and “abolition of private ownership of manufactures” That is, however, antagony to the Declaration of Basic Rights and Freedoms.

Communist Youth League tried to advocate by “we would expropriation only in return of money and in public interest” the court didn’t accept their argumentation.


New Law Protoposal: Czech Protstitutes to pay Taxes

Liberalization of the Czech Republic continues. This proposal should make prostitution legal under certain conditions, like: prostitutes must be older than 18, are obliged to carry some kind of prostitute ID card, with a monthly stamp from a doctor, and, most importantly, to pay taxes.

Prostitutes would became private entrepreneurs who would do accounting, pay taxes and insurance. And they could run their business only in joy-houses, which would need permission for the business, too.

The fact is, even Good Solider Svejk written almost hundred years ago, describes Prague as the city that offers “hussies and other good society” but Czech laws about prostitution come from 1951 and are not reflecting true nature of nowadays liberal Czech Republic, which is going the same direction as Holland, for better or worse. This new law can be controversial, but if passed, it will be a step forward, not aside.

For more information about the law continue here


Rhianna's show comes to Prague by five trucks

rhianna she could have been a model 19 yo Rhianna should arrive to Prague today at 11, which means one of the most popular singers of contemporary pop-music will finally make her appearance in the Czech Republic. The show of the star from Barbados comes to us to introduce her new album Good Girl Gone Bad, from which the hit Umbrella owned most hit parades of Britain.

The show starts at seven, tonight. There are still free seats, tickets are at the spot for 990czk (40€). What can you look forward to? The HC Sparta arena hosts her stage, which means five trucks and four buses. Her team is made by 45 people.


Dance Music + Live instruments in Mecca

Babylonia is a new resident night made by Starmix production (production that made Bora Bora a Circus Circus party). Come to enjoy Angel Charlie’s a David Monoszon’s “live remix” art, where cutting edge technologies are interconnected with live vocals and instruments.

Starmix Project is not anymore just a DJ duet. Starmix is a multiinstrument band consisting of David Riva, energetic guitarist with strong sense for show. Eden, the drummer with unusual feel for rhythm and special guest MC Mark, who does not only speak on microphone as a hype man but also sings his own improvisation of remixed songs. Good atmosphere in the RnB style will be maintained on the second stage by DJ KAZ D, internationally recognized RnB DJ. Tickets: presale 190,- CZK / at the door 250,- / VIP 490,- / girls free until 23:00

Sat 26th March 2008, BABYLONIA „Where Music is the Connecting Language“ Club Mecca U Pruhonu street 3