Compact archive March 21, 2008

Russia likes offer of US to control Czech Radar

illustration photo According to the treaty, the Russians could pay a visit to the base, whenever they ask for it. “The American side is prepared to to present a whole set of acquisitions regarding reinforcement of trust, so we could make sure the system is not directed at us.” The Russian Foreign Minister Sergej Lavrov stated. The head of Russian diplomacy considers the offer to be a fundamental shift in negotiations.

The Russians have been pressuring the Czech Republic regarding the Radar matter . E.g. like the one of General-in-chief Jurij Balujevskij. The gesture seemed to calm some of them: “The Americans at the end had to admit, our concerns for the matter are not baseless.” said Lavrov. He didn’t mention the request of Czechs and Poles; they asked a chance to control Russian facilities in return.


Contemporary Czech Cubism in Prague

If you are interested in contemporary Art and you would like to see what is on the Czech scene, you can visit the exhibition called Contemporary Czech Cubism, which is in the second floor of the Prague Old Town Hall on Old Town Square and is opened until 13th of April.

The exhibition is not much extensive, but it presents works by famous names of contemporary Czech Art scene. Of those, whose works are continuing in a tradition set up by one of avant-garde movements – by cubism, which has a strong tradition in the Czech Republic, because here the cubism appeared even in architecture and decorative Arts, which is unique.

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The biggest car accidet in Czech History

It happened yesterday, during heavy snowfall at the D1 motorway. According to information provided by municipal hall in Jihlava, at ten o’clock in the morning 116 vehicles crushed into one another. It created just total collapse of all the traffic in both directions, but also the crushes have produced numerous injuries.

There were thirty injured in total, from that six heavily. Luckily, no one died, which can be labeled as a miracle. But even when some didn’t get hurt, they had to wait for long hours, in cold, often hungry or thirsty. In the afternoon, even the interior minister Ivan Langer flew to the place of accident. ¨He than stated he thanks police and rescuers for their excellent work.

Easter markets started at Andel, Prague

Easter markets started officially yesterday, at the precinct by Andel metro station. A number of concerts is going to take place on the stage there. The speaked of Prague 5 informed the programme will be mostly in country style.

Regular concerts start on Monday 24th March and go from 15:30 to 18:30 hours. Besides shops with eastern goods there are also two stances, dedicated to charity.

The stands display some typical Czech souvenirs, such as fine hand crafted goods. You can find there wooden toys, crystal glasses, candles or puppets, all manner of food and drink, but also show off some of the nice old customs that make up a traditional Czech Easter!


Prague population highest ever

new baby born every day Prague population ever grows higher in numbers, now the number is 1 212 097. Not only that last year was record-setting in immigration of 54 811 people, the number of Prague citizens have stepped over the 1,2 million for the first time in history.

According to the data given by the Statistical Office yesterday, there was the most kids born in 2007 from the Velvet-revolutionary year 1989. Sociologist Karel Cada stated that “the addition created by migration will increase in following years … given by situation in other regions.” Also, there were 13 195 baby Prague citizens born, which is 987 more than the loss number.