Compact archive March 25, 2008

Leonard Cohen to play at Prague Castle

Leonard_Cohen_years_ago The fresh member of rock’n‘roll hall of fame, Canadian singer, poet and composer Leonard Cohen, goes on tour after fifteen years. He should also visit Prague, according to unofficial news. One of the most renowned authors of popular music should introduce to Czech audience 10th August at Prague Castle.

The concert wasn’t acknowledged by any organizing agency, however server is already offering tickets to his concert in Prague. The Prague term is not even at the artist’s web-page. The 74yo musician placed only officially confirmed stops of his tour on his web, which begins on 6th June in Toronto and ends on 29th July in Athens.

Source: MF Dnes


Ztohoven Art Group Trial Started

They had their ‘art crime’ well prepared – Czech television transmits a kind of weather show every morning, during which you can watch Czech countryside live and see whether its raining etc. it is called Panorama. Art group Ztohoven got an idea – to break in one camera tower, and to plug in a laptop with adjusted film from the very same camera- the countryside was the same, but… there was a new mushroom, an atomic bomb explosion mushroom to be precise.

Members of Ztohoven are now at the court, defending their point of view: “Medial reality is made up by substitute signs, and those substitutes doesn’t have to correspond with reality” They also won the 333 prize of the Czech National Gallery. According to them is was a warning ‘the only reality is the reality you live’

They are pressed charges against because of their unauthorized access to the transmitting tower and also because of spreading false alarm information.


Ragga de luxe show in Prague

Prague Club Roxy will became a place where you can hear true Jamaican Regge. Czech audience can hear Darry Rings, one of the most talented Jamaican artists of te present, who is world-succesfun with his last record The Most High. Together with him will be performing House of Riddim from Austria and home-formation Afrodisiak.

Daddy Rings is one of the most talented Jamaican Reggae artists. Born and raised in Jamaica he developed his Sing-Jay Style while working on his Uncle´s Sound-System. In 1991 he started to carry his talent out to the world. Since then his unique style of performing and his brilliant lyrics are leaving a deep impression on those who hear him. His music is touching the hearts and souls of Reggae- and Music-Fans all over the world.

Pre-sale: 270 czk in Ticketpro, at the door 350 czk. Show starts at 19:00, Roxy, Dlouha 33, Prague 1


Havel: Yes to Radar.

We owe the US. That is the ex-president Vaclav Havel opinion in the matter of the US radar base in the Czech Republic. Havel have stated it is a chance to assist our ally. According to his words in a TV debate, without the assistance of the USA, independent Czechoslovakia would never arise and the Iron Curtain would still be here in the first place. “This is the first time Americans want something from us. We have always wanted something from them. They want a detail. And we start to be reluctant.”

Havel’s positive words have collided at the ex-Soviet president Michail Gorbachev. He said in the Czech Television the whole anti-radar system is aimed against Russia and China. This is a wide-spread opinion of Russian politics, even when Czech negotiators do a lot of gestures to demonstrate it is not.


CR to finally recognise Kosovo...?

kosovo 17 February 2008 Kosovo Declaration of Independence was immediately recognised by the US, Czech Republic was to ‘wait, until the right time comes’ as Karel Schwarzenberg stated. It seems the time is now.

Karel Schwarzenberg, the Czech Foreign Minister proposed the government recognised independent Kosovo on April 2, which is during the NATO summit in Bucharest.

Vaclav Klaus have already expressed his disagreement with the Declaration and warns against the international independence. The Czech President would put the CR on the side of Kosovo’s independence opposers like Russia and Slovakia.

Czech Presidents don’t have much executive power, so Czech Republic is to probably join those 30 countries, that have already recognised Kosovo, on April 2th.