Compact archive March 27, 2008

Prague Airport Prepares a Map of Its Expensive Restaurants

If you ever landed on the Letiste Ruzyne airport in Prague, it may have happened to you too – you ordered a coffee or a meal and you paid a price that is normal…maybe in hotel Hilton. Of course the restaurants placed there do not intend to reduce their prices; only the Airport wants to print a brochure with a map, differencing restaurants placed in the hall according to prices.

The reason, why the prices of meals and drinks at Prague Airport are so high, is half of them are owned by the same company. Lots of people complain on the net about the fact that London or Frankfurt airports are cheaper then the one in Prague, which should correspond to the rest of prices at Czech market, which are just much lower.


Klaus' reason for not going to Olympics

The re-elected president of Czech Republic, Vaclav Klaus have previously announced that he is not going to the Olympic games in China. But it is not a boycott against China atrocities, like in the case of other Czech politicians, like Ondrej Liska; MF Dnes informed he is going to a hip operation at the time of Olympics.

The other thing is, such long-term planned orthopedic operations can be postponed. What was the real reason? “I don’t intend to go Olympic Games in China” he wrote at his web. “As a sportsmen I am against politicization of sports and against competing in who is going to make the Olympics more monumental.”

Czech thief of the century might get killed

The man who stole a half of billion czk could be, according to TV Prima, already dead. The television has broadcast information, that the police found Procházka’s blood in the flat of his accomplice yesterday.

There was also treportedly 8000czk found at the same place. The TV station refers to unnamed detective, who works on the case. However a police deputy have resolutely negated the news yesterday. But it is quite possible they did it only from safety reasons.

Catching of ‘Accomplice’ is the first provable step in the police investigation, which has been going on since 1st February 08, when Prochazka disappeared with 500 millions czk from Prague security agency G4S.

Serbian Government appealing: Do not Recognise Kosovo

“The Czech Republic is our friend. So we hope, it will not recognise Kosovo.” Bozidar Djelic told Czech vice-prime minister Alexandr Vondra, who came to Serbia on official visit. His Serbian counterpart also said: “I talked with Alexandr Vondra about the negative influence which would Kosovo recognition have.”

Serbia media have transmitted information of what are plans of Belegrad regarding its former province. The plan suggest splitting Kosovo according to ethnic borders among majority Albanians and minority Serbians. This way, Serbians could overtake political and administrative controlů over the Northern territory of Kosovo. Bozidar Djelic however disapproves this: “Serbia doesn’t want to split Kosovo. But we want to split Serbia neither.”

Source: LN


Paris Hilton heading to Prague

paris-hilton One of the World’s most watched celebrities, a heir of the hotel empire Paris Hilton is heading to Prague, where she should arrive on Saturday, according to international celebrities webpages information.

Hilton comes to the concert of the American post-punk group Good Charlotte, which guitarist and vocalist is dating Paris right now. Her presence is expected on the Good Charlotte concert in Prague Congress centre, here further plans in Prague are not known. She should fly to Budapest on Monday.

Information of the party-queen got to the public through a photography, on which she is going through her documents with her plans.