Compact archive March 31, 2008

Interesting Prague Fact: Do you want to buy really cheap car?

ford-sierra I am simply going to assume you do. The obvious choice would be to go to a car pool, but in Prague, you can go also to a municipal hall. But first, you have to write them a letter, you are interested in buying a car, which was left on a street and nobody had claimed it.

For example a Alfa Romeo 1,8l was bought for 7 000 czk, or Ford Sierra for 2560 czk. Sounds really cheap, doesn’t it? The car sale works in a way the winner of the car is the one who offers the most. Probably can be lengthy, however if the prices are so low, I would suggest just bidding 7000 czk and wait, what happens… Not an easy way, but the cheapest one for sure.

Last year there was 300 cars for sale. Odbor dopravy magistrátu hlm. Prahy contacts are here


Prague is 12th Most Popular Tourist City

st vitus cathedral Prague was visited by more than four million foreign tourists in 07, which puts it into ‘TOP 5’ of Europe. The travellers’ web made a research, which outcome revealed New York, Paris and London with more than 200 000 votes proved they really form the world’s most tourist – famous places.

Prague got more votes than Florence, Madrid, Vienna, Budapest or Krakow. Tourists positively evaluated Prague cultural and nature sights, quality of accommodation and other services, prices or native citizen behaviour.

What the tourists have evaluated negatively? Especially rip-offs at money exchanges (calculate, how much you should get, before you hand the money over! If you see you pay way too much, chancel the trade and find another place!) and other rip-offs at taxis ( how to avoid?) or souvenir sellers (do you really need that many souvenirs anyway?)

Prague with its 4 millions tourists/year got in the first five of Europe. The most visited is London with its 14 millions, Paris with 10 millions and Roma with 6 millions.

Skoda Cars cheaper outside the Czech Republic

Skoda Cars are dominating the Czech Market, they don’t need to reduce their prices, there are buyers anyway. This is the reason why it is possible to save up to 100t Czech coronas (3,7t €) when buying a Czech car anywhere but in the Czech Republic.

skoda octavia Skoda Octavia Classic with 1,6 MPI Classic sells in the Czech Republic for 459 900 czk. In Germany in is 50 thousands cheaper, similar prices are in Poland or Slovakia.

If you go for your Octavia to Russia or Latvia, it can get even more cheaper. In Russia, Octavia in basic equip costs 386t czk, in Litvia even 350t czk.

Lesser differences are with Fabias or other models. There is also a little catch- the version ‘Classic’ means something different, as you get more equipment in the version sold in the CR. Anyway for Czechs it is a good reason for going shopping to the east.


Paris' Hilton visit in Prague became a news-reporter hunt of her person.

paris Paris Hilton came to Prague on Sunday, she was accompanying the guitarist Benji Madden of the group Good Charlotte. As there were news-hunters running after her since the moment she got out of the group’s bus, she tripped over and hurt her chin, in one moment when she run from the pack chasing her.

It happened close to the Old Town Square. When the couple saw Astronomical Clock, they went for a meal. During the time they were in the restaurant, reporters formed a massive group in front of the building. When the couple tried to escape, Paris tripped.

The famous blonde, who didn’t quite charmed critiques by her acting and singing, accompanies her boyfriend the whole march on his tour. When they were in Germany, German tabloid Bild wrote they are planning a baby during the tour. The child should get its name according to the place of its conception. So maybe it’s name could be Prague.


Alleged accomplice of Prochazka arrested

Solution of the famous case of the biggest one-time theft in the Czech Republic may move closer. The police have arrested 51 yo Milan Cermak, who reportedly help Fratisek Prochazka in his banknote hunt.

The quiet house, reconstructed in the inside but left modest on the outside, could have provided them with enough quiet for their plans. The criminal police found unexpected things that may work as proofs in future case, including many hundreds of thousands czk or blood trace.

The police talks about Milan Cermak as a possible accomplice, but according to his defense lawyer he disposed the millions czk even before the theft.