Compact archive April 2008

No-confidence vote in the CR, third of present government

The coalition government of Mirek Topolanek have withstand third try of opposition of no-confidence vote. The opposition didn’t collect 101 votes necessary, it was narrow, though; for no-confidence voted 98 MPs.

The government is dangerous for the state and its citizens, Paroubek said. This becomes a kind of tradition, as this was the third shot Paroubek had to put the government down. Communist deputies also vote for the no confidence motion.

The starter was earlier this month, when the Constitutional Court ruled that the new sickness benefits law abolishing benefits for the first three days of sickness, which was a part of Julinek’s (ODS) health reform, is anti-constitutional.

Prague Sex Exhibition - Sex(ism)?

logo of the exhibition Theme: Sex as a power instrument, woman as a misuse subject or clever manipulator

The possibilities of visual arts provoke us to unveil things that are usually out of scope of our everyday communication. Descriptive presentation, often criticised, is considered insufficient as far as projection of erotic motives is concerned. Rightly described affinity touches the boundaries of what is usually called pornography. But is not pornography the most natural visual language of all? Things that we are unable to reflect become taboo, but taboo has become something that is no longer respected today. And there is another interesting aspect of this ever present and absolute freedom – intimacy. How do we relate to intimacy in various presentations of erotic motives? Does intimacy still have a meaning for us when we can calculate it? And how important is morality for us after its definition has been made relative? It looks as if there was only a soft and indistinct boundary between art and pornography in the best works of art. Entering sexual relations we find ourselves within an intricate communication network supported by a dominant hierarchic structure and the important question: „Who is using who?“ There are not many Czech artists who would find this topic open and appealing.

Participating artists: Andy Warhol, Corinna Schnitt, Katarzyna Kozyra, Elke Krystufek, Lenka Klodová, Franz Kapfer, Mark Ther, Ondřej Brody, Petra Pětiletá, Roy Stuart, Veronika Drahotová. Curator: Pavel Humhal

The exhibition is not suitable for persons under the age of 18!

Roy Stuart’s film „The Lost Door“, 2007 – 2008, 120 min., will be shown in the gallery on Wednesdays and Fridays from 6 p.m. The film is in French with English subtitles.

Andy Warhol’s film „Women in Revolt“, 1971, 95 min., will be shown in the gallery on Thursdays and Saturdays from 6 p.m. The film is in English.

Gallerie Vaclava Spaly (Vaclav Spala Gallery), Narodni 30, Praha 1. 34th April -15th June 2008


Kaplicky Adjusted Blob Size

In the partially adjusted design there is a slight change, Kaplicky announced the little piece of ground which was a problem for the City Hall won’t be used. “Our project team found a new solution, which will able the library realization on Prague Letna, on the place intended for it, and do so without change in the ground plan.” Said Jan Kaplicky in his declaration.

Meanwhile, the other declaration is still waited for – the politicians should simply say, there will be no Blob, because they just don’t like it. The Leader of Czech Anti-monopol Office Pecina repeatedly announced he won’t be the one who looks uncultured and he resist pressure to forbid Blob, when there is no reasonable problem with it.

Knizak, the leader of Czech National Gallery, who is presently asked by a petition signed by 50 000 to resign, came with a new solution – to get around the international contest, by not building a new library, but reconstructing another building. Taking the fact he is a Klaus’ good friend into consideration, this might be very well the end of Blob in Prague.


Over 1000 Police Officers ready for 1st May

Among the most expected gatherings announced to be that day is the neo-nazi gathering ‘corridor of shame’ prepared to humiliate the communists, who are going to come to their traditional communist meeting at the Prague Exhibition Ground.

Another very closely watched event is the gathering of ‘left-wing supporters’ at Namesti Miru in Prague 2. The participants than get on their way to the Svatopluk Cech Sady.

More extreme left-wingers are planning to get together at Strelecky Ostrov, There should be approximately 150 of them, they are going on parade, heading to Namesti Miru Square. Than they will probably move to Cisarska louka, where is planned a festival against racism.

There is something in the air. Something will happen. Do the City Hall expect clashes? We are going to inform you about the events.


Up-to-date electro show in Mecca

SElectro, the party that brings the hip sound of electro that rocks dancefloors worldwide to Mecca, presents young up’n’rising star DJ Jack Michaels. Spearheading the next generation of young determined DJ stars, Michaels has become one of the most exciting new names on the house/electro scene in London over the past couple of years.

In 2007, with Jack’s reputation spreading like wildfire, he has rocked Space at The Cross, helped to celebrate 20 Years of House at The Island, stoked up the main room at Fire It Up! at KOKO, tore the PUSH Boat Party to pieces, played the main room at Pacha for Eivissa, and warmed-up the main room at Release Yourself.

Sharing the stage and warming-up for huge DJs like Roger Sanchez, Norman Jay, Eddie Halliwell, Sarah Main, Junior Jack and Kid Cr?me has afforded him a wealth of experience that helps to make him a versatile and skilled DJ who can adapt to any set time.

SElectro resident DJs Bon Finix and Scarcoke will provide you with a delicious portion of selective electro. The second stage will echo to the sexy sound of minimal with DJs Kristo and Deff taking charge.

Sat 3th May, Entry: 190 czk, start: 22:00, Club Mecca Prague


1st May in Prague – 56 Events!

Four groups of the town-council officers will be in the streets assisted by the police, ready to disband demonstrations prepared for the day, at the first violence shown. 56 events were reported to take place, but there will be probably less of them, as e.g. only the Jewish community have registered 20 gatherings.

Two from the registered gatherings were forbidden already. Those were gatherings of right-wing extremists of the National Party, who wanted to demonstrate ‘National Power’ The deputy of the Mayor Rudolf Blazek informed they intended to appeal for limitation of human rights according to race, political or religious beliefs.


Crown Jewels to come back to the Crown Chamber

The exhibition of Czech Crown Jewels drove to the end. The Prague Castle doors closed yesterday and at 6 pm, the jewels went back to the Crown Charmer in the Chram Sv. Vita (St. Vitus chapel) seven key makers will once again lock them for at least five years.

During the ten days of the exhibition, more than 30 thousands visitors came to see it. This means ten thousand people more than five years ago. The main reason is probably the exhibition was moved to larger Vladislavsky Sal, together with other interesting pieces which were uniquely exhibited.


Slovakia Converts to Euro in 2009, CR Waits

The plan of Slovakia, to convert to Euro in 2009 seemed maybe too ambitious at the beginning, however yesterday news revealed it was quite realistic. European Commission stated they believe Slovakia will hold its growth at reasonable level even after the Euro adoption.

All in all, this suggest the European Ministers of Finance will say ‘yes’ as their final verdict next year. Czech Crown is gaining its value at very good speed, so the Czech Republic doesn’t plan to convert quickly. The ex-presidential candidate Jan Svejnar supposes that Euro adoption in 2012 would work, however the Prime Minister Pavel Topolanek stated that the idea of adopting the Euro in 2012 is unreal.


Digital Television Era in Czech Republic begins in Month

The term of analog broadcast end is finally known. After two years of obscure debates the digital TV age in the CR finally begins. In June, a new station Z1 of financial group J&T wants to be the first Czech ‘commercial news station’ TV Barradov, another of those six new channels, we have been waiting for two years.

Z1 wants to make money by the yet unexplored way in the Czech Republic; every half an hour broadcast news and the rest fill with ‘publicistics for richer and more demanding audience’ the TV Z1 leader announced yesterday.


Wenceslas Square First Step to Freedom

do you see cars there? they will hopefully be hidden underground At first, let me explain the title. How do I perceive freedom of a square? People should be at least able to walk from one end to another, which is, in the case of Wenceslas Square, impossible. During the communist era, when to be a city architect was conditioned to be a communist, a speedway was placed among the cherry on the cake, and the cake – the National Museum building was cut off from the rest of the Wenceslas Square.

The Prime minister Mirek Topolanek, Pavel Bem and the Minister of Culture Vaclav Jehlicka are going to sign a memorandum today, to confirm moving the incriminated speedway under the ground. From the point of view of a Prague Citizen, this is a sign of hope the Wenceslas Square could return to the times of glory. The project will cost approximately 10 billions czk (400 mil €).


Greenpeace protests against the Radar

illustration photo Members of the Greenpeace motion have occupied the hill, where the American radar should stand. About 20 activists build tents, some have settled in trees. The organization protests against the radar, they spread a huge cloth with a target. They plan to organize ‘cultural and social events’.

Signing of the radar treaty was planned on 5th May, however this will be probably moved, as the American Minister of Foreign Affairs Condoleezza Rice, who was supposed to come on invitation of Czech Minister of Foreign won’t be here. (Her colleague Sean McCormick supplied the information).


Kylie Minogue in Prague soon

One of the most expected concert of this year comes. The big show starts 12th May 2008 in Prague. Kylie Minogue is at her biggest tour of her singing career. The costumes for her show were made by the uber-famous French designer Jean Paul Gaultier. Her stylist William Baker said it is time Kylie would give up her hotpants and come with something which would show her more mature and charming.

“Dresses by Gaultier are incredibly sophisticated, we try to move them a level up.” Baker stated. Kylie is on a tour of her life: In less than 4 months, she is going to visit 33 European cities. One of her concerts will be in Prague O2 Arena. Her stage will be bigger than the one which was build there for Madonna.


The Blob story goes on and on

There was a new proposal of placing the Blob on Vysehrad, about which we didn’t inform because it was clear it won’t work. Pavel Bem was finally against in that case. But he may agree with Knizaks’ proposal of not building a Blob, but placing the very much needed new National Library into the building of the Congress Centre at Vysehrad.

Knizak has many opposers in whatever he does (right now, about 50 000 people signed a petition he should resign on his function of the leader of the National Gallery, but he is strongly in power) but this time he came with a proposal which could kill two birds with one stone; what to to with the congress centre and what to do with the National Library.

The Prague mayor Pavel Bem have arranged a meeting wit Knizak this week, where they should discuss the matter. The manager of the National Library Vlastimil Jezek however sees the matter as a nonsense, because to run the communist-constructed building costs a fortune, and to change it into a library would be too expensive as well.


Czech Parliament wastes paper?

MF Dnes brought an interesting insight of Czech Parliament meetings; it the times of computers and electronic documents, one law-making, which lasts two weeks, needs seven tons of paper, which costs 2,2 million czk. Still, this is only the paper used for law proposals for the M.P.

One member of parliament gets four thousand pages. If we piled the paper, it would make a tower 136 meters high. And most of it goes straight into a trashcan.

All the documents could be of course burned on cds, which would cost two-three thousans czk, the state could save millions. At least the MPs relize there is a problem they plan to solve. The leader of the parliament Miroslav Vlcek stated the law change will be ready in autumn.

Surprising Concert of Lenny Kravitz took place

Rocker Lenny Kravitz unexpectedly concerted in the centre of Prague close to Rudolfinum. He sung to flamed out fans on an improvised stage. The surroundings of the stage were however closely watched by a security agency and everything closely shoot by cameras.

That was why Kravitz came in the first place – to shoot an advertisement for a clothing company. The New-York singer and musician Lenny Kravitz appeared in Prague just for two days. He was accommodated in Four Seasons hotel, and his clothes ad has Rudolfinum as a background.


Anti-Eco prizes award Klaus and Neumannova

The annual prizes Ropak for those who always put money before the environment were given away. To whom the Ropaks went? First is Jiri Hlodac, the second Katerina Neumannova, third was Vaclav Klaus.

16th year of the Anti-Eco enquiry was organized by Deti Zeme organization. Deputy of the Transportation minister Jiri Hlodac won for forcing of motorways into protected nature areas and threatening everybody who disagrees with courts and fines.

Katerina Neumannova is the second because she got the snow for Prague Ski competition from protected nature area in Sumava, south Bohemia, where they loaded it into sixty trucks.

The third is President Vaclav Klaus, he got the ‘Green pearl’ for the most Anti-Eco statement of 2007: “I don’t see any planet devastation, I have never seen it and I don’t think any reasonable person could say there is such a thing.”


Die Ärzte in Prague club Roxy

Die Ärzte (German for “the doctors”) is a punk rock band from Berlin. Along with the Düsseldorf outfit Die Toten Hosen, Die Ärzte are among the best-known German punk rock bands. They have released 15 albums. The band consists of guitarist Farin Urlaub, drummer Bela B. and bass player Rodrigo González. All three write and sing. Die Ärzte were formed in 1982 by Jan Vetter

In 1987 the German Federal Centre for Media Harmful to Young Persons put the songs “Geschwisterliebe” (“Sibling love”, a song about incest, from the eponymous album Die Ärzte), “Claudia hat ‘nen Schäferhund” (“Claudia has a German shepherd”, about zoophilia, from Debil) and “Schlaflied” (“Lullaby”, about a monster coming and eating you after falling asleep, also from Debil) on the German List of Media Harmful to Young People (often called “the Index”).

Some tour posters were considered misogynistic and were also put on the list. They contained a drawing of a tied up and gagged woman called Gwendoline that was inspired by bondage artist John Willie and is the mascot of the band. Since then, Die Ärzte have used a skeleton version of Gwendoline in the artwork of most of their albums.

In 1998 their single “Männer sind Schweine” (Men are pigs) became their first number 1 single in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, with the album 13 also being number 1 in Germany and Switzerland.

In 2000 they came back with the album, Runter mit den Spendierhosen, Unsichtbarer! (“Stop feeling so generous, invisible one!” For the third single from the album they released the 30-second-song “Yoko Ono”, which, according to the Guinness Book of Records, is the shortest single ever released—another example of their sense of humour.

Ticket start at: 300czk at Ticketpro, 19th August 2008, Club Roxy Prague


The Thief of Terezin Bronze Memorial Busted

terezin memorial Twelve days of searching, but the 28 years old Miroslav Daňo, suspect of the Bronze Plate hunt, when 824 bronze plates with names of victims of Terezin atrocities, was still on he run. Until Wednesday evening.

The court seats today, Daňo will be proven guilty or not, but if he is the thief, he will be imprisoned for up to eight years. The police don’t know yet, whether he was alone at the theft, or if somebody helped him with moving the few hundred kilograms of plates.

This case could bring a law change, which would make it much harder for a collection centre to buyout large amounts of stolen materials. Finally.

Widening of footways in Prague

footway sign If you go to Prague very old centre, you know the situation – you want to make a picture of some sight, but than you hear a car horn and realize you stand in a street. Those of us who are used to other western-type cities of Europe, expect to walk or ride a bike freely in the old part of a city. The reason why it is not so in Prague is lack of by-passes, but this will soon change. At least according to Prague councilman Karel Kozeluh.

“We have studies ready for widening the footways for the next year already.” About 10 streets should be changed to footways in Vienna style – the street will be limited to two narrow lines, lifted to the level with the pavement. This will happen at the bottom of Wenceslas Square, as well as below the Central railway station.

What we, who prefer to walk or take a tram, should really look forward, is when the tunnel circuit below Strahov will be finished (2011) – the whole area by the river from the National Theatre to Rudolfinum will become a boulevard.


Prague Shopping Malls Retrospective

A short hindsight to our toady Czech culture reveals already known: Our church is a shopping mall, our god is commercial success and Bata is our prophet. Nevermind expressed in numbers it goes like this: 250 shopping centres in the Czech Republic, from which 50 contain at least fifty different retainers.

Czech most buy clothes, second are shoes, third are computer components. Prague Hosts 38 percent of those centres. It is hard to believe twenty years ago a whole slab block estate would be supplied with one middle- sized grocery store. Now the same area is often surrounded by several supermarkets and in case that would not be enough, there’s a hyper- one within reach.

Read the whole article More ‘Market – Temples’


Politician should say: We simply don't want Blob

blob - genial, but disliked by the powerful On one side there is the numerous group of Kaplicky’s Blob fans, led by the director of Library, Vlastimil Jezek. They are opposed by Vaclav Klaus, Pavel Bem and Prague representatives of the ODS.

Hospodarske noviny informed the anti-monopoly office manager Martin Pecina stated “ Everyone would like me to forbid it. But I am not eager to.” last week. But on Monday, he said in an interview for Pravo: “That library will never be there“ openly. He also stated the final word will have Prague representatives, who are ODS, and so they will never support the library”. “But no one will say that to Mr. Kaplicky openly like that. No one wants to look uncultured, so now they wait for me to forbid it, so I would be the one who looks uncultured.

The director of Library Jezek supported Pecina yesterday. “Those who will have the final word are politicians.” He is fed-up by 13 months of debates. “We have waited a year, to find out there are no rational reasons for not building the Blob. The politicians should simply say, they don’t want Blob”


The End of Haler (heller) in Czech Currency

In 1980’s one roll was 20h (haler – 100 haler is 1 czk) in 1990, it was 50h, in later years a roll was 1 czk. 2000’s – one roll is 1,5 czk, and it will be very soon 2czk everywhere – the inflation grows steadily, and with the prospect of converting to euro in approximately ten years, halers are to be abandoned.

The reason is simple – people do not use them prior to just using Czech Crowns and half adjust the price. Last year, only ten percent from the total number of 410 million coins, only 10% came back to the central bank. 410 million coins represent 369 tons of aluminium. Haler (heller) becomes monetary history in August 2008.
50 haler - the last heller coin -  goodbye

Czech Police seized suspect of Terezin thievery

Criminal police has seized the men who is believed to stole bronze plates with names of victims of Terezin concentration camp, from the Terezin national monument.

The police speaker announced they cannot grand any more information, as the investigation still goes on and there are probably more offenders.

If he will be found guilty, he can get up to eight years in prison. The police also works on proving the manager of the metal collection centre knew he is buying a memorial, he could get up to two years in prison.

The management of Terezin memorial plan to replace the present bronze plates with imitation from artificial resin, mixed with bronze dust. Such copies would look exactly like the original bronze, but would be useless for sale.

Prices of Beer in Prague

The page brought an interesting insight – if you come to Prague for good and cheap beer, this could be your guide to both. The map depicts Prague parts with colours according to prices, with little glasses, representing pubs and restaurant.

As it goes with the web 2.0, the map is interactive, so it still grows in information and quality. Prague citizens themselves form the information part. And how to summarize it? If you have a beer at the Old Town Square, you can pay ten times more than in the rest of Prague. Prague 1 prices are equal to those in Britain, but if you move just a little, you can find beer in normal Prague price – 25 czk or less for a 0,5 l.

The interactive map of beer in Prague is here


Petr Cech in glare of popularity

Petr Cech became the global Adidas face. The German sportswear company announced yesterday that the goalkeeper of the Czech Football representation Petr Cech becomes a member of the global team of football stars of the company. That means, Czech will now be, for at least 5 years, a member of the “stall”, together with David Beckham, Kaká, Lionel Messi or Steven Gerrard. Adidas prepares a special series of products with Cech’s name.


The director of Terezin (Terezienstadt) doesn't allow Neo-nazis in

“I would like to offer you security protection of the National Cementary Terezin for the time necessary and if needed, even 24/7.” Such was the offer of The National Party in reaction for the fact, the Terezin Memorial got robbed of its bronze plates for metal, and that even when the investigation started, somebody continued in his metal hunt at Terezin.

But the manager of the memorial Munek reaction was very direct: “I refuse absolutely! They are neo-nazis, who have no business in Terezin. If they come, I will call the police.” he said for iDnes.

The Thieves have made damages worth 2,5 million czk. The bronze plates were found at a collection centre in Nehasice. The ministry of culture wants to prepare a project of areal protection.

Bush Night in Prague Roxy: Featuring London Electricity

london electricity Tony Colman was interested in jazz and similar styles since his youth, he played piano, guitar and singed. When he was 25, he formed jazz-funk music group Izit, which made a few hits and an acid jazz album The Whole Affair. Later on, he developed fascination with dance music, and so no wonder he in 1996, together with Chris Goss founded the London Electricity project. They opened Hospital Records in the very same year, hence founding one of the most known dnb labels.

Tony and Chris published their first record in 1999- Pull the Plug perfect vocals and atmosphere brought excellent critiques. It set a whole new course by which dnb started to head – into very complex brilliant arranges. Cris, though, left the project, so he can fully concentrate on work for the label. Tony stayed alone for the music, but the quality remains unchanged, as Billion Dollar Gravy was another great album the next year already.

Ticktepro: 220 czk, at the door 290 czk, 21th June 2008, Saturday, BUSHLondon Elektricity in Prague Roxy, Dlouha 22, Prague 1


Klaus uses his Boycott of National Library for Self-promotion

The old Klementinum, placed before the Charles Bridge piles historical, hundreds of years old books in undignified conditions, with the prospect of running definitely out of place in two years. The plan of the new national library Blob, which won the international contest and so should be already under construction so the librarians could finally be relieved of never-ending space problems, should have been their solution. But the matter is everything but solved. Klaus can be satisfied, though – he gets full media coverage, whenever he decides to drop a line on account of the award-winning project.

Vaclav Havel was a president of a different kind – the media just loved him, he made himself into a symbol of tolerance, peace, and liberation of ideas. He lost many years, health, and a possibility of conform live to communism, during which Klaus was already politically active, but on the other side. We know Klaus’ attitude for those long 20 years he has been at power; the only two topics he deals with are: Himself and critique of those who actually achieved something in the world.

When Klaus talks about himself, he praises. When about others, he throws dirt. Like this week, when he gave an interview for Grand Biblo: “I suspect a part of Kaplicky’s supporters of this bizarre project not because of love for the project, but because of hate for Vaclav Klaus, which is in the context of what could grow up in the centre, really an error.”

Allow me to now go through this sample a little bid. ‘I suspect a part of Kaplicky’s supporters’ – he refers only to a part, only a rhetorical device here ‘this bizarre project’ – the project won the international contest like e.g. the NATO central building, and it is bizarre? ‘not because of love for the project’ – who could love something he labelled as unfitting ‘their hate for Vaclav Klaus’ – me me me! Notice me, I am important! ‘in the context what should grow up in the centre’ – because of Klaus’ political pressure, there is high possibility the library (any project of the library) will be at the suburb, out of reach, which is just bad, but that doesn’t form a burden for him.

Klaus would like to shape the history, but the true is, a politician of his qualities will be forgotten as soon as he retires – he will leave behind no scripts like Havel, no schools like Masaryk, no great losses like Benes. This is Klaus’ greatest fear. History is written by winners, but to fight at local fights one starts is not the way it is done on presidential level of the 21st century. President is expected to fight for his country, not for his ego.

Added: How could I forgot! Of course there is something Klaus will be remembered for! During his era as The Finance Minister, when he reformed by privatization, the term ‘tunneling’ originated. So I apology, Klaus may be remembered for his failure as an ecconomist.

-point of view section doesn’t necessarily reflect opinions of the whole abcprague board


Kava Kava; Pat Fulgoni in Prague

Kava Kava is the rock band / live dance act from Huddersfield in the UK featuring the soulful vocals of Pat Fulgoni, Matt Bond guitarist, Jason Riley on bass guitar alongside drums, electronica, brass, strings and beats.

They originally starting out as a four-piece live psychedelic funk outfit with heavy George Clinton influences. In the UK Kava Kava cut their teeth through the underground festival/party scene, with NME describing the band as “gorgeous new psychedelic funk” for their debut ‘You Can Live Here’

The band expanded into a six piece and released 2004’s ‘Maui’ album on independent label Chocolate Fireguard Records. The music on ‘Maui’ is more dance, electronic, funk and disco influenced.

Kava Kava with Pat Fulgoni in Prague, 10th May 2008 in Prague Club Rock Café, Narodni 20, Prague 1


A Czech Politician talks about Global Warming in the US: This Time not Amateur Speech

We are used to President Vaclav Klaus travelling the world, ready to start a speech about global warming, and that it is not caused by human activity. This time it won’t be him critisizing, but Matin Bursik of the Greens, contributing to global warming discussion. As we can expect, it will represent the official policy of the EU, one of the main protagonists on the world stage fighting the global warming.

Martin Bursik is an Environmentalist, not an Economist like Klaus. Which means we won’t be embarrassed as a country like the last time. And he was also invited for more important business in the area of nature protection; the American Governors invited him to a conference dedicated to climate changes as an important EU politician who sees into that matter, in search of some steps to solution.


Terezin Memorial Robbed of 800+ Bronze Plates with Names

terezin memorial Terezín (German: Theresienstadt) is the name of a former military fortress and garrison town in the Usti nad Labem Region of the Czech Republic. During the WWII it served as an concentration camp, and to honour those who died there serves the Terezin Memorial. It is simple, yet expressive.

It consists of numerous blocks of stone, with bronze plates giving information of who and when a person died. Until recently, when somebody stole over 800 hundreds of them, to sell them as a bronze metal in a collection centre. They were partially placed in one centre, smaller part in other, the rest is still looking for. As well as the thief.

This action has aroused politicians who agreed there must be something done and prepare a new law, which would make it much harder for collection centres to buy stolen metals. This cause will quite probably change the attitude, which allowed many similar thefts on monuments or art pieces before.

Czech Nacionalists prepared 'corridor of shame' for Communists

The 1st May is probably going to be quite interesting; The Nacionalist National Party, well known for their extreme stances and provocations, like the neo-nazi marches, prespres another action. The date and setting is well planned; they plan it as a counter-action for the Communist party, at the very same place.

1st May is known as the date, when during Cummunism most of people were expected to defile with lampions to demonstrate their love for the red party. Now it only attratct the communist core, who mostly come to recall the old days at the Prague Exhibition Ground.

The Nacionalists (generally assumed to be neo-nazis) prepared a surprise – they plan to form a ‘corridor of shame’ for those who plan to come to the communist meeting – who wants to come in, has to go throught the corridor.


Prague Hosted Elite Model World

In the light of reflectors, mostly 15-year-old models showed their catwalk, as the finals of Elite Model World 2008 took place. Those girls hope they would have the same fate as Cindy Crawford or Karen Mulder many years ago. The best three of them can look forward to few-million-worth contracts and especially fulfilment of their big dream.

Jennifer Messelier from France became the winner, Ymre Stiekema from Holland was second, Hana Jirickova from the Czech Republic was third.

The theme that is traditionally present wherever this contest takes place is anorexia. How thin is too thin? The 15 yo Peruvian Juan Cervera was clearly too much – shape of shoulder bones clearly visible, eyes deep in the face, thin hands… when watching the contest one can think bulimia and anorexia is not an illness, but a standard which is necessary to get to the contest in the first place. So no change there.


Ancient Egypt exhibition in Prague

Czech Egyptologists work has been going on for fifty years now. Those years of finding work are now exhibited in the Lichenstejnsky palac (Lichtenstein palace) at Kampa park.

It opened at 50th anniversary of Czech Egyptology institute and it is one of the many prepared events, which are prepared for this yer; The Year of Czech Egyptology.

The exhibition, presents the most precious pieces, found more than 20 years ago, when it was legal to take discoveries out of Egypt. Those are complemented with color photographers and a hour-long movie depicting the atmosphere from sites in Abusir.

The exhibition lasts until 27th April 2008


16th Birthday of Prague Club Roxy featuring Tom Middleton

tom middleton The Prague Elephant club Roxy celebrities. To hold for 16 years and to prove to be the best supplier of various but always quality music was definitely not easy. They had to overcome many obstacles, like when they had to buy the whole building Roxy is in (which at Prague 1 equals to buy 50 houses in the country) but the club proved be really sturdy, like the elephant it has in its crest.

What would be better celebration than a party? Of course there will be a party! Featuring Tom Middleton from the United Kingdom.

Profile: A classically-trained pianist and cellist, Tom discovered graffiti, breaking and surfing whilst living in Cornwall. He started going to clubs and met Richard James (Aphex Twin) in 1989. From there, he learned the science of sampling and synth programming. This friendship lead to Tom co-producing a track for the ‘Analogue Bubblebath’ EP as Schizophrenia, which has now reached cult status.

After graduating in Graphic Design in 1991, Tom met Mark Pritchard, a DJ with similar musical tastes. The pair formed a host of pseudonyms, the most popular of these was Jedi Knights, whose album ‘New School Science’ inspired everyone from The Prodigy & The Chemical Brothers to Daft Punk & the Freestylers.

Tom describes his music like this: timeless beautiful music with emotional sincerity, passion, soul and energy.

13th June 2008, 16th Roxy Birthday.


Investigation of Biggest Car Accident in CR history

illustration photo The police investigation led to the conclusion: The mass accident was caused by inadequate speed of drivers. At that time in March, over two hundreds of vehicles crashed into each other, creating the biggest mass car accident in the CR history. The total damages were evaluated to 28 millions czk, which is over 1 million €.

It was speeding together with no respect for the state in which the road – partly covered in ice – was, which is blamed. There were 93 accidents, 231 was damaged, from which two buses, 98 trucks and 131 private cars. Three people were heavily wounded, no one was killed. Three accidents were probably caused by negligence, as the one where a truck driver crushed into a bus wounding three.


Czech Republic to ban physical punishment?

If the Government and the House of the Parliament will certify the law proposal for children’s laws, those parents who have heavy hand could get into conflict with the law.

What would become illegal? The bureau uses the definition of OSN of physical punishment; to slap a child’s hand or other part of body, to humiliate the child, to make a child suffer mentally.

What should be fine: to tell a child off (without humiliation), to prohibit activities a child likes (TV, computer … )

To break the law wouldn’t lead to sanction yet. The new formula should only warn the public physical punishment is not ok. But The Czech Bureau for Human rights plans to institute a system of financial fines in the future.


If You are the Czech Prime Minister, than I am the Pope

The Czech Prime minister Mirek Topolanek wasn’t let in a discotheque at Cyprus at first. Topolanek’s group didn’t have any girls with them, so they weren’t let in.

Topolanek than came with the argumentation: “You know who I am?” But the bouncer only laughed, didn’t believe him to be the prime minister, and still the programme of the party, after the official visit at the President of Cyprus, was quite in danger.

Finally, Topolanek needed to call the owner of the club, who eventually let them in. Such problems at the same place had the French football player Zinedine Zidane. Rather surprising for a man with such a famous face. Or is it an intention of the club to create the air of VIPivity?


Czech Crown Jewels from Saturday to See

Czech Crown. Click to enlarge The Prague Castle opens its Vladislavsky sal, which hosts exhibition of Czech Crown jewels, this Saturday. So, what should you know when you want to go there?

The shortest entry road comes from the metro station A Malostranska and from the tram station 22, 23, 18, 12 and 20 of the same name. To come inside the hall is possible only by Old Castle Stairs which lead to the Southern Castle gardens and to the old entry.

To park close to the castle is quite hard to do, the best is to use the public transport. The maximal daily capacity is about 5000 people a day, the entry is free. What you should bear in mind, is that even when the exhibition is opened 9-17, at 11 am the gate will be closed, who stays outside, have to try the next day. So it is necessary to arrive at the Old Gate much before 9am.

At the exhibition it is forbidden to take pictures or use a tv camera.


No Czech Representative Goes to the Olympic Games

From the officially invited representatives of the Czech Republic, no one is coming to see the Olympics in China. The President declared he has to undergo an operation at the time, the prime minister said he doesn’t go from ‘family reasons’ as his wife supports Tibet, the Education Minister Pavel Liska criticizes China politics against opposition openly.

The leader of Czech Senate Premysl Sobotka stated he doesn’t “like to travel and the way to Tibet (!) is long”. The last to announce his decision was the Speaker the House of Parliament, Miloslav Vlcek. His ‘excuse’ is that he doesn’t believe what media say, because they told him something different in Chinese Embassy, but he doesn’t go “because of ‘conformism‘”

The leader and chairman of the Czech Communist Party (KSCM) Vojtech Filip would probably go to China for the Opening Ceremony, but nobody has invited him yet.


Czechs Coming Home – Strong Currency Devalues Minimal Euro or Pound Salaries

applepicker This may change the whole perception of Czechs working abroad. I have personally met many Czechs, Slovaks and Poles in Britain, looking for work. The clearest example are fruit picking farms on the west, youth of these three nations are always working there. Many wonderful stereotypes can be tracked from this fact (unfortunately I can’t write about them in here, because I would get only hateful comments again).

What I am trying to say, America is not attractive because of falling dollar, but Europe starts being unattractive for unqualified or low jobs as well, as the minimum salary there minus charges and expenses (which are still 2-5 times higher than in the CR) in euros doesn’t even make the minimum salary minus the same in the Czech Republic. Of course I mean when you change the money in the present course 25 czk equals 1€. It even happened 1€ was worth only 23 czk.

It will bring changes in the international minimum-wage social scene, as the trefoil Czech – Poland – Slovakia is to be probably replaced by the couple Romania – Bulgaria. Those are countries which economy still didn’t quite recovered from healthy influence of the USSR.

Radecky's Statue to come back to Little Quarter?

Radetzky-von-radetz The Marshall Radecky’s memorial has disappeared from the eyes of public for ninety years, but still is a matter of feud.

Prague National Heritage Institute want to put the bronze memorial back to its original place, the Little Quarter. The opposers are český svaz bojovníků za svobodu (Czech Union of Freedom Fighters) and Legionarska Obce (Legionary Council)

For: Rehabilitate Radecky’s part in Czech History. He was a famous Czech born army-leader, who is said not to lose a battle, he was the one to work out the plan of the Battle of Nations, where Napoleon was defeated.

Against: Radecky was more an Austrian than a Czech, and he is a strong symbol of Austria Monarchy and Czechoslovak national enslavement in favour of the Austria-Hungary, where Czechs represented without exceptions second-class citizens.


A Gem Worth an Airplane in Prague

Now, when it is possible to see the Czech Crown Jewels, there is also another exhibition of precious diamond necklace from New York. The scarce jewel value is approximately of 15 million dollar. The unique yellow diamond, having 149,7 carats, is from yesterday exhibited in Prague Flora Shopping Palace. The natural, live yellow gem is protected by a complex security system.

It is here possible to buy, however the question is who would buy it. For one whole movie fee it could be bought by Angelina Jolie or Reese Witherspoon. The price is the same as the Bombardier Challenger aircraft of Bill Gates. The present owner is one of the most rich Israeli businessman Lev Leviev. You can see it in Flora shopping palace everyday from 9 to 21, the exhibition ends on 22th April.


Celine Dion Concert in Prague

International recognition came to Celine Dion about when she was awarded the Gold Medal at the Yamaha World Song Festival in Tokyo and concurrently, the much sought after Musician’s Award for Top Performer. As well, in 1983, Dion received a Gold Record in France, the very first Canadian to do so.

Moreover, Celine was awarded numerous Felix Awards and had many platinum albums, culminating in 1988 with the distinguished Eurovision Song Contest in Dublin Ireland. Celine sang live before a 600 million-television audience throughout Europe.

Celine’s career escalated to one of a pop icon known worldwide when she recorded the title song for Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. Celine has one of the world’s superlative voices mastering her craft with hit after hit. She is an international superstar.

Celine Dion heads to Prague via her Taking Chances World Tour 2008. She comes on 26th June 2008, 20:00, the concert takes place in O2 Arena, Previously known as Sazka Arena, Ocelarska 2, Prague 9

Seated tickets on basefloor at CZK 3 000 (Platinum), CZK 2 000 (Gold) and CZK 1 500, on 1st floor at CZK 1 800 and on the O2 floor at 4th floor at CZK 990. Parking: 250 CZK.


Court decided: Policeman Beaten Jacques according to Law

parliamentarians of the greens - liska, jacques and bursik tomas cermak Prague court of appeal decided; the ex-policeman Tomas Cermak, who attacked Katerina Jacques while she was demonstrating against a march of Neo-nazis and beaten her, did it legally.

The appeal court complied Cermak’s statement, he did nothing a policeman in his position shouldn’t do.

The court stated his act wasn’t tactically flawless, but he did nothing illegal. “Jacques herself is responsible for her acts. If she obeyed the police orders, she wouldn’t get hurt.” The senate chairman Vlasak commented.

It all happened during a demonstration in 2006. Cermak’s task was not to let opposers of neo-nazi nemonstration get to physical contact with the ‘National Resistance’ group. When the opposers were told to clear the way for the neo-nazis, Katerina Jacques didn’t followed. When Cermak wanted to take her into custody, she put up resistance. So he beaten and loaded her anyway.

Cermak had been dismissed from police forces, now when the court decided in favor of him, he stated he wants to come back to police, plus he wants to get finantial compensation.


Jan Svejnar going to found a think tank

Speculations on whether Jan Svejnar will become a member of the Czech senate proved as wrong, as Svejnar announced the LN he finally wants not to go to senate. Instead, he is going to found non-profit association, so called ‘think tank’. “What we are missing is sometning called think tank, or an institution which is independent, non-profit, above parties, not included into any political party, but acts in public life by gathering and analyzing information, studying analysis.” Svejnar describes.

Concerning the next presidential vote, he said (for LN again) he would ‘pack it in’ again. He didn’t meet with Klaus again, but when they parted, “We shake each other hand and said we will see each other in the future.” and even when they talked indiscriminately about each other, he doesn’t feel hate for the present president; “It was a normal competitive load.”

A think tank (also called a policy institute) is an organization, institute, corporation, or group that conducts research and engages in advocacy in areas such as social policy, political strategy, economy, science or technology issues, industrial or business policies, or military advice. Many think tanks are non-profit organizations, which in some countries such as the US and Canada provides them with tax exempt status. While many think tanks are funded by governments, interest groups, or businesses, some think tanks also derive income from consulting or research work related to their mandate. (Wikipedia)

Ztohoven trials continue

“I am NOT Tyc!” this is what stated the accused member of Ztohoven, who was supposed to change the faces of traffic light in Prague, or, as they stated, ‘to animate’ them. The whole story started at 48 Prague traffic light, and continues with steadily rising confusion at the court. The person signed under the art piece used a pseudonym ‘Tyc’ the person who was supposed to be Tyc now claims it is a blunder.

“My connection to Roman Tyc is very narrow, but we shouldn’t be interchanged – our physiognomy is so different, it is not possible to braid us.” said the 33 yo artist. But the accusant was clear – “His identity was proved.” The court now summons the policeman, who identified Tyc before.

The change of those, as Tys says, “boring and sad” lights, entertained Prague citizens and tourists, but the Technical board of communications don’t have sense of humor, and they want the artist to make amends worth 82 thousands czk ( 3,28t €). The Ztohoven last action with fictive atomic bomb explosion went ‘unpunished’

The Radar for Weapons? No!

We recently posted an article, dealing with the change in US base negotiationswe wrote it became something tit for tat. But the team of negotiators and deputies of Foreign and Defense Ministry Tomas Pojar and Martin Bartak words came with a new statement: Negotiations about possible army modernization has nothing to with agreement of the US Radar base.

Even when Marin Bartak said recently : “We asked the USA for cooperation in acquisition of middle-size transport tactical aircrafts within negotiations of the anti-missile defense.”

He now added: “It is not that we would say, that if we don’t get airplanes, the radar matter is over. It has never been like about conditioning. It has never been in the contract.” We are going to inform you, how the situation develops.


Installing a Living Room in Prague Metro

The art-group called ‘Deti sidlistni Recese’ based in Prague turned a subway car into a living room this past weekend. Their aim was to ‘Travel first class on the subway’ they needed 12 ‘Agents’

The whole action took place on Friday, April 4th. The group was spread station after station, and entered the metro train one by one, always carrying a piece of equipment. The first was a girl with a rug, spreading it on the floor. It got accompanied on the next station by a large armchair, than a table, antique telephone, slippers, and a flower in a vase.

When everything was set-up, the ‘landlord’ came in, all dressed-up, in a tie and suit, sat down and made himself comfortable; than, a nice cup of tea was served to his newspaper.

PS: This must have been fun. Do you rememer the fictive atomic bomb explosion project?


Vaclav Havel Shields a New Foundation

The Ex-president of the Czech republic helped to found a foundation for support of opposition in totalitarian countries.

The former president Vaclav Havel have, in a way, came back to the beginning of his political carer. He stood in the front of people who decided to fight oppression of a totalitarian regime. The European Foundation for Democracy activity ceremonially stared yesterday.

“From China and Belorussia to Burma and Zimbabwe – Europeans have responsibility to stand up for all the citizens fighting for human rights and civil liberties and they should share their often recent experiences of how to get rid of undignified authoritarian domination and censorship, and join the partnership of democratic nations.” stated Vaclav Havel.

Brussel can’t finance or support local resistance motions; they have to go through the government, which limits the help. The European Foundation for Democracy can get directly to the freedom fighters.


A new web to make traveling in Prague easier

dp page The Prague Public Transport company introduced a new web, which joins a lot of information which we previously had to look for on various others websites. The web has practically everything, one could need when travelling in the metropolis.

They have various information about transport – whether there are free spots at parking lots, information about fares, useful links, it is possible to take a look into camera system mapping traffic situation, temperature and speed of wind and also ‘Fun and Leisure’ section, providing info about Nostalgic lines, Cool tour lines, Transport to Zoo or beautiful Photo Gallery with new and historic pictures.

So, if you want to get from A to B in Prague for cheap, you know where to go to find your connections.


Czech Crown Jewels: Massive Exhibition and Queue

For five years, the most precious Czech treasure laid closed in the Crown Chambers of St. Vitus Cathedral. Tomorrow, it is going to host seven politicians and church officers, everyone with one key, and the Crown jewels will be ‘freed’ for eleven days.

The exhibition, which starts this Saturday and lasts to 29th April, will be the most extensive exposition of crown jewels in the history. The collection of jewels – St Wenceslas Crown of Charles IV, The Royal Sceptre, The Royal Orb, The Coronation Vestments will be supplemented by four dozens of other exhibits, connected to coronation.

The big exhibition will be in the Vladislavsky sal; The Vladislav Hall. The exhibition used to take place in the Old Royal Palace, but now there is a permanent exposition about the Castle history.

If you are heading to see the exhibition, you should know that the place can allow about five thousand people a day. The gate at the Old Castle Stairs opens at 9am, closes at 11am. Who doesn’t come to the queue until that, can’t get in that day. Better to come early in the morning.


Petr Cech compared to Zorro

When there was just a few minutes to the beginning of the Monday football match of English league between Chelsea and Wigan, the speaker on Stamford Bridge announced: “He is back, he has two masks. With number one coming Petr ‘Zorro’ Cech!”

The Czech Goalkeeper Petr Cech came back to the stadium just eight days after two-hour surgery, where he got his chin sewn together by fifty stitches by a plastic surgeon.

“It was a little risky” he admitted after the match, which ended in a surprising draw 1:1, in tv Setanta. “Nobody knows what would have happened, if they hit me into the wound.”

For this purposes he had, together with the traditional helmet which he wears since the last year, a protection for his chin, too. A cap jockeys wear. For his masks and bravery he was compared to Zorro by the speaker.

Baby Boom in Prague

Prague maternity homes are reporting to be full, most of them reject to take in paras without registration. ‘The state of crisis’ was announced in all the childbirth institutes. Fears of obstetricians from 1990’s, when it was considered Prague will have a real lack of babies, proved as fault. Now the hospitals, which have reduced their numbers of beds on their rooms from three to two, is now lacking tens of beds.

Professor Zdenek Hajek from the gynecologic-childbearing part of U Apolinare clinic, Prague, stated that it is necessary to get registered at least half a year before in order to get a bed. “We didn’t count on such a number of births. We had over a thousand babies born here, which is about two hundreds more than the last year in the same period.”

Similar situation is in all the other Prague maternity homes, the only one which can take in paras without a possible risk of transfer, is in Vinohradska Nemocnice hospital. They have free beds most of the day, so paras don’t have to registre here. That’s why most of other hospitals move their pregnant clients there.

Señor Coconut and his Orchestra (feat. Argenis Brito) in Prague

Senor Coconat comes to Prague to introduce their new album “Around the World” Senor Coconut is world-wide known for his more or less bizarre fusion of latino-american instruments and rythms (cha cha, cumbia, merengue or mambo) with electronic sound Kraftwerk style, and cover versions of various rock and pop hits – from Michael Jackson to Deep Purple.

Concerning Senor Coconat’s creating attitude, he says: “I want to tear down all the music borders. I want to move emotions, pictiures and feelings of déjà-vu.” As with the previous concerts, which evoke the feel of tropical dance hall, he brings a frontman of his big band – a Venezuelan singer Argenis Brit.

28th May 2008, Señor Coconut and his Orchestra, tickets: 440 czk, ticketpro, start 19:00, Club Roxy, Dlouha 33, Prague 1


Svejnar may become the Face of Direct Vote

Lawmakers decide about the president in the Czech Republic. The last vote was so picture of the whole political situation in the Czech Republic – completely discreditable. The presidential candidate of the Greens, Jan Svejnar, said for an interview on Frekvence 1 may head the campaign for a direct presidential vote.

The leader of the Greens, Martin Bursik promised the next presidential vote will be by people, and Svejnar said “I share the same view, I am for direct vote – there is no potentiality for corruption.” and added “I haven’t discussed the matter with Mr. Bursik yet. But I would head the campaign, why not.” When asked if he will candidate in the next elections, he says he will decide according to what the situation will be.

Tit for tat in Matter of Radar

the project should look like this The Czech Republic wants to help with army modernization, especially needs help in the matter of gaining new military airplanes. We so join the neighbour Poland that undermine radar construction by military help. Czechs were, until now, interested in science and industry support only.

“We asked the USA for cooperation in acquisition of middle-size transport tactical aircrafts within negotiations of the anti-missile defense.” the deputy minister of minister of defense Martin Bartak acknowledged.

The Czech army would like to gain e.g. two transport Herculeses, which would replace small and old Antonov, which Czech soldiers use to get to missions abroad. Within anti-air defense they are probably interested in the Patriot system.


Czech Republic in search of Blob-Hammer

The state and the capital city of Prague is looking for a way, how to prevent Blob library from being build. The main anti-Blob activities can be tracked down to the President Klaus and so the ODS, the pro-Blob site is represented by a large part of the general public and The International Union of Architects which pronounced Kaplicky’s Blob the winner of a regular international contest.

Hospodarske noviny informed the anti-monopoly office manager Martin Pecina stated “Everyone would like me to forbid it. But I am not eager to.” The ministry of culture (now under the KDU-CSL which is in coalition with the ODS) started to create pressure on him after lawyers were not able to prove the international contest was irregular.

The opposers of Kaplicky’s Blob now came with a new strategy – when they weren’t able to degrade the international contest, they now try to prove there shouldn’t have been an international contest in the first place.

The actual practice of the European Union however speaks for the benefit of Kaplicky’s Octopus, as the EU commission have never intervened into the principle of an international architectonic contest. Such contest decided e.g. about the shape of the central building of NATO. Are we going to see an European court proceedings Klaus + his government coalition vs Kaplicky + democratic principles? Probably…


New Czech Crown Record: 23 czk = 1 €

The Czech currency has gone through one of its biggest leaps in the history. During the night from 13 to 14th April 08 it cut all the records and strengthened to 23 CZK for one Euro.

During Friday, the price moved around 25 czk, and even when the incredible 23 czk for 1 € was available for only half an hour, the Czech currency came back to 25 after that, it is a clear sign it will gain more strength in near future.

The crown reacts on the foreign markets activity; businessmen at Asian markets started to buy the currency, and because there were no deals going on at the time in Europe, a small number of purchases was able to get it to such point. The currency constantly gains strength.

Bio Food Getting Popular in Czech Republic

biocow Sales of Bio Food increase. Czechs have spend for the food with Bio label 1,29 bil czk (49,6 mil €) compared to 2006 it is 70% more. Bio-market is supposed to grow in the coming years steadily on. An average Czech have spent 126czk on bio-food last year. Bio food have gained for the fist time more than half of a percent – 0,55%.

Notable increase was of bio fruit and vegetable. Five and a half percent of total sales of the category is in bio-fruit and bio-vegetables. But as a matter of fact, 80% of the vegetable is imported, most from Austria and Italy. This is caused by later development in the area, so the dealers need to import, before greater part of our farms become bio-farms. This should take 2-3 years.

Based on Green Marketing annual bulletin

First Prague Parade in 2008 – Techno

About 300 fans of techno gathered on Saturday on a techno parade which motto was Legalize Squatting. The parade went from Paladskeho namesti to Albertov. The crowd with techno-system-vans was accompanied with police officers from the front and back, however there was no action taken as the crowd’s intentions were mostly based on having fun.

According to the organizers, squats in empty houses in the CR and in Germany are being violently cleared by the police, only to be let empty before fall down. They have the opinion those can be used for realization of culture projects.


Gavials have opened! In Prague Zoo

gavial in prague zoo The Prague zoo opened a new pavilion for endangered crocodiles. Out of India, only ten zoos in four countries have them. The Prague group of three males and four females is one of the biggest. Gavials in Prague zoo are still young. They are about 3,5 years and 1,2-1,7 metre. When adult, they should have up to 5,5 metre.

gavial pavillon The Prague Zoological garden will probably move even higher in the Forbes magazine list. “it is a complete rarity” said Petr Fejk, the manager. “in all the zoos of the world, there is only 19 of them.” Fejk also labelled the presence of those animals in Prague for an act with international overlap.

The scarce crocodiles needed to have a brand new pavilion build. It is called Chambal, after one of the few rivers in India, where a large group of gavials still lives.


Another Czechs on the Pole

This is the third news of this kind in one week; but at least we can be happy all the Czechs are well and content. The first group of Petr Bold and Richard Santus reached North pole by the historic airplane L-200 Morava. The second group went on foot, Miluse Netolicka stood on the North Pole as the first Czech lady on Wednesday evening.

Another Czech expedition of Petr Horky and Miroslav Jakes coped with 150 km in twelve days and they stood on the North pole on Saturday. That 150 km on foot means, they are the longest-route Czech expedition. They even reached the pole four days before the expected date, so now they will probably have to wait for their helicopter to pick them up in a few days.


Chinese Officials Noticed Tibet Support, Demand Apology

As the international attention is now focused on human right violations in China, Chinese government is getting angry. Such can be the explanation of Cai Liho, Chinese minister of education decision to chancel planned agreement on student exchange program. Reason? Because the Green Party hung a Tibetan Flag from their club window. As the Czech education minister is a member of the Greens who support Tibet openly, the official meeting was cancelled.

“To display the so called Tibetan flag means direct support of Tibetan independence, we cannot accept that.” the Chinese embassy in Prague interpreted. The Chinese Embassy spokesman Zhou Qian explains: “Tibet is an integral part of the People’s Republic of China, and the act as such has outraged the people of China. Right now it wouldn’t be appropriate to meet with the Czech delegation.”

Liska commented for the server: “Reaction of China to me and my resort displays our critique of the state of the human rights didn’t come unnoticed. Activity to obstruct or complicate closer cooperation on the field of education demonstrates the true nature of Chinese politics.”

April 2008 Weather in Czech Republic

In the Czech Republic, spring definitely wins over winter. Another 30 days should be over average in temperatures and rainfalls. The beginning of May should greet us with temperatures around 25 Celsius, according to Czech Hydro-meteorological office.

In the time from 11 to 20 of April should bring same heavy raining, with day temperatures around 16 Celsius, but supposedly higher. At the end of April, day temperatures should be up to 20 Celsius. If you are interested in exact Prague weather forecast, click.


The first Czech Lady on the North Pole Succeeded

Miluse Netolicka stood on the North Pole as the first Czech lady on Wednesday evening. Return of the group was however quite difficult. The expedition expected to be picked up shortly after reaching the pole by a helicopter from Barneo Russian station. But because of strong wind it burned more fuel and needed to come back, and return for the group yesterday evening.

Yesterday morning she gave a telephone interview for Cesky Radiozurnal, where she unburden her situation: “…we have no fuel to the cooker, we have no food, right now we have nothing. Dogs had last meal yesterday, we slept in wet things… we pray and wait.” But than, everything improved, and yesterday evening she let us know they are safe and sound.


Czech Government may not go to the Olympics

china flag “The Olympic Games fell into crisis” Said the leader of The International Olympic Committee Jacques Rogge. He was than taken short by the Chinese, not to ‘put together sport and politics’.

Lidove Noviny informed of their research among ministers (the Czech Republic government has 18 members) They asked 14 of them, 11 would not recommend Mirek Topolanek’s trip to the opening ceremony, 3 would let the decision on him. Topolanek previously stated, he will leave the decision on his government.

Clear attitude has the Green Party – they are against abomination of human rights in Tibet, and officially support Dali Lama. Similar opinion has the KDU-CSL, who are simply not going. Members of the leading ODS are united in their opinions: “we strongly recommend he should not go there.”


One Night! With Spooky (uk)

spooky Legends of house/techno style come back to Prague to prove they are still in good shape. Charlie May and Duncan Forbes signed to Guerilla Records in January 1992 for their first single Don’t Panic released under the name ‘Spooky’ came out. From the release of their first single, Spooky went from strength to strength.

Over the next five years Spooky continued to expand their live concept over three UK tours as well as two European tours and took part in the Midi Circus alongside Orbital, Underworld, Aphex Twin and the Drum Club.

They’ve remixed tracks for the likes of Ultramarine, William Orbit, Sven Vath, Lush, Natacha Atlas as well as various collaborations with other artists.

2002 Spooky album Belong was released on Deviant records and received much airplay by day as well as night on Radio 1 in the UK . John Digweed included one of the mixes on his compilation MMII. Sasha then remixed Belong and included it on his Global Underground CD “Involver”.

2005 saw them team up with Sasha at their studio in London and together they did 2 remixes of Depeche Mode’s single Precious – they were released as Sasha’s Spooky and Gargantuan mixes.

Entry Until 23:00: 100czk, after 23:00 200czk. 30th April 2008, Club Roxy in Prague Dlouha street.


New Prague Tramways T15 Pictures

The new type of Prague Tramways, made by Skoda, have revealed its looks two weeks ago. Now, Skoda Holding have revealed new photographs of the T15 model series.

Test rides have started already, but the first time we will be able to ride in one of these will be probably next year. One T15 Tram costs 66 mil czk (2,5 mil €)

The tram is made by three joined units, which create space for up to 300 passengers. It is barrier-free. The limit for maximal speed is 60km/h, its interior is air-conditioned.

Passengers can vote on, which interior design they like the most. The one with comfy, fabric chairs, or the wooden, durable anti-vandalism version.

Pictures by Skoda Holding. Click for enlargement.


Prague Suicide Bridge is No longer a Place for Self-murderers

Nuselsky Bridge Nuselsky most, on which were installed new sheet metal obstacles last year, does not provide for suicides any more.

The bridge was completed in 1973 up to now. It provides almost key connection of certain Prague’s districts, plus it carries the underground (red line C). From the architect’s point of view, it is said to be a really extraordinary structure, mainly because it was build solely of iron and concrete.

Since the new iron obstacles were installed in Autumn 07, the emergency had to go to Nuselsky Bridge only 16 times, however none of these attempts was finished. Prague so loses one of its negative dominants, which over 300 people have chosen as their bridge to the other world so far.

Czech Foreign Secretary: Politics should boycott the Olympics in Peking

Karel Schwarzenberg, the Foreign Secretary of the Czech Republic appeals to politics to boycott the Olympic Games. After yesterday meeting with his French counterpart Bernard Kouchner, Schwarzenberg invited politicians to boycott initiating of the summer Olympics in Peking.

“I would be happy, if European politicians didn’t go to the Olympics in Peking.” Schwarzenberg stated. He however admitted, it is not the official stance of Czech government: “It is my personal opinion and I am not going to blame my colleagues, if they decide to go to the Olympic Games.” The leader of Czech Government Mirek Topolanek admitted the boycott “is possible”.

Police confiscates only old cars

MF Dnes brougt this interesting finding to attention. The police talks about confiscation as a tool to get those who repeatedly drive drunk or without papers out of streets. But it has a flaw; only old cars worth few tens of thousands czk (about 1-3t €) end on police parking lots. The police do not confiscate more expensive cars.

“The value of a confiscated thing mustn’t be disproportional with seriousness of an act.” Jaromira Petrackova stated for MF Dnes. She added afterwards: “We would definitely confiscate more expensive cars, too. But this has not happened yet.” So only used cars can get confiscated? The Interior Minister Langer stated this needs and will be changed.


Czech Season at North Pole

L-200 Morava the first model flew in 1957 Czech flying polar expedition has come back home, after successfully getting to the North pole by the historic airplane L-200 Morava with Petr Bold and Richard Santus. On its way, it parked on an iceberg by the Russian base Barneo. The L-200 Morava airplane has two propeller machines, and its first model flew in 1957.

Right now, other two expeditions are heading there, both by foot. A member of one of these groups is Miluse Netolicka, who could become the first Czech lady on the Pole. The group is struggling because of very strong wind, -40 frost, and also the so. called negative drift, which means, the ice they are on moves in opposite direction than they are going.


Czech MPs to Pay for Public Transport ?

Student Agency managed to bring havoc into the field of inter- city transportation by setting up a competitive environment.

Czech legislators are guaranteed free transport by the state. As the law was passed at the time when all transport companies were state- owned, it doesn’t say what should a private transport company do if a legislator decides to use its services for free.

Student Agency’s director, Radim Jancura, decided to bring the question to court and the court decided just the way he wanted: a private enterprise does not have to serve our MPs for free.

Now there’s a problem: there are those who say that Prague DPP (the Prague transport company) is a private enterprise so the MPs, when they do use the system, should pay for a ticket like anyone else.

But the Czech MPs obviously consider paying couple hundred crowns a month too large an investment, or they feel it would be degrading for a member of Parliament to have his transport ticket checked. They just don’t like the prospect.

Should They Pay? The whole article here

Skoda Octavia is incredibly reliable car

Skoda Octavia II Combi Take a new car, and ride 100 000 km in it. Than disassemble it to the last bolt, and look for malfunction. That would be the test of German magazine Auto Bild put simply. Skoda Octavia II Combi shines among the best. In the tablet of 45 the most dependable cars it was placed third. That means, before such maques as Mercedes, Audi or BMW. Better were only Mazda 6 and Toyota Prius.

What to say more? Skoda Octavia is an ideal family car and a favorite company car. It has beaten such legends in the test of reliability, as Volkswagen Golf or Touran, but also all the Mercedeses, BMWs or Audis.


Prague is Highly Sociable City

The company Ipsos made a research of how do people enjoy life in 14 world metropolises of five continents. “We asked, how do people perceive life in their city.” Tatiana Wartuschova said.

The research have i.a. proved most of the citizens enjoy city style of life and don’t think about moving. The biggest positive of Prague was stated to be ‘easy to mix in’ by 72% of asked, by which Prague is similar to Paris and New York. So Prague came out as a really sociable city.

The other outcome was, Prague is a really expensive city, as 87% stated it is essential to have ‘very high income’ to be happy there. As more expensive was labelled only London (88%) and New York (91%)

Neo-Nazi March in Prague Video Footage in English

10th November 2007. The day will be remembered as the Cristalnight anniversary with very violent course. The capital city of Prague had gone through the biggest police maneuvers in the past seven years, since the IMF meeting in 2000. The fighting groups were neo-nazis, anarchists and the police.

The right-wing radicals originally wanted to march thought the Old town Jewish town. However the synagogue was reached by just a few of them, as they were scattered by police forces. In the moment they were in smaller groups, they found themselves encircled by the police and ‘secured’. Confiscated weapons include clubs, knives and tear gas pistols.

There were few street fights, usually of small groups. Concerning the speaker of the Czech neo-nazis, Petr Kalinovsky, one would say he got what he deserved, as he was attacked at a site close to Rudolfinum and even when he fired two times at the (anarchist?) attackers by his tear gas gun, and he was beaten black and blue.

You can watch the news footage here:


CSA to Fly from Prague to Brno 3x a Day

737s The regular flight from Brno to Prague, that takes place two times a day, is to increase its possibilities by setting three flights a day. The new service should provide better connection of the main flights from Ruzyne Airport into other countries of the world. Martina Zabloudilova from CSA stated yesterday.

Until the end of the year, the company plans to increase frequency of the connections among the two Czech biggest cities in the country up to four a day. Brno offers flights to Moscow, London and Spanish Gerona on daily basis.


Charles University 660 Years Anniversary

CU Yesterday Monday marked Charles University anniversary. The oldest university in the Central Europe was founded exactly 660 years ago, from the will of the Emperor Charles IV. The original four faculties were the faculty of theology, faculty of law, faculty of medicine and faculty of arts.

Charles University is still the humanitarian center of education in the Czech Republic. The original students of the university were of four nations: Czech, Bavarian, Saxon and Polish. Nowadays, thanks to exchange students programmes, it hosts the best students from all around the world.


New Prague Metro Stations

letnany station under construction Construction of the Metro line C extension is progressing further to the northeast to connect the city center to the large housing blocks in Prosek.

tunnel The new track will be 4,6 km long. There will be three more stations (Strizkov, Prosek and Letnany) they are planned to open in May 2008.

Expenses are about 15,5 billions czk, the three stations take care of an area inhabited by 50 000 people.


First Czech Woman heading to North Pole

trace map Right now, the Czech Polar CENTRAL GROUP expedition is probably on its way to the centre of the North Pole. The three of them were able to use their satellite phone after few days of silence. The group is formed by two men, Dusan Kunovsky and Ladislav Franta and also Miluse Netolicka, the first Czech woman on the poles. Except for small frostbites, they are all right.

If everything goes according to the plan, they should reach the centre during the next few days. The progress is however quite difficult, as there are strong wind and severe frost, at the present moment around -40 Celsius. Greater danger is from the ‘negative drift’; the arctic ice is moving from the pole, and it is getting more and more cracked every year.

The group heads from Barneo Russian polar station, which is about 130km far from the pole. From the base, they go by ski. A part of resources is taken care of by a dog sledge, the rest has the group on their backs. A documentary movie should the outcome.


Welcome in Prague by Youtube

If you have a look at the server Youtube, you will see how Prague welcomes its visitors – it is almost morning, but the walls of the hotel room are shaking; at the door, there is a pile of beer and vodka and vine and whatever bottles. How did they got there? A group of grammar-school students went for a trip to Prague.

According the immediate impression of Prague, which one can get on Youtube, there is no better and cheaper place to get drunk. “Only the fittest can survive” states the introduction of the drinking videos of German students.

According to Prague Information Service, 63% of tourists look for information on the Internet. If you stay tuned on Youtube, you will, in few minutes, see many drunks and prostitutes, roaming Prague. I just want to add: the experience may differ. Everyone gets what he wants. Prague is not a city inhabited solely by drunks and prostitutes!

Continue to youtube here . Based on: MF Dnes

Arno (FR) Concert

arno He has a thick, hoarse voice. You could roll a few cigarettes and destille a few barrels of whiskey of it. Arno himself would speak about Sergi Gainsbourg and Tom Waits. Their songs were more influential than those of his fellow countryman, famous chansonnier Jacques Brel. They all love blues, jazz and country, they are all great composers, and at the same time very interesting poets.

Arno’s last album Jus de box, oscillating between sophisticated pop-rock and tormentors ballads. The deep-felt Jusqu’au bout can be put near Waits’ hits; waltz rhythm, piano and violin dress in Douce is in quality close to love songs of Serge Gainsbourg.

Arno makes nice music, which clearly proves francophone chanson found its future – as if the spirit of Serge Gainsbourg wentz into him.

Friday 18th April 2008, 19:30, Palác Akropolis, Kubelíkova 27, Praha 3


More Than 100 Elite Czech Troops to go to fight Al Qaeda in Afghanistan

czsoliders To be a member of Nato is not only about about the radar. U.S. Military operations against Al Qaeda and Taliban fighters continue, and the Czech Republic redeploys more than 100 elite troops to Afghanistan, according to the Defense Ministry.

The same unit served in Afghanistan in the same mission in 2006, during the ‘Enduring Freedom’ operation. The deployment needs to be approved by the Czech parliament. The Czech Republic currently has more than 300 soldiers in Afghanistan. So far, two Czech soldiers died there.

Artworks Returned back to CR

A team of Czech art experts was given a budget of 10 million czk (370t €) and sent to an auction with the only purpose: to get pieces of art back, where they came from. Christie’s auction house in Amsterdam put under the hammer more than 400 items from the Liechtenstein family’s art collection.

The name of Lichtenstein is associated with Lichtenstein (Ledebursky) Palace, where the family lived for generations, and where also once the pieces hung at walls. Some 28 items were won by the Czech team, including a valuable series of tapestries, a set of chairs, and a painting by the Dutch artist Breugel. These artifacts are now set to be returned to their original homes.

Psychic TV concert in Prague

Psychic TV is one of the most extravagant and provocative music groups, which have ever appeared on alternative electronic scene, Everything begun in 1981 with a trans-medial project, originally intended as a supergroup, with Ian Curtis of Joy Division in the front. He, unfortunately committed suicide. The group have, however, became a motive power of industrial music, creating under the influence of Markyz De Sade and William Burroughs and inspired by the murderer Charles Manson.

At the beginning the sound was more of pop music than anything else. But in 1983 they formed Psychic TV and included also traditional instruments to stage performances. They are known for their project, like the one where they in 1985 published 17 albums. Genesis O-ridger is world-known for his fan group, which became under the name of Genesis a Cult. He moved to California afterwards.

There, he started to cooperate with another icon, Timothy Leary, with whom they invented the term acid house. From his other project we can’t not mention his project pandrogeny, at which basis men and women (may) find harmony in being a hermaphrodite, at which basis he became something.. like woman.

At the door: 390 czk. 06th May 2008, Club Roxy, Prague

Pit bulls in Prague, new law proposal

sweet mother stafford Can you buy a pit bull in the Czech Republic? Sure! Can you keep it? Sure! If you know what you are doing, a strong dog can be a really good companion and your security service.

In the Czech Republic, you can buy or get there breeds: Akita, American bulldog, bull-mastiff, Chow, pit bull, Rottweiler, Staffordshire terrier, or even a famous Czech wolf hybrid called the Czechoslovak Shepperd, which is a breed you have seen in the ‘Dancing with Wolves’ movie.

There are almost no regulations or restrictions for these breeds. Of course, there are common-sense laws such as a dog should be on a leash etc. This is what a parliamentarian Jaronym Tejc from CSSD want to change. He proposes something like gun licence for strong dogs. We will see how this will develop, maybe we will get to see less of these really sweet or really deadly breeds on the streets in the future.


Prague Metro building anti-terrorist protection

The whole world 20th March 1995 watched the news in shock. Tokyo underground passengers were attacked by sarine gas by a religious cult Óm Shincrio. Back then, the gas killed twelve people and health of 54 was severely damaged. Over a thousand of passengers ended in hospitals.

Since then, Prague underground worked on security system. In one year, the Prague Metro should become the best protected underground in the world. Devices installed should identify slightest leak of dangerous chemical substances and immediately warn police and Metro security.

Anyway the magistrate doesn’t want to reveal details of security system, as it is a matter of classified information. The public in Prague mostly doesn’t even know there has been security system being developed for ten years.


Use a Zoo Bus

The Zoo in Prague is managing the flow of thousands of visitors everyday, but sometimes, the traffic around just doesn’t. Full parking lots, people parking wherever possible, or stuffing themselves into full buses. Now, this may became a history, because the Zoo brought a long–expected innovation – a Zoo bus.

It goes every 10 minutes, every weekend, at the same trace as the bus 112, which means from Nadrazi Holesovice (Metro C) to Troja, and back, without changing or unnecessary stopping. And the best news – it is free for everyone. And what is inside? LCD television with movies or Zoo information. Do you want to try?


Power shovel dug out Fox cubs in Prague

There is eight of them, and they squeak so loud, as if there was at least twice as much of them. The exotic capture animals station in Prague hosts them, and the employees reportedly love them.

The cubs were brought by the police, which got them from the building company, that was laying down some cables. As they were digging the ground, they found their fox-earth. The mother was probably scared by the noise and run away.

To find foxes in Prague is unique. Even on the outskirts. The personnel have reported the siblings are quite crawly, so they have to watch where do they escape. There are visitors coming to see them, foresters drive long miles for the little foxes.

Because they are not aggressive at all, the station have agreed with a zoo spot in Prague Chuchle, who will take the foxes from them. But they have to grow up first.


Hooligans Spree worth 19t Euro

Police have accused 21 people after the derby, Strahov stadium got damages worth 0,5 millions czk (19t €). Two of hooligans are accused of attacking a policeman, one policeman got also burned by a smoke candle.

The Monday match brought violence, which has not been seen at a Czech football match yet. The stadium controller counted the total of 500 ripped seats; 400 of them at the site of Sparta fans.

It only demonstrated the necessity of new anti-hooligan laws, which are practically non-existent here in the CR. As violence of ultras is increasing every year, the present situation will only lead to some serious injury in the future. We need to learn from England, how to deal with rowdies, as soon as possible.


Kofola Expands

kofola-0,5 Czech company Kofola fuses with Hoop, the biggest Polish beverage producer. From that springs a group with year income over 10 billions czk (400 mil €). The new group will enterprise in five countries with total of 210 millions citizens, and its stocks will be traded at Warsaw stock market.

The new formation of Kofola-Hoop will be directed by the owners of Kofola, who own 57% share. The second biggest shareholder is with almost 15% one of the Hoop company founders Marek Jutkiewicz.

Hoop company is after Coca-cola and Pepsi second biggest producer of soft drinks in Poland. It also acts on Russian market, where it gets 1,9 millions czk of sales. Its total sales exceeded 6 billions czk (222 mil €) per year.

Sms Tickets Becoming a Hit

The sms ticket project has been working in Prague for just four months, but there are already debates, whether this way of selling will replace traditional paper tickets. What is for sure, the number of passengers travelling with sms tickets will grow steadily on, also because similar projects are planed to be realized by other larger cities in the republic.

The speaker of Prague Public Transport company (MHD) states: “sms ticket has really caught on in Prague. In average, 20 thousand travelers use it everyday.” The total of sold tickets is about 270 thousand. Which means – every 13th ticket in Prague is bought by a mobile phone.


Dvorakova Praha - Festival of Classical Music

Prague will have a new festival of Classical Music. The international display Dvorakova Praha or New world among festivals starts in Prague Rudolfinum 16th August and continues until 4th September. Festival intendant is Vladimir Darjanin. In three weeks the organizers want to make 15 concerts, from that nine orchestral ones, three chamber and three recitals – lyric, violin and piano.

The programme offers pieces of Antonin Dvorak in wider scale, but also favorite pieces of e.g. Felix Mendelssohn-Bartoldy, Dimirtij Sostakovicz, Petr Iljic Cajkovski, Leos Janacek and also W.A. Mozart. The opening concert will be taken care of by Czech Philharmonic, which will, under the baton of Austria-Romanian conductor Ion Martin, play Dvoraks’ From the New World.

The solo players will include a pianist Ivan Moravec in Shuman’s Piano concert. To participate have also agreed violoncellist Jiri Barta, Switzerland conductor Charles Dutoit, German sopranist Charles Dutoit.


Derby of Two Prague 'S' Ended by Draw

Yesterday brought strong football match against the two Prague teams, which antipathies are well known. Hosting was Slavia at Prague Stadion Strahov, their last match before their very own stadium will be finished. Sparta was stronger in the first half, but they scored no goals. After sites change, Slavia scored first goal, but than they received one.

More was not allowed by crowds of hooligans at both sides, who started their rampage, ripped seats and throw them to the racing track, fired flares, smoke and regular crackers, after which the game needed to be discontinued a few times, but still the place looked like a battlefield. Special police than cleared the place a little, but players didn’t get to concentrate on the game since.

Slavia : Sparta 1:1, Slavia is still the leader of league.

Spring mood: Prague Zoo visited by Record-breaking numbers

The Prague Zoo has welcomed 17.000 people yesterday, which is the historical maximum. The record-day of 16.000 visitors was in 2002. The reason is very warm and pleasant spring weather, which pulls people out from their flats.

The other day, which will be also very potent in visitor number, will be this Saturday. The Zoo prepares for a festive opening of the new pavilion, which hosts oriental Indian Gavials.


Secret Design of new Prague Tramways Revealed

The newcomer to the Prague family of tramways finally has its picture on the net. Made by Skoda, T15 should be a combination of highly effective design, performance and durability.

The difference from the older T14 would be design of this series was made by a Czech, not by Porsche like the last one. His name is Patrik Kotas, and neither he, nor Skoda want to talk about the model, before it will be officially introduced.

Prague has ordered 250 units. First T15 should get to Prague in 2009. Skoda deputies stated development cost over half billion czk. Lifespan of T15 should be 15 years longer than those of 1960’s (which have been in function for almost 50 years) and has 40% lower energy consumption.


Darren Emerson: ex-Underworld in Prague

Darren Emerson is one of the most influential figures in dance music, an accolade that after a career spanning more than 17 years and counting. With Rick Smith and Karl Hyde had been in a band together for several years and needed a new injection from a DJ/Producer – in the form of Darren – and the rest is, well… Underworld.

darrenemerson Signed to Junior Boys Own – whom Darren was already producing for, the band released three Albums: ‘Dubnobasswithmyheadman’, ‘Second Toughest in the Infant’ and ‘Beaucoup Fish’ – and have since sold over a million albums world-wide. Their hits include ‘Cowgirl’, ‘Rez’, ‘Dark and Long’ and of course, ‘Born Slippy’ – all classics.

As well as their chart success, Underworld were renowned for their stunning and unpredictable live shows. 2000 saw Darren depart from the band and go at it solo. Although Underworld had been his passion for 10 years, it was time to branch out; expand his DJíng and work with producers he was meeting on his travels across the world.

In 2003, his Underwater label was voted ‘label of the year’ by DJ mag and went from strength to strength releasing albums and singles from its ever growing and increasingly varied roster of artists. Darren continues his hugely successful Underwater residency at London’s The End, which is now in its 7th year. The residency began in February 2001 and has since seen the likes of Fatboy Slim, Josh Wink, Carl Craig, Tim Deluxe, D. Ramirez and Yousef.

ENTRY ON DOOR: 490 CZK / VIP: 1290 CZK / PRE-SALE 390 CZK / START: 22.00 / a / INFO:

Fri 18th April 2008, MECCA, U Pruhonu street 3, Prague 7