Compact archive April 1, 2008

Dvorakova Praha - Festival of Classical Music

Prague will have a new festival of Classical Music. The international display Dvorakova Praha or New world among festivals starts in Prague Rudolfinum 16th August and continues until 4th September. Festival intendant is Vladimir Darjanin. In three weeks the organizers want to make 15 concerts, from that nine orchestral ones, three chamber and three recitals – lyric, violin and piano.

The programme offers pieces of Antonin Dvorak in wider scale, but also favorite pieces of e.g. Felix Mendelssohn-Bartoldy, Dimirtij Sostakovicz, Petr Iljic Cajkovski, Leos Janacek and also W.A. Mozart. The opening concert will be taken care of by Czech Philharmonic, which will, under the baton of Austria-Romanian conductor Ion Martin, play Dvoraks’ From the New World.

The solo players will include a pianist Ivan Moravec in Shuman’s Piano concert. To participate have also agreed violoncellist Jiri Barta, Switzerland conductor Charles Dutoit, German sopranist Charles Dutoit.


Derby of Two Prague 'S' Ended by Draw

Yesterday brought strong football match against the two Prague teams, which antipathies are well known. Hosting was Slavia at Prague Stadion Strahov, their last match before their very own stadium will be finished. Sparta was stronger in the first half, but they scored no goals. After sites change, Slavia scored first goal, but than they received one.

More was not allowed by crowds of hooligans at both sides, who started their rampage, ripped seats and throw them to the racing track, fired flares, smoke and regular crackers, after which the game needed to be discontinued a few times, but still the place looked like a battlefield. Special police than cleared the place a little, but players didn’t get to concentrate on the game since.

Slavia : Sparta 1:1, Slavia is still the leader of league.

Spring mood: Prague Zoo visited by Record-breaking numbers

The Prague Zoo has welcomed 17.000 people yesterday, which is the historical maximum. The record-day of 16.000 visitors was in 2002. The reason is very warm and pleasant spring weather, which pulls people out from their flats.

The other day, which will be also very potent in visitor number, will be this Saturday. The Zoo prepares for a festive opening of the new pavilion, which hosts oriental Indian Gavials.


Secret Design of new Prague Tramways Revealed

The newcomer to the Prague family of tramways finally has its picture on the net. Made by Skoda, T15 should be a combination of highly effective design, performance and durability.

The difference from the older T14 would be design of this series was made by a Czech, not by Porsche like the last one. His name is Patrik Kotas, and neither he, nor Skoda want to talk about the model, before it will be officially introduced.

Prague has ordered 250 units. First T15 should get to Prague in 2009. Skoda deputies stated development cost over half billion czk. Lifespan of T15 should be 15 years longer than those of 1960’s (which have been in function for almost 50 years) and has 40% lower energy consumption.


Darren Emerson: ex-Underworld in Prague

Darren Emerson is one of the most influential figures in dance music, an accolade that after a career spanning more than 17 years and counting. With Rick Smith and Karl Hyde had been in a band together for several years and needed a new injection from a DJ/Producer – in the form of Darren – and the rest is, well… Underworld.

darrenemerson Signed to Junior Boys Own – whom Darren was already producing for, the band released three Albums: ‘Dubnobasswithmyheadman’, ‘Second Toughest in the Infant’ and ‘Beaucoup Fish’ – and have since sold over a million albums world-wide. Their hits include ‘Cowgirl’, ‘Rez’, ‘Dark and Long’ and of course, ‘Born Slippy’ – all classics.

As well as their chart success, Underworld were renowned for their stunning and unpredictable live shows. 2000 saw Darren depart from the band and go at it solo. Although Underworld had been his passion for 10 years, it was time to branch out; expand his DJíng and work with producers he was meeting on his travels across the world.

In 2003, his Underwater label was voted ‘label of the year’ by DJ mag and went from strength to strength releasing albums and singles from its ever growing and increasingly varied roster of artists. Darren continues his hugely successful Underwater residency at London’s The End, which is now in its 7th year. The residency began in February 2001 and has since seen the likes of Fatboy Slim, Josh Wink, Carl Craig, Tim Deluxe, D. Ramirez and Yousef.

ENTRY ON DOOR: 490 CZK / VIP: 1290 CZK / PRE-SALE 390 CZK / START: 22.00 / a / INFO:

Fri 18th April 2008, MECCA, U Pruhonu street 3, Prague 7