Compact archive April 2, 2008

Use a Zoo Bus

The Zoo in Prague is managing the flow of thousands of visitors everyday, but sometimes, the traffic around just doesn’t. Full parking lots, people parking wherever possible, or stuffing themselves into full buses. Now, this may became a history, because the Zoo brought a long–expected innovation – a Zoo bus.

It goes every 10 minutes, every weekend, at the same trace as the bus 112, which means from Nadrazi Holesovice (Metro C) to Troja, and back, without changing or unnecessary stopping. And the best news – it is free for everyone. And what is inside? LCD television with movies or Zoo information. Do you want to try?


Power shovel dug out Fox cubs in Prague

There is eight of them, and they squeak so loud, as if there was at least twice as much of them. The exotic capture animals station in Prague hosts them, and the employees reportedly love them.

The cubs were brought by the police, which got them from the building company, that was laying down some cables. As they were digging the ground, they found their fox-earth. The mother was probably scared by the noise and run away.

To find foxes in Prague is unique. Even on the outskirts. The personnel have reported the siblings are quite crawly, so they have to watch where do they escape. There are visitors coming to see them, foresters drive long miles for the little foxes.

Because they are not aggressive at all, the station have agreed with a zoo spot in Prague Chuchle, who will take the foxes from them. But they have to grow up first.


Hooligans Spree worth 19t Euro

Police have accused 21 people after the derby, Strahov stadium got damages worth 0,5 millions czk (19t €). Two of hooligans are accused of attacking a policeman, one policeman got also burned by a smoke candle.

The Monday match brought violence, which has not been seen at a Czech football match yet. The stadium controller counted the total of 500 ripped seats; 400 of them at the site of Sparta fans.

It only demonstrated the necessity of new anti-hooligan laws, which are practically non-existent here in the CR. As violence of ultras is increasing every year, the present situation will only lead to some serious injury in the future. We need to learn from England, how to deal with rowdies, as soon as possible.


Kofola Expands

kofola-0,5 Czech company Kofola fuses with Hoop, the biggest Polish beverage producer. From that springs a group with year income over 10 billions czk (400 mil €). The new group will enterprise in five countries with total of 210 millions citizens, and its stocks will be traded at Warsaw stock market.

The new formation of Kofola-Hoop will be directed by the owners of Kofola, who own 57% share. The second biggest shareholder is with almost 15% one of the Hoop company founders Marek Jutkiewicz.

Hoop company is after Coca-cola and Pepsi second biggest producer of soft drinks in Poland. It also acts on Russian market, where it gets 1,9 millions czk of sales. Its total sales exceeded 6 billions czk (222 mil €) per year.

Sms Tickets Becoming a Hit

The sms ticket project has been working in Prague for just four months, but there are already debates, whether this way of selling will replace traditional paper tickets. What is for sure, the number of passengers travelling with sms tickets will grow steadily on, also because similar projects are planed to be realized by other larger cities in the republic.

The speaker of Prague Public Transport company (MHD) states: “sms ticket has really caught on in Prague. In average, 20 thousand travelers use it everyday.” The total of sold tickets is about 270 thousand. Which means – every 13th ticket in Prague is bought by a mobile phone.