Compact archive April 3, 2008

More Than 100 Elite Czech Troops to go to fight Al Qaeda in Afghanistan

czsoliders To be a member of Nato is not only about about the radar. U.S. Military operations against Al Qaeda and Taliban fighters continue, and the Czech Republic redeploys more than 100 elite troops to Afghanistan, according to the Defense Ministry.

The same unit served in Afghanistan in the same mission in 2006, during the ‘Enduring Freedom’ operation. The deployment needs to be approved by the Czech parliament. The Czech Republic currently has more than 300 soldiers in Afghanistan. So far, two Czech soldiers died there.

Artworks Returned back to CR

A team of Czech art experts was given a budget of 10 million czk (370t €) and sent to an auction with the only purpose: to get pieces of art back, where they came from. Christie’s auction house in Amsterdam put under the hammer more than 400 items from the Liechtenstein family’s art collection.

The name of Lichtenstein is associated with Lichtenstein (Ledebursky) Palace, where the family lived for generations, and where also once the pieces hung at walls. Some 28 items were won by the Czech team, including a valuable series of tapestries, a set of chairs, and a painting by the Dutch artist Breugel. These artifacts are now set to be returned to their original homes.

Psychic TV concert in Prague

Psychic TV is one of the most extravagant and provocative music groups, which have ever appeared on alternative electronic scene, Everything begun in 1981 with a trans-medial project, originally intended as a supergroup, with Ian Curtis of Joy Division in the front. He, unfortunately committed suicide. The group have, however, became a motive power of industrial music, creating under the influence of Markyz De Sade and William Burroughs and inspired by the murderer Charles Manson.

At the beginning the sound was more of pop music than anything else. But in 1983 they formed Psychic TV and included also traditional instruments to stage performances. They are known for their project, like the one where they in 1985 published 17 albums. Genesis O-ridger is world-known for his fan group, which became under the name of Genesis a Cult. He moved to California afterwards.

There, he started to cooperate with another icon, Timothy Leary, with whom they invented the term acid house. From his other project we can’t not mention his project pandrogeny, at which basis men and women (may) find harmony in being a hermaphrodite, at which basis he became something.. like woman.

At the door: 390 czk. 06th May 2008, Club Roxy, Prague

Pit bulls in Prague, new law proposal

sweet mother stafford Can you buy a pit bull in the Czech Republic? Sure! Can you keep it? Sure! If you know what you are doing, a strong dog can be a really good companion and your security service.

In the Czech Republic, you can buy or get there breeds: Akita, American bulldog, bull-mastiff, Chow, pit bull, Rottweiler, Staffordshire terrier, or even a famous Czech wolf hybrid called the Czechoslovak Shepperd, which is a breed you have seen in the ‘Dancing with Wolves’ movie.

There are almost no regulations or restrictions for these breeds. Of course, there are common-sense laws such as a dog should be on a leash etc. This is what a parliamentarian Jaronym Tejc from CSSD want to change. He proposes something like gun licence for strong dogs. We will see how this will develop, maybe we will get to see less of these really sweet or really deadly breeds on the streets in the future.


Prague Metro building anti-terrorist protection

The whole world 20th March 1995 watched the news in shock. Tokyo underground passengers were attacked by sarine gas by a religious cult Óm Shincrio. Back then, the gas killed twelve people and health of 54 was severely damaged. Over a thousand of passengers ended in hospitals.

Since then, Prague underground worked on security system. In one year, the Prague Metro should become the best protected underground in the world. Devices installed should identify slightest leak of dangerous chemical substances and immediately warn police and Metro security.

Anyway the magistrate doesn’t want to reveal details of security system, as it is a matter of classified information. The public in Prague mostly doesn’t even know there has been security system being developed for ten years.