Compact archive April 9, 2008

Czech MPs to Pay for Public Transport ?

Student Agency managed to bring havoc into the field of inter- city transportation by setting up a competitive environment.

Czech legislators are guaranteed free transport by the state. As the law was passed at the time when all transport companies were state- owned, it doesn’t say what should a private transport company do if a legislator decides to use its services for free.

Student Agency’s director, Radim Jancura, decided to bring the question to court and the court decided just the way he wanted: a private enterprise does not have to serve our MPs for free.

Now there’s a problem: there are those who say that Prague DPP (the Prague transport company) is a private enterprise so the MPs, when they do use the system, should pay for a ticket like anyone else.

But the Czech MPs obviously consider paying couple hundred crowns a month too large an investment, or they feel it would be degrading for a member of Parliament to have his transport ticket checked. They just don’t like the prospect.

Should They Pay? The whole article here

Skoda Octavia is incredibly reliable car

Skoda Octavia II Combi Take a new car, and ride 100 000 km in it. Than disassemble it to the last bolt, and look for malfunction. That would be the test of German magazine Auto Bild put simply. Skoda Octavia II Combi shines among the best. In the tablet of 45 the most dependable cars it was placed third. That means, before such maques as Mercedes, Audi or BMW. Better were only Mazda 6 and Toyota Prius.

What to say more? Skoda Octavia is an ideal family car and a favorite company car. It has beaten such legends in the test of reliability, as Volkswagen Golf or Touran, but also all the Mercedeses, BMWs or Audis.


Prague is Highly Sociable City

The company Ipsos made a research of how do people enjoy life in 14 world metropolises of five continents. “We asked, how do people perceive life in their city.” Tatiana Wartuschova said.

The research have i.a. proved most of the citizens enjoy city style of life and don’t think about moving. The biggest positive of Prague was stated to be ‘easy to mix in’ by 72% of asked, by which Prague is similar to Paris and New York. So Prague came out as a really sociable city.

The other outcome was, Prague is a really expensive city, as 87% stated it is essential to have ‘very high income’ to be happy there. As more expensive was labelled only London (88%) and New York (91%)

Neo-Nazi March in Prague Video Footage in English

10th November 2007. The day will be remembered as the Cristalnight anniversary with very violent course. The capital city of Prague had gone through the biggest police maneuvers in the past seven years, since the IMF meeting in 2000. The fighting groups were neo-nazis, anarchists and the police.

The right-wing radicals originally wanted to march thought the Old town Jewish town. However the synagogue was reached by just a few of them, as they were scattered by police forces. In the moment they were in smaller groups, they found themselves encircled by the police and ‘secured’. Confiscated weapons include clubs, knives and tear gas pistols.

There were few street fights, usually of small groups. Concerning the speaker of the Czech neo-nazis, Petr Kalinovsky, one would say he got what he deserved, as he was attacked at a site close to Rudolfinum and even when he fired two times at the (anarchist?) attackers by his tear gas gun, and he was beaten black and blue.

You can watch the news footage here:


CSA to Fly from Prague to Brno 3x a Day

737s The regular flight from Brno to Prague, that takes place two times a day, is to increase its possibilities by setting three flights a day. The new service should provide better connection of the main flights from Ruzyne Airport into other countries of the world. Martina Zabloudilova from CSA stated yesterday.

Until the end of the year, the company plans to increase frequency of the connections among the two Czech biggest cities in the country up to four a day. Brno offers flights to Moscow, London and Spanish Gerona on daily basis.