Compact archive April 10, 2008

New Prague Tramways T15 Pictures

The new type of Prague Tramways, made by Skoda, have revealed its looks two weeks ago. Now, Skoda Holding have revealed new photographs of the T15 model series.

Test rides have started already, but the first time we will be able to ride in one of these will be probably next year. One T15 Tram costs 66 mil czk (2,5 mil €)

The tram is made by three joined units, which create space for up to 300 passengers. It is barrier-free. The limit for maximal speed is 60km/h, its interior is air-conditioned.

Passengers can vote on, which interior design they like the most. The one with comfy, fabric chairs, or the wooden, durable anti-vandalism version.

Pictures by Skoda Holding. Click for enlargement.


Prague Suicide Bridge is No longer a Place for Self-murderers

Nuselsky Bridge Nuselsky most, on which were installed new sheet metal obstacles last year, does not provide for suicides any more.

The bridge was completed in 1973 up to now. It provides almost key connection of certain Prague’s districts, plus it carries the underground (red line C). From the architect’s point of view, it is said to be a really extraordinary structure, mainly because it was build solely of iron and concrete.

Since the new iron obstacles were installed in Autumn 07, the emergency had to go to Nuselsky Bridge only 16 times, however none of these attempts was finished. Prague so loses one of its negative dominants, which over 300 people have chosen as their bridge to the other world so far.

Czech Foreign Secretary: Politics should boycott the Olympics in Peking

Karel Schwarzenberg, the Foreign Secretary of the Czech Republic appeals to politics to boycott the Olympic Games. After yesterday meeting with his French counterpart Bernard Kouchner, Schwarzenberg invited politicians to boycott initiating of the summer Olympics in Peking.

“I would be happy, if European politicians didn’t go to the Olympics in Peking.” Schwarzenberg stated. He however admitted, it is not the official stance of Czech government: “It is my personal opinion and I am not going to blame my colleagues, if they decide to go to the Olympic Games.” The leader of Czech Government Mirek Topolanek admitted the boycott “is possible”.

Police confiscates only old cars

MF Dnes brougt this interesting finding to attention. The police talks about confiscation as a tool to get those who repeatedly drive drunk or without papers out of streets. But it has a flaw; only old cars worth few tens of thousands czk (about 1-3t €) end on police parking lots. The police do not confiscate more expensive cars.

“The value of a confiscated thing mustn’t be disproportional with seriousness of an act.” Jaromira Petrackova stated for MF Dnes. She added afterwards: “We would definitely confiscate more expensive cars, too. But this has not happened yet.” So only used cars can get confiscated? The Interior Minister Langer stated this needs and will be changed.


Czech Season at North Pole

L-200 Morava the first model flew in 1957 Czech flying polar expedition has come back home, after successfully getting to the North pole by the historic airplane L-200 Morava with Petr Bold and Richard Santus. On its way, it parked on an iceberg by the Russian base Barneo. The L-200 Morava airplane has two propeller machines, and its first model flew in 1957.

Right now, other two expeditions are heading there, both by foot. A member of one of these groups is Miluse Netolicka, who could become the first Czech lady on the Pole. The group is struggling because of very strong wind, -40 frost, and also the so. called negative drift, which means, the ice they are on moves in opposite direction than they are going.