Compact archive April 11, 2008

Chinese Officials Noticed Tibet Support, Demand Apology

As the international attention is now focused on human right violations in China, Chinese government is getting angry. Such can be the explanation of Cai Liho, Chinese minister of education decision to chancel planned agreement on student exchange program. Reason? Because the Green Party hung a Tibetan Flag from their club window. As the Czech education minister is a member of the Greens who support Tibet openly, the official meeting was cancelled.

“To display the so called Tibetan flag means direct support of Tibetan independence, we cannot accept that.” the Chinese embassy in Prague interpreted. The Chinese Embassy spokesman Zhou Qian explains: “Tibet is an integral part of the People’s Republic of China, and the act as such has outraged the people of China. Right now it wouldn’t be appropriate to meet with the Czech delegation.”

Liska commented for the server: “Reaction of China to me and my resort displays our critique of the state of the human rights didn’t come unnoticed. Activity to obstruct or complicate closer cooperation on the field of education demonstrates the true nature of Chinese politics.”

April 2008 Weather in Czech Republic

In the Czech Republic, spring definitely wins over winter. Another 30 days should be over average in temperatures and rainfalls. The beginning of May should greet us with temperatures around 25 Celsius, according to Czech Hydro-meteorological office.

In the time from 11 to 20 of April should bring same heavy raining, with day temperatures around 16 Celsius, but supposedly higher. At the end of April, day temperatures should be up to 20 Celsius. If you are interested in exact Prague weather forecast, click.


The first Czech Lady on the North Pole Succeeded

Miluse Netolicka stood on the North Pole as the first Czech lady on Wednesday evening. Return of the group was however quite difficult. The expedition expected to be picked up shortly after reaching the pole by a helicopter from Barneo Russian station. But because of strong wind it burned more fuel and needed to come back, and return for the group yesterday evening.

Yesterday morning she gave a telephone interview for Cesky Radiozurnal, where she unburden her situation: “…we have no fuel to the cooker, we have no food, right now we have nothing. Dogs had last meal yesterday, we slept in wet things… we pray and wait.” But than, everything improved, and yesterday evening she let us know they are safe and sound.


Czech Government may not go to the Olympics

china flag “The Olympic Games fell into crisis” Said the leader of The International Olympic Committee Jacques Rogge. He was than taken short by the Chinese, not to ‘put together sport and politics’.

Lidove Noviny informed of their research among ministers (the Czech Republic government has 18 members) They asked 14 of them, 11 would not recommend Mirek Topolanek’s trip to the opening ceremony, 3 would let the decision on him. Topolanek previously stated, he will leave the decision on his government.

Clear attitude has the Green Party – they are against abomination of human rights in Tibet, and officially support Dali Lama. Similar opinion has the KDU-CSL, who are simply not going. Members of the leading ODS are united in their opinions: “we strongly recommend he should not go there.”


One Night! With Spooky (uk)

spooky Legends of house/techno style come back to Prague to prove they are still in good shape. Charlie May and Duncan Forbes signed to Guerilla Records in January 1992 for their first single Don’t Panic released under the name ‘Spooky’ came out. From the release of their first single, Spooky went from strength to strength.

Over the next five years Spooky continued to expand their live concept over three UK tours as well as two European tours and took part in the Midi Circus alongside Orbital, Underworld, Aphex Twin and the Drum Club.

They’ve remixed tracks for the likes of Ultramarine, William Orbit, Sven Vath, Lush, Natacha Atlas as well as various collaborations with other artists.

2002 Spooky album Belong was released on Deviant records and received much airplay by day as well as night on Radio 1 in the UK . John Digweed included one of the mixes on his compilation MMII. Sasha then remixed Belong and included it on his Global Underground CD “Involver”.

2005 saw them team up with Sasha at their studio in London and together they did 2 remixes of Depeche Mode’s single Precious – they were released as Sasha’s Spooky and Gargantuan mixes.

Entry Until 23:00: 100czk, after 23:00 200czk. 30th April 2008, Club Roxy in Prague Dlouha street.