Compact archive April 14, 2008

New Czech Crown Record: 23 czk = 1 €

The Czech currency has gone through one of its biggest leaps in the history. During the night from 13 to 14th April 08 it cut all the records and strengthened to 23 CZK for one Euro.

During Friday, the price moved around 25 czk, and even when the incredible 23 czk for 1 € was available for only half an hour, the Czech currency came back to 25 after that, it is a clear sign it will gain more strength in near future.

The crown reacts on the foreign markets activity; businessmen at Asian markets started to buy the currency, and because there were no deals going on at the time in Europe, a small number of purchases was able to get it to such point. The currency constantly gains strength.

Bio Food Getting Popular in Czech Republic

biocow Sales of Bio Food increase. Czechs have spend for the food with Bio label 1,29 bil czk (49,6 mil €) compared to 2006 it is 70% more. Bio-market is supposed to grow in the coming years steadily on. An average Czech have spent 126czk on bio-food last year. Bio food have gained for the fist time more than half of a percent – 0,55%.

Notable increase was of bio fruit and vegetable. Five and a half percent of total sales of the category is in bio-fruit and bio-vegetables. But as a matter of fact, 80% of the vegetable is imported, most from Austria and Italy. This is caused by later development in the area, so the dealers need to import, before greater part of our farms become bio-farms. This should take 2-3 years.

Based on Green Marketing annual bulletin

First Prague Parade in 2008 – Techno

About 300 fans of techno gathered on Saturday on a techno parade which motto was Legalize Squatting. The parade went from Paladskeho namesti to Albertov. The crowd with techno-system-vans was accompanied with police officers from the front and back, however there was no action taken as the crowd’s intentions were mostly based on having fun.

According to the organizers, squats in empty houses in the CR and in Germany are being violently cleared by the police, only to be let empty before fall down. They have the opinion those can be used for realization of culture projects.


Gavials have opened! In Prague Zoo

gavial in prague zoo The Prague zoo opened a new pavilion for endangered crocodiles. Out of India, only ten zoos in four countries have them. The Prague group of three males and four females is one of the biggest. Gavials in Prague zoo are still young. They are about 3,5 years and 1,2-1,7 metre. When adult, they should have up to 5,5 metre.

gavial pavillon The Prague Zoological garden will probably move even higher in the Forbes magazine list. “it is a complete rarity” said Petr Fejk, the manager. “in all the zoos of the world, there is only 19 of them.” Fejk also labelled the presence of those animals in Prague for an act with international overlap.

The scarce crocodiles needed to have a brand new pavilion build. It is called Chambal, after one of the few rivers in India, where a large group of gavials still lives.


Another Czechs on the Pole

This is the third news of this kind in one week; but at least we can be happy all the Czechs are well and content. The first group of Petr Bold and Richard Santus reached North pole by the historic airplane L-200 Morava. The second group went on foot, Miluse Netolicka stood on the North Pole as the first Czech lady on Wednesday evening.

Another Czech expedition of Petr Horky and Miroslav Jakes coped with 150 km in twelve days and they stood on the North pole on Saturday. That 150 km on foot means, they are the longest-route Czech expedition. They even reached the pole four days before the expected date, so now they will probably have to wait for their helicopter to pick them up in a few days.