Compact archive April 17, 2008

Celine Dion Concert in Prague

International recognition came to Celine Dion about when she was awarded the Gold Medal at the Yamaha World Song Festival in Tokyo and concurrently, the much sought after Musician’s Award for Top Performer. As well, in 1983, Dion received a Gold Record in France, the very first Canadian to do so.

Moreover, Celine was awarded numerous Felix Awards and had many platinum albums, culminating in 1988 with the distinguished Eurovision Song Contest in Dublin Ireland. Celine sang live before a 600 million-television audience throughout Europe.

Celine’s career escalated to one of a pop icon known worldwide when she recorded the title song for Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. Celine has one of the world’s superlative voices mastering her craft with hit after hit. She is an international superstar.

Celine Dion heads to Prague via her Taking Chances World Tour 2008. She comes on 26th June 2008, 20:00, the concert takes place in O2 Arena, Previously known as Sazka Arena, Ocelarska 2, Prague 9

Seated tickets on basefloor at CZK 3 000 (Platinum), CZK 2 000 (Gold) and CZK 1 500, on 1st floor at CZK 1 800 and on the O2 floor at 4th floor at CZK 990. Parking: 250 CZK.


Court decided: Policeman Beaten Jacques according to Law

parliamentarians of the greens - liska, jacques and bursik tomas cermak Prague court of appeal decided; the ex-policeman Tomas Cermak, who attacked Katerina Jacques while she was demonstrating against a march of Neo-nazis and beaten her, did it legally.

The appeal court complied Cermak’s statement, he did nothing a policeman in his position shouldn’t do.

The court stated his act wasn’t tactically flawless, but he did nothing illegal. “Jacques herself is responsible for her acts. If she obeyed the police orders, she wouldn’t get hurt.” The senate chairman Vlasak commented.

It all happened during a demonstration in 2006. Cermak’s task was not to let opposers of neo-nazi nemonstration get to physical contact with the ‘National Resistance’ group. When the opposers were told to clear the way for the neo-nazis, Katerina Jacques didn’t followed. When Cermak wanted to take her into custody, she put up resistance. So he beaten and loaded her anyway.

Cermak had been dismissed from police forces, now when the court decided in favor of him, he stated he wants to come back to police, plus he wants to get finantial compensation.


Jan Svejnar going to found a think tank

Speculations on whether Jan Svejnar will become a member of the Czech senate proved as wrong, as Svejnar announced the LN he finally wants not to go to senate. Instead, he is going to found non-profit association, so called ‘think tank’. “What we are missing is sometning called think tank, or an institution which is independent, non-profit, above parties, not included into any political party, but acts in public life by gathering and analyzing information, studying analysis.” Svejnar describes.

Concerning the next presidential vote, he said (for LN again) he would ‘pack it in’ again. He didn’t meet with Klaus again, but when they parted, “We shake each other hand and said we will see each other in the future.” and even when they talked indiscriminately about each other, he doesn’t feel hate for the present president; “It was a normal competitive load.”

A think tank (also called a policy institute) is an organization, institute, corporation, or group that conducts research and engages in advocacy in areas such as social policy, political strategy, economy, science or technology issues, industrial or business policies, or military advice. Many think tanks are non-profit organizations, which in some countries such as the US and Canada provides them with tax exempt status. While many think tanks are funded by governments, interest groups, or businesses, some think tanks also derive income from consulting or research work related to their mandate. (Wikipedia)

Ztohoven trials continue

“I am NOT Tyc!” this is what stated the accused member of Ztohoven, who was supposed to change the faces of traffic light in Prague, or, as they stated, ‘to animate’ them. The whole story started at 48 Prague traffic light, and continues with steadily rising confusion at the court. The person signed under the art piece used a pseudonym ‘Tyc’ the person who was supposed to be Tyc now claims it is a blunder.

“My connection to Roman Tyc is very narrow, but we shouldn’t be interchanged – our physiognomy is so different, it is not possible to braid us.” said the 33 yo artist. But the accusant was clear – “His identity was proved.” The court now summons the policeman, who identified Tyc before.

The change of those, as Tys says, “boring and sad” lights, entertained Prague citizens and tourists, but the Technical board of communications don’t have sense of humor, and they want the artist to make amends worth 82 thousands czk ( 3,28t €). The Ztohoven last action with fictive atomic bomb explosion went ‘unpunished’

The Radar for Weapons? No!

We recently posted an article, dealing with the change in US base negotiationswe wrote it became something tit for tat. But the team of negotiators and deputies of Foreign and Defense Ministry Tomas Pojar and Martin Bartak words came with a new statement: Negotiations about possible army modernization has nothing to with agreement of the US Radar base.

Even when Marin Bartak said recently : “We asked the USA for cooperation in acquisition of middle-size transport tactical aircrafts within negotiations of the anti-missile defense.”

He now added: “It is not that we would say, that if we don’t get airplanes, the radar matter is over. It has never been like about conditioning. It has never been in the contract.” We are going to inform you, how the situation develops.