Compact archive April 18, 2008

Czech Crown Jewels from Saturday to See

Czech Crown. Click to enlarge The Prague Castle opens its Vladislavsky sal, which hosts exhibition of Czech Crown jewels, this Saturday. So, what should you know when you want to go there?

The shortest entry road comes from the metro station A Malostranska and from the tram station 22, 23, 18, 12 and 20 of the same name. To come inside the hall is possible only by Old Castle Stairs which lead to the Southern Castle gardens and to the old entry.

To park close to the castle is quite hard to do, the best is to use the public transport. The maximal daily capacity is about 5000 people a day, the entry is free. What you should bear in mind, is that even when the exhibition is opened 9-17, at 11 am the gate will be closed, who stays outside, have to try the next day. So it is necessary to arrive at the Old Gate much before 9am.

At the exhibition it is forbidden to take pictures or use a tv camera.


No Czech Representative Goes to the Olympic Games

From the officially invited representatives of the Czech Republic, no one is coming to see the Olympics in China. The President declared he has to undergo an operation at the time, the prime minister said he doesn’t go from ‘family reasons’ as his wife supports Tibet, the Education Minister Pavel Liska criticizes China politics against opposition openly.

The leader of Czech Senate Premysl Sobotka stated he doesn’t “like to travel and the way to Tibet (!) is long”. The last to announce his decision was the Speaker the House of Parliament, Miloslav Vlcek. His ‘excuse’ is that he doesn’t believe what media say, because they told him something different in Chinese Embassy, but he doesn’t go “because of ‘conformism‘”

The leader and chairman of the Czech Communist Party (KSCM) Vojtech Filip would probably go to China for the Opening Ceremony, but nobody has invited him yet.


Czechs Coming Home – Strong Currency Devalues Minimal Euro or Pound Salaries

applepicker This may change the whole perception of Czechs working abroad. I have personally met many Czechs, Slovaks and Poles in Britain, looking for work. The clearest example are fruit picking farms on the west, youth of these three nations are always working there. Many wonderful stereotypes can be tracked from this fact (unfortunately I can’t write about them in here, because I would get only hateful comments again).

What I am trying to say, America is not attractive because of falling dollar, but Europe starts being unattractive for unqualified or low jobs as well, as the minimum salary there minus charges and expenses (which are still 2-5 times higher than in the CR) in euros doesn’t even make the minimum salary minus the same in the Czech Republic. Of course I mean when you change the money in the present course 25 czk equals 1€. It even happened 1€ was worth only 23 czk.

It will bring changes in the international minimum-wage social scene, as the trefoil Czech – Poland – Slovakia is to be probably replaced by the couple Romania – Bulgaria. Those are countries which economy still didn’t quite recovered from healthy influence of the USSR.

Radecky's Statue to come back to Little Quarter?

Radetzky-von-radetz The Marshall Radecky’s memorial has disappeared from the eyes of public for ninety years, but still is a matter of feud.

Prague National Heritage Institute want to put the bronze memorial back to its original place, the Little Quarter. The opposers are český svaz bojovníků za svobodu (Czech Union of Freedom Fighters) and Legionarska Obce (Legionary Council)

For: Rehabilitate Radecky’s part in Czech History. He was a famous Czech born army-leader, who is said not to lose a battle, he was the one to work out the plan of the Battle of Nations, where Napoleon was defeated.

Against: Radecky was more an Austrian than a Czech, and he is a strong symbol of Austria Monarchy and Czechoslovak national enslavement in favour of the Austria-Hungary, where Czechs represented without exceptions second-class citizens.


A Gem Worth an Airplane in Prague

Now, when it is possible to see the Czech Crown Jewels, there is also another exhibition of precious diamond necklace from New York. The scarce jewel value is approximately of 15 million dollar. The unique yellow diamond, having 149,7 carats, is from yesterday exhibited in Prague Flora Shopping Palace. The natural, live yellow gem is protected by a complex security system.

It is here possible to buy, however the question is who would buy it. For one whole movie fee it could be bought by Angelina Jolie or Reese Witherspoon. The price is the same as the Bombardier Challenger aircraft of Bill Gates. The present owner is one of the most rich Israeli businessman Lev Leviev. You can see it in Flora shopping palace everyday from 9 to 21, the exhibition ends on 22th April.