Compact archive April 21, 2008

Ancient Egypt exhibition in Prague

Czech Egyptologists work has been going on for fifty years now. Those years of finding work are now exhibited in the Lichenstejnsky palac (Lichtenstein palace) at Kampa park.

It opened at 50th anniversary of Czech Egyptology institute and it is one of the many prepared events, which are prepared for this yer; The Year of Czech Egyptology.

The exhibition, presents the most precious pieces, found more than 20 years ago, when it was legal to take discoveries out of Egypt. Those are complemented with color photographers and a hour-long movie depicting the atmosphere from sites in Abusir.

The exhibition lasts until 27th April 2008


16th Birthday of Prague Club Roxy featuring Tom Middleton

tom middleton The Prague Elephant club Roxy celebrities. To hold for 16 years and to prove to be the best supplier of various but always quality music was definitely not easy. They had to overcome many obstacles, like when they had to buy the whole building Roxy is in (which at Prague 1 equals to buy 50 houses in the country) but the club proved be really sturdy, like the elephant it has in its crest.

What would be better celebration than a party? Of course there will be a party! Featuring Tom Middleton from the United Kingdom.

Profile: A classically-trained pianist and cellist, Tom discovered graffiti, breaking and surfing whilst living in Cornwall. He started going to clubs and met Richard James (Aphex Twin) in 1989. From there, he learned the science of sampling and synth programming. This friendship lead to Tom co-producing a track for the ‘Analogue Bubblebath’ EP as Schizophrenia, which has now reached cult status.

After graduating in Graphic Design in 1991, Tom met Mark Pritchard, a DJ with similar musical tastes. The pair formed a host of pseudonyms, the most popular of these was Jedi Knights, whose album ‘New School Science’ inspired everyone from The Prodigy & The Chemical Brothers to Daft Punk & the Freestylers.

Tom describes his music like this: timeless beautiful music with emotional sincerity, passion, soul and energy.

13th June 2008, 16th Roxy Birthday.


Investigation of Biggest Car Accident in CR history

illustration photo The police investigation led to the conclusion: The mass accident was caused by inadequate speed of drivers. At that time in March, over two hundreds of vehicles crashed into each other, creating the biggest mass car accident in the CR history. The total damages were evaluated to 28 millions czk, which is over 1 million €.

It was speeding together with no respect for the state in which the road – partly covered in ice – was, which is blamed. There were 93 accidents, 231 was damaged, from which two buses, 98 trucks and 131 private cars. Three people were heavily wounded, no one was killed. Three accidents were probably caused by negligence, as the one where a truck driver crushed into a bus wounding three.


Czech Republic to ban physical punishment?

If the Government and the House of the Parliament will certify the law proposal for children’s laws, those parents who have heavy hand could get into conflict with the law.

What would become illegal? The bureau uses the definition of OSN of physical punishment; to slap a child’s hand or other part of body, to humiliate the child, to make a child suffer mentally.

What should be fine: to tell a child off (without humiliation), to prohibit activities a child likes (TV, computer … )

To break the law wouldn’t lead to sanction yet. The new formula should only warn the public physical punishment is not ok. But The Czech Bureau for Human rights plans to institute a system of financial fines in the future.


If You are the Czech Prime Minister, than I am the Pope

The Czech Prime minister Mirek Topolanek wasn’t let in a discotheque at Cyprus at first. Topolanek’s group didn’t have any girls with them, so they weren’t let in.

Topolanek than came with the argumentation: “You know who I am?” But the bouncer only laughed, didn’t believe him to be the prime minister, and still the programme of the party, after the official visit at the President of Cyprus, was quite in danger.

Finally, Topolanek needed to call the owner of the club, who eventually let them in. Such problems at the same place had the French football player Zinedine Zidane. Rather surprising for a man with such a famous face. Or is it an intention of the club to create the air of VIPivity?