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Prices of Beer in Prague

The page brought an interesting insight – if you come to Prague for good and cheap beer, this could be your guide to both. The map depicts Prague parts with colours according to prices, with little glasses, representing pubs and restaurant.

As it goes with the web 2.0, the map is interactive, so it still grows in information and quality. Prague citizens themselves form the information part. And how to summarize it? If you have a beer at the Old Town Square, you can pay ten times more than in the rest of Prague. Prague 1 prices are equal to those in Britain, but if you move just a little, you can find beer in normal Prague price – 25 czk or less for a 0,5 l.

The interactive map of beer in Prague is here


Petr Cech in glare of popularity

Petr Cech became the global Adidas face. The German sportswear company announced yesterday that the goalkeeper of the Czech Football representation Petr Cech becomes a member of the global team of football stars of the company. That means, Czech will now be, for at least 5 years, a member of the “stall”, together with David Beckham, Kaká, Lionel Messi or Steven Gerrard. Adidas prepares a special series of products with Cech’s name.


The director of Terezin (Terezienstadt) doesn't allow Neo-nazis in

“I would like to offer you security protection of the National Cementary Terezin for the time necessary and if needed, even 24/7.” Such was the offer of The National Party in reaction for the fact, the Terezin Memorial got robbed of its bronze plates for metal, and that even when the investigation started, somebody continued in his metal hunt at Terezin.

But the manager of the memorial Munek reaction was very direct: “I refuse absolutely! They are neo-nazis, who have no business in Terezin. If they come, I will call the police.” he said for iDnes.

The Thieves have made damages worth 2,5 million czk. The bronze plates were found at a collection centre in Nehasice. The ministry of culture wants to prepare a project of areal protection.

Bush Night in Prague Roxy: Featuring London Electricity

london electricity Tony Colman was interested in jazz and similar styles since his youth, he played piano, guitar and singed. When he was 25, he formed jazz-funk music group Izit, which made a few hits and an acid jazz album The Whole Affair. Later on, he developed fascination with dance music, and so no wonder he in 1996, together with Chris Goss founded the London Electricity project. They opened Hospital Records in the very same year, hence founding one of the most known dnb labels.

Tony and Chris published their first record in 1999- Pull the Plug perfect vocals and atmosphere brought excellent critiques. It set a whole new course by which dnb started to head – into very complex brilliant arranges. Cris, though, left the project, so he can fully concentrate on work for the label. Tony stayed alone for the music, but the quality remains unchanged, as Billion Dollar Gravy was another great album the next year already.

Ticktepro: 220 czk, at the door 290 czk, 21th June 2008, Saturday, BUSHLondon Elektricity in Prague Roxy, Dlouha 22, Prague 1


Klaus uses his Boycott of National Library for Self-promotion

The old Klementinum, placed before the Charles Bridge piles historical, hundreds of years old books in undignified conditions, with the prospect of running definitely out of place in two years. The plan of the new national library Blob, which won the international contest and so should be already under construction so the librarians could finally be relieved of never-ending space problems, should have been their solution. But the matter is everything but solved. Klaus can be satisfied, though – he gets full media coverage, whenever he decides to drop a line on account of the award-winning project.

Vaclav Havel was a president of a different kind – the media just loved him, he made himself into a symbol of tolerance, peace, and liberation of ideas. He lost many years, health, and a possibility of conform live to communism, during which Klaus was already politically active, but on the other side. We know Klaus’ attitude for those long 20 years he has been at power; the only two topics he deals with are: Himself and critique of those who actually achieved something in the world.

When Klaus talks about himself, he praises. When about others, he throws dirt. Like this week, when he gave an interview for Grand Biblo: “I suspect a part of Kaplicky’s supporters of this bizarre project not because of love for the project, but because of hate for Vaclav Klaus, which is in the context of what could grow up in the centre, really an error.”

Allow me to now go through this sample a little bid. ‘I suspect a part of Kaplicky’s supporters’ – he refers only to a part, only a rhetorical device here ‘this bizarre project’ – the project won the international contest like e.g. the NATO central building, and it is bizarre? ‘not because of love for the project’ – who could love something he labelled as unfitting ‘their hate for Vaclav Klaus’ – me me me! Notice me, I am important! ‘in the context what should grow up in the centre’ – because of Klaus’ political pressure, there is high possibility the library (any project of the library) will be at the suburb, out of reach, which is just bad, but that doesn’t form a burden for him.

Klaus would like to shape the history, but the true is, a politician of his qualities will be forgotten as soon as he retires – he will leave behind no scripts like Havel, no schools like Masaryk, no great losses like Benes. This is Klaus’ greatest fear. History is written by winners, but to fight at local fights one starts is not the way it is done on presidential level of the 21st century. President is expected to fight for his country, not for his ego.

Added: How could I forgot! Of course there is something Klaus will be remembered for! During his era as The Finance Minister, when he reformed by privatization, the term ‘tunneling’ originated. So I apology, Klaus may be remembered for his failure as an ecconomist.

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