Compact archive April 24, 2008

Politician should say: We simply don't want Blob

blob - genial, but disliked by the powerful On one side there is the numerous group of Kaplicky’s Blob fans, led by the director of Library, Vlastimil Jezek. They are opposed by Vaclav Klaus, Pavel Bem and Prague representatives of the ODS.

Hospodarske noviny informed the anti-monopoly office manager Martin Pecina stated “ Everyone would like me to forbid it. But I am not eager to.” last week. But on Monday, he said in an interview for Pravo: “That library will never be there“ openly. He also stated the final word will have Prague representatives, who are ODS, and so they will never support the library”. “But no one will say that to Mr. Kaplicky openly like that. No one wants to look uncultured, so now they wait for me to forbid it, so I would be the one who looks uncultured.

The director of Library Jezek supported Pecina yesterday. “Those who will have the final word are politicians.” He is fed-up by 13 months of debates. “We have waited a year, to find out there are no rational reasons for not building the Blob. The politicians should simply say, they don’t want Blob”


The End of Haler (heller) in Czech Currency

In 1980’s one roll was 20h (haler – 100 haler is 1 czk) in 1990, it was 50h, in later years a roll was 1 czk. 2000’s – one roll is 1,5 czk, and it will be very soon 2czk everywhere – the inflation grows steadily, and with the prospect of converting to euro in approximately ten years, halers are to be abandoned.

The reason is simple – people do not use them prior to just using Czech Crowns and half adjust the price. Last year, only ten percent from the total number of 410 million coins, only 10% came back to the central bank. 410 million coins represent 369 tons of aluminium. Haler (heller) becomes monetary history in August 2008.
50 haler - the last heller coin -  goodbye

Czech Police seized suspect of Terezin thievery

Criminal police has seized the men who is believed to stole bronze plates with names of victims of Terezin concentration camp, from the Terezin national monument.

The police speaker announced they cannot grand any more information, as the investigation still goes on and there are probably more offenders.

If he will be found guilty, he can get up to eight years in prison. The police also works on proving the manager of the metal collection centre knew he is buying a memorial, he could get up to two years in prison.

The management of Terezin memorial plan to replace the present bronze plates with imitation from artificial resin, mixed with bronze dust. Such copies would look exactly like the original bronze, but would be useless for sale.