Compact archive April 28, 2008

Greenpeace protests against the Radar

illustration photo Members of the Greenpeace motion have occupied the hill, where the American radar should stand. About 20 activists build tents, some have settled in trees. The organization protests against the radar, they spread a huge cloth with a target. They plan to organize ‘cultural and social events’.

Signing of the radar treaty was planned on 5th May, however this will be probably moved, as the American Minister of Foreign Affairs Condoleezza Rice, who was supposed to come on invitation of Czech Minister of Foreign won’t be here. (Her colleague Sean McCormick supplied the information).


Kylie Minogue in Prague soon

One of the most expected concert of this year comes. The big show starts 12th May 2008 in Prague. Kylie Minogue is at her biggest tour of her singing career. The costumes for her show were made by the uber-famous French designer Jean Paul Gaultier. Her stylist William Baker said it is time Kylie would give up her hotpants and come with something which would show her more mature and charming.

“Dresses by Gaultier are incredibly sophisticated, we try to move them a level up.” Baker stated. Kylie is on a tour of her life: In less than 4 months, she is going to visit 33 European cities. One of her concerts will be in Prague O2 Arena. Her stage will be bigger than the one which was build there for Madonna.


The Blob story goes on and on

There was a new proposal of placing the Blob on Vysehrad, about which we didn’t inform because it was clear it won’t work. Pavel Bem was finally against in that case. But he may agree with Knizaks’ proposal of not building a Blob, but placing the very much needed new National Library into the building of the Congress Centre at Vysehrad.

Knizak has many opposers in whatever he does (right now, about 50 000 people signed a petition he should resign on his function of the leader of the National Gallery, but he is strongly in power) but this time he came with a proposal which could kill two birds with one stone; what to to with the congress centre and what to do with the National Library.

The Prague mayor Pavel Bem have arranged a meeting wit Knizak this week, where they should discuss the matter. The manager of the National Library Vlastimil Jezek however sees the matter as a nonsense, because to run the communist-constructed building costs a fortune, and to change it into a library would be too expensive as well.


Czech Parliament wastes paper?

MF Dnes brought an interesting insight of Czech Parliament meetings; it the times of computers and electronic documents, one law-making, which lasts two weeks, needs seven tons of paper, which costs 2,2 million czk. Still, this is only the paper used for law proposals for the M.P.

One member of parliament gets four thousand pages. If we piled the paper, it would make a tower 136 meters high. And most of it goes straight into a trashcan.

All the documents could be of course burned on cds, which would cost two-three thousans czk, the state could save millions. At least the MPs relize there is a problem they plan to solve. The leader of the parliament Miroslav Vlcek stated the law change will be ready in autumn.

Surprising Concert of Lenny Kravitz took place

Rocker Lenny Kravitz unexpectedly concerted in the centre of Prague close to Rudolfinum. He sung to flamed out fans on an improvised stage. The surroundings of the stage were however closely watched by a security agency and everything closely shoot by cameras.

That was why Kravitz came in the first place – to shoot an advertisement for a clothing company. The New-York singer and musician Lenny Kravitz appeared in Prague just for two days. He was accommodated in Four Seasons hotel, and his clothes ad has Rudolfinum as a background.