Compact archive April 30, 2008

No-confidence vote in the CR, third of present government

The coalition government of Mirek Topolanek have withstand third try of opposition of no-confidence vote. The opposition didn’t collect 101 votes necessary, it was narrow, though; for no-confidence voted 98 MPs.

The government is dangerous for the state and its citizens, Paroubek said. This becomes a kind of tradition, as this was the third shot Paroubek had to put the government down. Communist deputies also vote for the no confidence motion.

The starter was earlier this month, when the Constitutional Court ruled that the new sickness benefits law abolishing benefits for the first three days of sickness, which was a part of Julinek’s (ODS) health reform, is anti-constitutional.

Prague Sex Exhibition - Sex(ism)?

logo of the exhibition Theme: Sex as a power instrument, woman as a misuse subject or clever manipulator

The possibilities of visual arts provoke us to unveil things that are usually out of scope of our everyday communication. Descriptive presentation, often criticised, is considered insufficient as far as projection of erotic motives is concerned. Rightly described affinity touches the boundaries of what is usually called pornography. But is not pornography the most natural visual language of all? Things that we are unable to reflect become taboo, but taboo has become something that is no longer respected today. And there is another interesting aspect of this ever present and absolute freedom – intimacy. How do we relate to intimacy in various presentations of erotic motives? Does intimacy still have a meaning for us when we can calculate it? And how important is morality for us after its definition has been made relative? It looks as if there was only a soft and indistinct boundary between art and pornography in the best works of art. Entering sexual relations we find ourselves within an intricate communication network supported by a dominant hierarchic structure and the important question: „Who is using who?“ There are not many Czech artists who would find this topic open and appealing.

Participating artists: Andy Warhol, Corinna Schnitt, Katarzyna Kozyra, Elke Krystufek, Lenka Klodová, Franz Kapfer, Mark Ther, Ondřej Brody, Petra Pětiletá, Roy Stuart, Veronika Drahotová. Curator: Pavel Humhal

The exhibition is not suitable for persons under the age of 18!

Roy Stuart’s film „The Lost Door“, 2007 – 2008, 120 min., will be shown in the gallery on Wednesdays and Fridays from 6 p.m. The film is in French with English subtitles.

Andy Warhol’s film „Women in Revolt“, 1971, 95 min., will be shown in the gallery on Thursdays and Saturdays from 6 p.m. The film is in English.

Gallerie Vaclava Spaly (Vaclav Spala Gallery), Narodni 30, Praha 1. 34th April -15th June 2008


Kaplicky Adjusted Blob Size

In the partially adjusted design there is a slight change, Kaplicky announced the little piece of ground which was a problem for the City Hall won’t be used. “Our project team found a new solution, which will able the library realization on Prague Letna, on the place intended for it, and do so without change in the ground plan.” Said Jan Kaplicky in his declaration.

Meanwhile, the other declaration is still waited for – the politicians should simply say, there will be no Blob, because they just don’t like it. The Leader of Czech Anti-monopol Office Pecina repeatedly announced he won’t be the one who looks uncultured and he resist pressure to forbid Blob, when there is no reasonable problem with it.

Knizak, the leader of Czech National Gallery, who is presently asked by a petition signed by 50 000 to resign, came with a new solution – to get around the international contest, by not building a new library, but reconstructing another building. Taking the fact he is a Klaus’ good friend into consideration, this might be very well the end of Blob in Prague.


Over 1000 Police Officers ready for 1st May

Among the most expected gatherings announced to be that day is the neo-nazi gathering ‘corridor of shame’ prepared to humiliate the communists, who are going to come to their traditional communist meeting at the Prague Exhibition Ground.

Another very closely watched event is the gathering of ‘left-wing supporters’ at Namesti Miru in Prague 2. The participants than get on their way to the Svatopluk Cech Sady.

More extreme left-wingers are planning to get together at Strelecky Ostrov, There should be approximately 150 of them, they are going on parade, heading to Namesti Miru Square. Than they will probably move to Cisarska louka, where is planned a festival against racism.

There is something in the air. Something will happen. Do the City Hall expect clashes? We are going to inform you about the events.


Up-to-date electro show in Mecca

SElectro, the party that brings the hip sound of electro that rocks dancefloors worldwide to Mecca, presents young up’n’rising star DJ Jack Michaels. Spearheading the next generation of young determined DJ stars, Michaels has become one of the most exciting new names on the house/electro scene in London over the past couple of years.

In 2007, with Jack’s reputation spreading like wildfire, he has rocked Space at The Cross, helped to celebrate 20 Years of House at The Island, stoked up the main room at Fire It Up! at KOKO, tore the PUSH Boat Party to pieces, played the main room at Pacha for Eivissa, and warmed-up the main room at Release Yourself.

Sharing the stage and warming-up for huge DJs like Roger Sanchez, Norman Jay, Eddie Halliwell, Sarah Main, Junior Jack and Kid Cr?me has afforded him a wealth of experience that helps to make him a versatile and skilled DJ who can adapt to any set time.

SElectro resident DJs Bon Finix and Scarcoke will provide you with a delicious portion of selective electro. The second stage will echo to the sexy sound of minimal with DJs Kristo and Deff taking charge.

Sat 3th May, Entry: 190 czk, start: 22:00, Club Mecca Prague