Compact archive May 5, 2008

Rehab + Hustler = Fashion, Sexuality and House Music

The acclaimed fashion brand of the cult magazine and living legend Larry Flynt will fuse with the stylish resident night Rehab to present its latest collection. Your doctor for the night will be resident and Rehab co-founder DJ Nesquik, whose skills have healed clubbers all over the country and abroad. He will be assisted by Olomouc based DJ Mark Tongue (Wolscha), co-founder of Bubbles, one of Moravia’s most attended nights.

House veteran Sly Antro from Manchester will bring his overdose of dirty house. The popular Platinum Soul project led by DJs Omar a Abdul52 will rule the RnB a Hip-Hop stage dropping nothing but bombs. There hold several residencies and radio shows and are the founders of the country’s first and only official Hip-Hop a RnB chart. A night fuelled by sex and quality music will be, as always, a guarantee for a successful therapy.

Fri 16/05 REHAB presents HUSTLER – The pulse of the city. Party takes place in Prague Mecca. Entry: Girls free before 23:00, boys 190 czk / VIP 490 czk


Rock For People 2008

offspring logo The Main star of this year Rock for People festival in the Czech Republic will be The Offspring, whom the organizers were trying to get a few years now. This year their efforts were finally successful and the ex-airport at Hradec Kralove. The Rock for People takes place on 3th to 5th June, it is the 14th year of the festival already.

The Offspring, who get around music scene for more than twenty years, and who should publish a new record in June, are the elders, but there will be also freshmen; British Kaiser Chiefs, who scored last year with Yours Truly, Angry Mob and the Ruby hit. Other invited groups are Enter Shikari, Black Mountain, Donots, H2O and others.


1st May and Neo-nazi gathering

The Extreme right-wing booked Jiriho z Podebrad Square. About six hundred members and fans of the Delnicka strana (Worker’s party) and Narodni odpor (National resistance). Their speeches dealt mostly with critique of the government because of its reforms, but they also criticised origin of Karel Schwarzenberg and Dzamila Stehlikova. They also directed some critique to Israel.

A part of the right-wing extremists came in black masks and hoods, carrying black flags or paper shields with the Delnicka strana sign. Their banners had signs like: No multi-culti, Wake up, Europe! Or Nationalism instead of globalism.

The Nationalists were cleaning toys off the steps in front of the church at Jiriho z Podebrad, which were left by Young Social Democrats at their morning meeting, organized with the motto: More toys for deprived Neo-nazis. They wanted the right-wing extremists to know, that it will be better, if ‘they will play with something less dangerous than are baseball bats.


1st May in Prague Was Non-violent

Prague was full of radicals of various motions, however the day passed without conflicts among groups. A few thousand people came to Prague, the biggest crowd came to support the communists and the right-wing extremists. The opposers in ideas have however avoided each other, so there was no need of a police strike. Five thousands of police officers didn’t have to arrest anyone, except for one neo-nazi, with racist signs on his clothes.

The biggest gathering, the one of the communists on Letna, combined political and entertaining programme. The entrance to their meeting point was guarded by the Nationalists, who prepared a ‘corridor of shame’ for them, distributing materials and decorating the entrance with information, that communism and Bolshevism killed more people than Nazism. Large group of Nacionalists demonstrated on Jiriho z Podebrad Square

About 150 anarchists gathered at Strelecky Ostrov, to demonstrate ‘the present government is spying on us and prohibits various ideas’.


Minogue adds more tickets for Prague concert

One of the most expected concerts of this year draws nearer and the organizers have released more tickets. More place was gained thanks to adjustment of the stage. The news of her preparing a big surprise added publicity to the already very intensely watched event. The tickets were sold out very soon, now there is a second round – second possibility for those who would like to see her live.

In a week, the world-famous Australian pop-songstress and sex-idol comes to Prague. She brings a spectacular show with lights, lasers, mists, gushers and confetti. Kylie also promises the music will be more electro-style than usual.

The new album KylieX will surely form a part of her repertoire, according to her words there won’t be missing old songs and cover-versions in new arranges too. Costumes is a chapter for itself. Prague O2 Arena hosts Kylie on 12th May 2008.