Compact archive May 6, 2008

New Metro Stations in Prague to finally Open

Since Thursday 8th May 2008, at about 4pm, the first metro with passangers will stop at the brand new stations on the Metro trace C, going to Letnany. The trains will go in shorter intervals than now, that means every 115 seconds compared to present two minutes. Some bus lines will be abandoned.

The new trace on C involves three new stations – Strizkov, Prosek and Letnany. Every one of them has its original design made by the architect Patrik Kotas. To make the new 4,6 kilometre long track cost 15,5 billion czk (620 mil €) and it will make travelling to and from the suburbs easier.


Exhibition chain in the Old Town Hall, Old Town Square

the old city hall Husty provoz (Dense Traffic) tries to close to the alternative art scene, where are many significant curator characters present, those who managed to hold our interest by their projects, often realized on the DIY basis (do-it-yourself), without financial support, advertisement or sponsorship. Their artistic activities reflect one of the characteristic trends of the present – interdisciplinarity.

The first we would like to present you is the Guma Guar project. It is an art-activist group based in Prague. Since their foundation in 2003 they deal with critique of the system and ironizing of the media world. They produce artpieces, experimental electronic music, they participate at freeparties, create streetart realizations.

The Exhibition takes place until 6th June. The non-conformist, free young art exhibition takes place in Prague, Old City hall at the Old Town Square.


Czech Vodafone will sell iPhone this Fall

The mobile provider Vodafone officially announced the multi-million contract with Apple was signed. Vodafone will be so the owner of iPhone licence in ten countries of the world, including the Czech Republic. The news was officially confirmed 6th May 2008.

Vodafone originally claimed, iPhone was not interesting for them and they excluded the possibility of selling it. A change in strategy probably coheres with competitors fight, as T-Mobile CR announced they are going to distribute iPhone at the end of this year.

The authors of Congress Centre don't like Knizak's idea

The main four authors of the Congress Centre do not agree with the idea of rebuilding the Congress Centre into the new National Library. They state to change the function would be very expensive, and that Milan Knizak has never consulted the idea with them.

Milan Knizak came with the idea a few weeks ago. After a year of useless debates passed from the international contest, which set Kaplicky’s Blob as the winner of the National Library design, he offered an idea of how to solve the situation.

Knizak claims the reconstruction would be simple and inexpensive, according to the original engineers, to reconstruct the Congress Centre in this way would mean the exact opposite. More importantly, the Centre is, according to them, very important for Prague, and for events like the International Monetary Fund meeting there is not many other possibilities of placement.



Present Communist Exhibition Destroyed by Sprayers

A group of masked individuals broke into the Prague Gallery in the Old Town Square Town Hall, where they used black paint sprays on the exhibition Meze Tolerance (The Limits of Tolerance). The artists were exhibiting propaganda materials of the Czech Communist Youth Union.

The exhibits were sprayed with the number 242. Symbolism? The speaker of the gallery Irena Tyslova explains that “… it can be a reference to the number of people executed by the communist regime” The exhibition is over, the violators are looked for by the police.