Compact archive May 7, 2008

Will The Old Town City Hall ever be Completed?

Old town square town hall - how it looked like Prague stands before another architectonic contest. The original Old Town City Hall was severely damaged at the end of WWII, after it became a target of the German occupation army during the Prague Uprising in May 1945. It was set on fire and had to be taken down. Since then, plans for a new building were in motion.

Now the city has decided the case should be solved at last. The reasons are obvious. The City Hall at the Old Town Square is apparently a torso and the park that covers the space today doesn’t make much sense, it creates sort of a square- within- a square. A new, tenth competition is supposed to take place this year and it is likely it will be international.


Pioneer of Modern Design, Christopher Dresser, Exhibition in Prague

Christopher-Dresser-Teapot-1879 The Exhibition in The Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague presents the choice of work of Christopher Dresser, the very important persona of design history. This man is often considered as the first significant designer at all. In the second half of the 19th century, there was a broad movement, which aimed to raise the aesthetic standard of objects that surround people in their everyday life. Those aesthetic standards were considered to be low, mainly because of the industrial production. That is why many participants of this movement tried to return to handiwork and old style of manufactures.

On the other hand, Christopher Dresser fully accepted the industrial devices and modern manufacturing methods and he was designing objects that were then manufactured in modern ways. That is why is considered as a “pioneer of modern design” as says the subtitle of the exhibition. His significant designs of metal teapots, soup tureens, toasts racks and other objects became very famous and his “handwrite” is easy to be recognized here. But he did not design only metal objects, but also pottery as well as furniture or wallpapers.

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Prague Advertisement at Fashion TV

girlfriend of james blunt - petra nemcova It lasts thirty seconds, it cost 8 and a half million czk and it should attract solvent western clients. The channel of Fashion TV is, for four months, going to broadcast the brand new video that introduces Prague as the capital of beautiful women, historical sights and luxurious restaurants.

Until 18th August, those who watch Fashion TV will be seeing the 30-seconds video, where the super-model Petra Nemcova and the Miss World Tatana Kucharova drink champagne on the Charles Bridge, accompanied by Mozart’s ‘A Little Night Music’

Prague wants to improve its image of a beer destination. According to Milan Richter it is aimed at rich young population: “we want to attract young, single people, or young couples, who like to travel and are used to pay for luxurious services.”