Compact archive May 12, 2008

Prague Spring Starts

Prague Spring (Czech: Mezinárodní hudební festival Pražké jaro) is a significant music event held under the patronage of the President of the Czech Republic and in association with the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic. Outstanding artists, symphony orchestras and chamber music ensembles has been performing at Prague Spring since 1946.

The international music festival Prague Spring introduces five prestigious international symphonic orchestras, as well as front Czech orchestras. Among the greatest ones of this season are the Petersburg philharmony, Symphonic orchestra of the BBC and the Budapest festival orchestra, whose tickets have been sold out for weeks.

The first ensemble from abroad to play is the oldest British symphonic orchestra – Halle Orchestra from Manchester, celebrating their 150th year of existence. The Smetana’s Hall as the main venue will hear not just Dvorak’s Scherzo capricciosa, there will be British music as well – e.g. Edward Elgar’s Symphony no. 1.


Marijuana supporters demonstrated for legalization in Prague

A few hundreds participated on the parade in the Streets of Prague on the demonstration for support of legalization, or at least decriminalisation of marijuana in the Czech Republic.

The Favorite event, that grows bigger every year it takes place, was so upgraded to a ‘real’ demonstration. In the past years it was a matter of a music festival only. The demonstrants were carrying banners like ‘It smells nice’ or ‘legalize now’.

The parade went from Prague centre to Parukarka at Zizkov, following a sound-system van, growing in numbers. Groups like Apple Juice, Gang ala Basta, Unity and Prague Ska Conspiracy and many DJs than played for a few thousand people there.

This year was the 11th volume, within the world event Global Marijuana March, which took place in 239 cities of the world. The situation with marijuana in the liberal Czech Republic could be defined like that: ‘don’t sell to kids, don’t count your ganja in kilos, and you should be fine’. But it is still illegal, and the users are afraid of law abuse.

Kylie Minogue in Prague 2 Night

The famous Australian songstress and the sex-idol of the 90’s – Kylie Minogue will perform today in O2 Arena, starting 21:00. As there were added seats, there are three kinds of ticket available: standing for 1300czk, standing by the stage: 1800, sitting firstt category: 2000, sitting second category: 1600, sitting third category: 1300 czk. Tickets sold also online

She brings a spectacular show with lights, lasers, mists, gushers and confetti. Kylie also promises the music will be more electro-style than usual. She brings a spectacular show with lights, lasers, mists, gushers and confetti. Kylie also promises the music will be more electro-style than usual. Kylie Minogue arrived to Prague on the night from 10 to 11 May, and will stay in Prague until 14th. The singer’s planned stay is quite lengthy, and also, the concert starts at 21:00, but her concerts in other European cities start at eight.


Five Thousand Contestants Participe Prague Marathon

At more than sixty places in the metropolis, the traffic needed to be stopped, because of the 14th annual year of Prague International Marathon. There were five thousands participants of the Marathon run and related events.

In various, also joke competitions the people could obtain tickets to Skybar, hanging from one crane. From there, they could watch the races, for example the in-line, 6,5 or 3 km race. There was also a small Brazilian carnival with samba and dancers.

Some contestants didn’t prepare for such a hot day, some needed to be taken care of by the prepared medical teams. In the emergency truck at the Old Town Square they welcomed 26 of them, dehydrated and exhausted.


Selectro Battle Edition Round 3 Electro Beats in Prague

battling djs Selectro “Battle Edition: Round 3” – After the success of the first two Selectro tournaments, we’re ready for the challenge of Round 3. Be prepared for yet another fierce match-down. Tonight the main stage will host six DJs fighting it out in three rounds. With the opening bell, a back-to-back set featuring two young talented DJs Mark Airman a Mata C known as the Matamar project will get underway.

Stepping into the ring for the second duel will be both SElectro resident DJs Bon Finix and ScarCoke. The fierceful electro blows these two will be exchanging are not a sight for the faint hearted. The final match will involve two fighters from Brno, who are currently performing across the Czech Republic during the Creamfileds Central Europe warm-up tour. In the right corner Louis Elio against Shala in the left corner.

Expect an exciting event from beginning till end. Let’s just hope for a clean fight. If you feel the need to get away from the action, stop by the lounge. DJ Lazyphunk will take care of you. He won’t provide you with a towel and a bucket, but you are guaranteed a feast of some of the best “happy house” tunes. 3, 2, 1 – fight!

Sat 07/06, Entry: 190 czk, Start 22:00, Club Mecca, Prague, U Pruhonu street 3